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Price Cuts: Tesla Drops Model 3 and Model Y Prices Again

The previous discounts have positively affected Tesla’s quarterly sales, with the automaker selling 422,875 cars EVs in Q1. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has announced further price cuts for its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles. This is the second time within a month that the electric car maker is doing this. The price cut announcement precedes Tesla’s Q1 earnings report, which will be monitored closely by investors. Investors will observe how Tesla maintains its profit margins after...

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Elon Musk Announces Plans to Launch TruthGPT to Better Understand & Preserve Universe

Tesla’s Elon Musk touted TruthGPT as a “maximum truth-seeking” initiative that is “the best path to safety”. Elon Musk seeks to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) platform called TruthGPT to “understand the nature of the universe”. In an announcement during a media session yesterday, the Tesla CEO described the AI as a “maximum truth-seeking” initiative. Furthermore, Elon Musk also expects TruthGPT to rival the wildly popular chatbot ChatGPT in the emerging era of AI-enabled...

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Stock Futures Advance Ahead of Big Week for Bank, Corporate Earnings

Stock futures in the US climbed as investors brace for a crucial week of quarterly earnings from several large companies across sectors. Wall Street stock futures moved higher amid anticipation of more big bank earnings this week. On Sunday, stock futures tied to the S&P 500 climbed 0.16%, or 6.5 points, with the Nasdaq 100 futures increasing by 0.06%. In addition, futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) also advanced 0.13% or 43 points. The banking sector got off to...

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Tesla (TSLA) Shares Plummet 6% Following Lower than Expected EV Deliveries

According to the company, it has plans to produce a total of 1.8 million vehicles with the total delivery expectations pegged around that figure. American multinational electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) recorded a bearish close of its stock on Monday following the publication of its first quarter delivery numbers. The figures, unveiled over the week showed the company delivered a total of 422,875 electric vehicles in the quarter with a total production of...

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Elon Musk Reportedly Planning to Visit China to Meet with Premier Li

Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears set to visit China amid an increasingly frosty relationship between Beijing and Washington.  Elon Musk reportedly plans to visit China in April to meet with the country’s Premier Li Qiang. However, inside sources explained that the timing of Musk’s visit remains subject to Li Qiang’s availability. The Elon Musk trip to China would be the first time the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO would visit the East Asian nation since Covid. Musk last visited China when President...

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Bitcoin Currently Outperforms 97% of S&P 500 Companies and Gold in 2023, Analyst Expects Crypto Supercycle 

Mike McGlone anticipates a Bitcoin Supercycle due to the asset’s raving performance despite economic circumstances. Commodity strategist Mike McGlone believes that a Bitcoin (BTC) Supercycle is on the horizon amid the leading crypto’s 2023 price upswing. According to the Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity strategist, BTC’s recent performance compared to gold proves his claim. The prominent digital currency has outperformed gold almost tenfold this year and appears set to continue...

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