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Peter Schiff Says Bitcoin Will Hit $3,000 Before Gold Does. He’s Wrong.

February 23, 2020

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff predicted the housing crash from 2006 to 2007. But now he’s warning about a bitcoin bubble. Schiff predicted Saturday that bitcoin will crash to $3,000, while he says gold will surge to $3,000, but not before bitcoin gets there first. Here’s why Peter Schiff’s wrong this time. Peter Schiff’s views on bitcoin are fascinating. He riled up both sides of the bitcoin vs. gold debate among U.S. dollar skeptics this weekend with this taunting question: Source: TwitterHe followed up the humorously provocative question with a prediction. Schiff says the bitcoin price will crash to $3,000. And it’ll get there before gold appreciates to $3,000. Source: TwitterSchiff Stirs The Pot Again You could say the founder, CEO, and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific

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Ethereum Classic Skyrockets Over 100% with a Dash of Binance Leverage

January 17, 2020

The ethereum classic price (ETC) rallied 40% over the last 24 hours. ETC has more than doubled this week.
ETC is now a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. An ETC futures product that launched this week catalyzed the price action.
A recent technical upgrade is also a likely factor.
The ethereum classic price is riding high on Friday, as a crucial technical upgrade partnered with a dash of Binance leverage to launch the lesser-known altcoin into the stratosphere.
Ethereum classic went parabolic over the last 72 hours as an ETC futures product launched on Binance. | Graph: CoinMarketCapETC zoomed as high as $10.11 on Thursday evening. That doubled the altcoin’s price for a 100% gain over $5.07 a week earlier.
The Asian and European sessions decisively breached

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Bitcoin SV’s Ridiculous 100% Rally Has Skeptics Crying ‘Exit Scam’

January 14, 2020

The bitcoin SV price went stratospheric Monday and Tuesday.
BSV blew past key resistance at $175, reaching escape velocity on its rock blast to a peak above $350.
Now ‘Satoshi Vision’ proponents are pumping for a moon shot. Here are three reasons behind the BSV’s moves.
The bitcoin price has soared in January. But its rivals, bitcoin cash and bitcoin SV (‘Satoshi’s Vision’) are making even more dramatic moves so far in 2020.
Of the two hard-forked blockchains, bitcoin SV is the most gravity-defying. According to CoinMarketCap, BSV has nearly doubled in the last 24 hours, gaining over 96% of its price a day ago. Here are three reasons for the remarkable breakout.
Bitcoin SV Price in USD Graph | Source: TradingView1. “Big News” for Bitcoin SV
The Bitcoinist points to

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Bitcoin Price Bounce Has Nothing to Do With Iran Situation

January 3, 2020

The bitcoin price surged $538 (+7.8%) on Coinbase overnight and into the morning, pulling back at noon Friday morning. Commentators were quick to link the sudden spike to the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Are we beginning to see the bitcoin price factor in geopolitical risk? Not likely in this case anyway. Here’s why. The bitcoin price made a swift advance from a 16-day low at $6,853 around 9 pm Eastern Time Thursday night. It reached $7,391 on Coinbase just before noon on the East Coast Friday. Commentators couldn’t help but link bitcoin’s sudden turn to the U.S. airstrike that killed a ranking Iranian general in Iraq.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Trump ordered the strike based on intelligence to disrupt an “imminent attack” on American lives in the

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4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Was Just Warming Up in the 2010s

January 1, 2020

Bitcoin delivered investors the highest return on investment (ROI) of any security in any asset class in the 2010s. Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto says, “This decade was just bitcoin warming up.” Here are four reasons to expect even more from bitcoin in the 2020s. Square Crypto, the bitcoin division of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s Square Payments, rang in the new decade with a prediction.Source: TwitterHere are four reasons why Square Crypto’s assessment holds true.Now why should you take any of these reasons seriously? Before you read this list, you may want to review this article I wrote in Feb 2019… The headline was, “10 Reasons Bitcoin Will Party Like 2017 for a Massive Bull Run in 2019,” and in it I correctly predicted the 2019 bitcoin bull market.The bitcoin price on Jan 1, 2019 was

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Billionaire Venture Capitalist: Bitcoin Price to Skyrocket to $250,000 After May 2020

December 20, 2019

Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper says the bitcoin price will skyrocket to $250,000 soon after the May 2020 ‘halving’ event.
As astounding as that sounds, Draper’s projections are in line with bitcoin’s historical trend.
Draper correctly predicted the ‘crypto winter’ bear market of 2018-2019 in September 2018. He’s made over $200M from BTC so far.

When Tim Draper talks about good tech investments with enormous profit potential, markets listen. Some of the Silicon Valley venture capitalist’s winning picks include Baidu, Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitch.
In 2014, Draper made a massive bet on bitcoin. He spent just shy of $19 million for 30,000 BTC sold by U.S. authorities at auction.
Outbidding everyone else, it looked like Draper paid a premium for the coin then. But

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This Bitcoin Price Chart Makes the Crypto Market Crash Look a Lot Less Scary

December 17, 2019

The bitcoin price continues to plummet from its 2019 record near $14,000. Crypto investors are worried while critics are gloating. But the cryptocurrency remains the highest performing asset in 2019. And dollar cost averaging BTC investments even outperformed the same Dow exposure since bitcoin’s all time high price in 2017. Bitcoin’s price is continuing its long slide since June. As the Dow set another all time record high Monday, bitcoin took another steep plunge below $7,000. A second drop off Tuesday sunk bitcoin to $6,600. Crypto analysts point out “dismal” trading volumes create a perfect storm for volatility. Lower volume makes its easier for whale-sized trades to rock the boat. Chainalysis data suggest PlusToken scammers have recently sold off 25,000 BTC after a hasty exit from

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Crypto Developer’s Arrest for Aiding North Korea Echoes Eerily Prophetic 2008 NYT Profile

November 29, 2019

The FBI arrested an Ethereum developer in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving for teaching North Korea about cryptocurrency.The Manhattan US Attorney’s office says the 36-year old Virgil Griffith helped North Korea to evade international sanctions.The former hacker and tech idealist has been flirting with disaster for years. The New York Times did an eerily prophetic profile on him in 2008.The FBI arrested a 36-year old Ethereum developer from Alabama at the Los Angeles International Airport on Thanksgiving. The Manhattan US Attorney’s office announced Virgil Griffith’s arrest in a press release on Friday. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman alleged:Virgil Griffith provided highly technical information to North Korea, knowing that this information could be used to help North Korea launder money and

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Intensely Bearish BTC Futures Market Predicts Gloomy 2020 for Bitcoin Price

November 27, 2019

Bitcoin options traders on a major bitcoin futures market are expecting the bitcoin price to keep cooling through June 2020.If their market consensus projections hold true, bitcoin’s price won’t be getting a boost from May 2020’s halving.On the bright side, bitcoin futures are pricing in a 4% probability of a new all time high price above $20,000 in June.Bitcoin futures traders are bundling up for a long crypto winter. According to Skew Analytics data, bitcoin futures markets project a less than 40% chance that bitcoin will trade higher in June 2020 than it does today. Bitcoin price. | Source: TradingViewThe price of bitcoin jumped over $700 past $7,600 by mid-afternoon Wednesday. On its way up, it crashed through key resistance around $7,400. Traders bought a sizable chunk of November’s

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Bitcoin is the ‘Elephant-Sized’ Investment Warren Buffett Should Make

March 2, 2019

You could say Warren Buffett is loaded for bear. The “Oracle of Omaha” says he’d like to make permanent investments in U.S. companies with decent long term prospects, but not while the U.S. stock market is so overpriced. Maybe he should buy Bitcoin instead.Buffett Pines for ‘Elephant-Sized’ AcquisitionIn his 2019 annual letter to Berkshire shareholders, Buffett wrote:“In the years ahead, we hope to move much of our excess liquidity into businesses that Berkshire will permanently own. The immediate prospects for that, however, are not good: Prices are sky-high for businesses possessing decent long-term prospects.”Buffett added that he and long-tenured Berkshire Vice Chairman Charlie Munger “continue, nevertheless, to hope for an elephant-sized acquisition.”“Even at our ages of 88 and 95 —

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