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xx Coin: Verkauf beginnt am 7. Januar 23 Uhr Greenwich Mean Time

xx Coin: Der erste öffentliche Verkauf beginnt am 7. Januar um 23:00 Uhr GMT und endet, wenn die Zielobergrenze von 15 Mio. USD erreicht ist oder am 7. Februar. xx Coin, so heisst der neue Token, mit welchem David Chaum nichts geringeres will, als die gesamte Bitcoin und Kryptowährungs-Community zu disruptieren. Besser soll sie ein, schneller und vor allem auch in der Praxis nutzbar, seine neuen Token. Ein ganz besonderes Merkmal zeichnet...

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New York Man Faces Jail Time for “Misleading” ICO

It’s happened again, folks. Another person is now facing prison time for taking part in an alleged initial coin offering (ICO) scam that has seemingly cheated people out of their hard-earned funds.Why the ICO Is Not a Trusted Funding MediumMaksim Zaslavskiy – who hails from Sheepshead Bay in New York – has been sentenced to a year-and-a-half in federal prison by a Brooklyn-situated court for lying to investors that took part in his token sale. This is being reported as the first...

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Grounder Coin Will Allow Colonized Planets to Engage in Transactions

A new type of cryptocurrency called Grounder Coin is looking to be the first digital currency that can be used in space.Grounder Coin: Bringing the Planets Together?This raises a lot of questions. Have scientists discovered aliens that Earth people are now looking to do business with, and we think a universal form of crypto that will allow people and those aliens to pay for goods and services is the answer?Well, not exactly. As time progresses, more time has been put into colonizing other...

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U.S. SEC Charges Block.one for Its $4 Billion ICO and It’s Not as Heavy as You Think

Photo: Block.oneThe EOS blockchain developer Block.one has been charged by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over its 2017-2018 ICO which raised about $4.1 Billion during the process. The Commission charged the company with the relatively low sum of $24 Million which boils down to about 0.58% of the sum raised during the offering which is relatively light when comparing the amount raised to the amount charged.Following the DAO report which highlighted several types...

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