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Diese Firmen finanzieren die Bitcoin Software

Studie: Wer finanziert die Open-Source-Entwicklung von Bitcoin und Lightning? Trotz des jüngsten Preisverfalls schreitet die Entwicklung von Bitcoin voran. BitMEX hat erst kürzlich in seiner Studie gezeigt, welche Unternehmen zu der Entwicklung am meisten beigetragen haben. Daraus geht hervor, dass die Firmen Lightning Labs und Blockstream die meisten Bitcoin-Entwickler finanzieren. Das heisst, dass diese beiden Firmen führend bei der...

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Bitcoin Price Breaks over $9,000 but Coronavirus Isn’t the Only Influencing Factor

As per reports from Forbes on January 27, 2020, Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency experienced a 5% rise, briefly climbing as high as $9,142.80 per Bitcoin on the Luxembourg-based BitStamp exchange before slightly falling back afterward. At the moment of writing, Bitcoin price is $9,017. However, this price still demonstrates a more than 4% growth over the last 24 hours.Since Bitcoin enjoyed a tremendous boost in 2017, it has struggled to reach a similar height. The crypto is...

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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey May Help Bitcoin Price Drive to $100,000

Engineers from Square Crypto want to build a product that will make LN integration easier for the wallet developers. Whether Lightning Network is a good scaling solution or not is defined by adoption rates. So far, it is used mostly by the exchanges and people directly supporting Bitcoin Core. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks that development (and adoption) must flow faster. His revolutionary solution is called Lightning Development Kit (LDK) and is a creation of Jack’s new company.It...

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Square Crypto Is Paving the Way for Bitcoin to Muscle Cash Out of the Way

Square Crypto is building a Lightning Dev Kit that will give developers more flexibility for Lightning tech and bitcoin wallets. Square’s crypto arm expects that bitcoin payments will overtake cash. Bitcoin’s volatility has gotten in the way of its use case for payments. While some of Twitter gets on Jack Dorsey’s case for allegedly trying to interfere with the presidential election, he has set his sights on something else – crypto. Square Crypto, the Bitcoin...

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4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Was Just Warming Up in the 2010s

Bitcoin delivered investors the highest return on investment (ROI) of any security in any asset class in the 2010s. Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto says, “This decade was just bitcoin warming up.” Here are four reasons to expect even more from bitcoin in the 2020s. Square Crypto, the bitcoin division of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s Square Payments, rang in the new decade with a prediction.Source: TwitterHere are four reasons why Square Crypto’s assessment holds true.Now why should you take any...

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Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto Poaches Dev Talent from Facebook’s Libra & Google

Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey is bolstering Square's crypto business with a string of new hires. | Credit: AP/Francois Mori As if Facebook's Libra doesn't have enough trouble, they just lost a developer to a rising crypto star. Square Crypto has poached a trio of blockchain developers from across the tech industry including Lightning Labs, Facebook's Libra, and Google....

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