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Private markets – is the music still playing?

The private markets investment model is geared toward very large, patient investors willing to lock up their money for a period of years before they see any distributions. So, it’s no surprise that liquidity is one of the biggest challenges. For many assets you have to apply a buy, and hold strategy and can only sell after a period of 5 to 10 years. This is why private investors investing in such private markets really want to understand the exit...

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The Black Community Still Very Much Stands with Crypto

Bitcoin may have taken a serious hit in the past year, but for the black community, the dream is still very much alive, and bitcoin presents just as much opportunity as ever. The Black Community Still Believes in Crypto The idea is that many individuals in black America have not garnered the same chances as so many others. The narrative is that standard financial institutions often shut African Americans and other minorities out of the picture when it comes to offering...

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5 Weisheiten, die Sie beim Investieren am Finanzmarkt beachten sollten

Es ist wichtig, den Markt zu verstehen, bevor man irgendwelche Schritte unternimmt. Zu wissen, wann und wie man sein Geld sinnvoll investiert, ist der Schlüssel zum langfristigen Erfolg am Finanzmarkt. Um Sie auf diesem Weg zu begleiten, finden Sie hier fünf Weisheiten, die Sie auf dem richtigen Weg halten werden: Den Markt verstehen, bevor Sie investieren, sich Ziele setzen und einen Plan erstellen, um diese zu erreichen, Ihre Investitionen diversifizieren, Ihre Investitionen regelmässig...

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Sophia Bera: Complete These Tasks Before Getting Involved in BTC

Bitcoin continues to surge like there’s no tomorrow, and as a result, many people are getting involved in the space without too much thought. However, according to certified financial planner Sophia Bera, there are several things one needs to do before they even consider getting involved in bitcoin and in the cryptocurrency space.Sophia Bera: There Are Tasks to Complete Before Getting Involved in BTCAccording to Bera, many of her clients have been asking her several bitcoin-related questions...

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TOP 5 Directions to Invest in 2020

Where are the best places to invest in 2020? In this article we will give you the top 5 directions. This includes where to invest your money online or offline this year, how to “buy time,” and receive interest even when you are not working. We will also show you where to invest in 2020 in order to receive monthly income, how best to do it, as well as provide several important recommendations from professionals in this regard.SecuritiesSecurities have long been a common source of investment....

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Ric Edelman: Your Portfolio Should Have 1% of BTC

It looks like bitcoin and crypto is entering mainstream territory.Bitcoin Is Moving Up the Financial LadderAccording to a new report offered by CNBC, many financial advisors are now telling their clients that it’s important to be at least somewhat invested in bitcoin and digital currencies. While clients shouldn’t necessarily go crazy and throw all their life savings into the digital space, it’s important to have at least a little bit put to the side. They’re suggesting that customers hold a...

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