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Report: German Banks Could Be Able To Store Bitcoin From 2020

While most countries are struggling to understand and regulate cryptocurrencies, Germany might actually introduce them to the general public. A new proposed bill in the country suggests that as of next year, clients should be able to store Bitcoin and other digital assets directly in banks.Bitcoin Storage In German Banks?Germany might be on its way to lead in cryptocurrency adoption. A recent report shows that the country is looking to implement a new set of rules to benefit cryptocurrency...

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Bitcoin Black Friday 2019: The Sales You Better Not Miss

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is just days away, and you know what that means. No, I’m not talking about the family get-together or passing out in front of the TV after eating way too much.I’m talking about shopping! Bitcoin Black Friday 2019 is here and there are some crypto-related deals on this year’s list that you won’t want to pass up.Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet – 30% Off + Free ShippingFrom now through December 2nd, you can save 30% site-wide on all Ledger products. This...

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 2 Years Since the Bitcoin Bubble: How Easy is it to Buy Cryptocurrencies Compared to 2017? 

2017 will go down in history as probably the most pivotal year in the chronicles of cryptocurrencies. It was the year that they transitioned from being an obsession of “geeks” into something that captured the interest of governments, Wall Street analysts, media, financial institutions, and the average joe on the street.Exactly two years since the so-called “crypto bubble,” this piece tracks the evolution of the crypto market from 2017 at the price peak, until today, with a focus on new...

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Adoption: 5 Business Industries That Accept Bitcoin In 2019

Bitcoin saw the light of day a decade ago, and since then, it attracted serious interest in the financial sector. Even though a lot of people use it mainly to get exposure to its price denominated in fiat currencies, there are a lot of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.Traveling With BitcoinBack in 2013, the popular American travel agency Cheapair began accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. This led to other companies implementing it as well, and now clients can use their...

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Bitcoin Buys Real Estate: $15.3M Condo Sold Using Bitpay

A real estate developer managed to sell a $15.3 million condo in New York for Bitcoin. The transaction was carried out using Bitpay and Starr and, according to the developer, it was “seamless.” This highlights Bitcoin as a viable alternative to fiat transactions and it’s far from being the only serious real estate deal cut with the cryptocurrency.Bitcoin Used For Buying a New York ApartmentA real estate developer, Ben Shaoul, has sold a retail condo in Upper East Side New York and the...

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#706 Interview Christoph Bergmann – Mining, Skalierung, Adoption, Lightning, BCH, BSV und mehr

Hey Krypto Fans, willkommen zur Bitcoin-Informant Show Nr. 706. Heute spreche ich mit Christoph Bergmann von über spannende Bitcoin Themen, wie Mining, Skalierung, Adoption, Lightning, BCH, BSV uvm. 1.) Bitcoinblog.de Top 10 Kryptowährungen am 14.09.19 um 09:00Uhr Sonnige GrüsseDennis “Bitcoin-Informant” Koray

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