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Bitcoin Price: Bulls Press on Pause, Reaching Past $9,150 Level

January 28, 2020

Today Bitcoin price has reached the levels over $9,150. The coin moved within a strong bull trend and reached an intraday high of $9,164.Bitcoin managed to stay in the green zone, despite correction from a recent high on the level of $9,149. The market value fluctuates at a $9,128 level. After an increase of around 2% per day, Bitcoin’s prevailing daily trend is slightly bullish, while volatility levels suggest that further action will be prone to decline.Over the past few days, the bulls have completely controlled the BTC/USD market. The price jumped from the support level of $8.332.50 to $9,105.35.Cryptocurrencies in all directions expand the bullish mood from last weekend to the new week. This move, however, aims to reverse the negative actions that took place last week as most assets

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Bitcoin Price Is Trapped in Narrow Ranges after Volatile Week

January 27, 2020

Bitcoin, which is the largest digital asset by market capitalization, settled past the price level at $8,600 after a pullback to a price level of $8,217 on January 24.At the hour of composing, the Bitcoin price was trending on the level at $8,712 mainly unaltered from the start of the day.The digital asset market on Monday showed a trend in the bullish bias triangle. The Saturday bears did not lead to much movement, and several altcoins moved away from support levels and attempted recovery. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency amounted to $230 billion, and the average daily trading volume plunged to $72 billion.Bitcoin’s dominant market position was 66.1%.Despite going through the major part of the weekend in the range of $8,200 to $8,400. Bitcoin pushes gains past $8,600 level.

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Bitcoin Price: Weak Support Could Give Way to Further Bearish Momentum

January 24, 2020

The BTC/USD market is countrolled by bears for the third day in a row. This Thursday, the Bitcoin price plunged from $8,660 to $8,386.60 level. And in trend continuation this Friday, the price has declined further than $8,300.00 southwards.The digital asset market records negatives again with bitcoins and altcoins, which are among the largest losers in the top 20. The bearish correction should gain momentum in anticipation of the weekend, as most altcoins unfold the growth of the prior sessions. The overall market capitalization fell beneath $230 billion, and bitcoin dominance returned past 66.0%.Cryptocurrency bears always claim that “Bitcoin isn’t valuable, as there are currently over 2,000 digital assets.” There exist only 20 PoW digital assets contending with bitcoins as a money

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Bitcoin Price Returns Beneath $8,500 Level, Solid Barrier Accelerates Sell-off

January 23, 2020

Bitcoin price is presently trending at the level of $8,419 (+ 2.38% daily). The crypto is on track in the framework of a strong bearish trend amid growing volatility. The intraday low is recorded on the level at $8,371.The cryptocurrency market returned to minus, losing the insignificant profits achieved on Wednesday. The total crypto assets struggle with losses from 1% to 6%. Bitcoin returns to a mark beneath the $8,500 level (support of last week). Before the continuing bearish activity, Bitcoin rose shortly to the level of $8,600.Regrettably, the advance did not reach $8,700. Besides, a limitation of price movement in the direction of $9,000 in a downward trend line, which is part of the falling triangle.While support remains at $8,450, Bitcoin has the probability for correction in the

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Bitcoin Price: Continued $8,600 Rally May Break through Resistance

January 22, 2020

After an incredible week of bullish growth, when Bitcoin price adjusted from $7,700 to $9,200, consolidation began as traders are preparing for a new attack for $9,200. Recovery, not unique to Bitcoin, has significantly raised most altcoins.Bitcoin fell beneath $8,700 after a brief shift to $8,791 in the early Asian hours. The first digital coin remained mostly unchanged both daily and from the beginning of Wednesday, as the market entered a limited-range phase after sharp movements at the end of the previous week.The increase to $9,200 was unexpected, but the correction was a reflex action since Bitcoin was not, in principle, ready to stay above the level of $9,000. Moreover, investors are likely to begin profit-taking after being stuck in lower levels for some time.Bitcoin faced the

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XRP Price Drops 11% Despite Advancing about 45% as It Toggles for More Bears

January 21, 2020

XRP price fell about 11 percent after registering surface achievements in the last 30 days.XRP set an intraday low of $0.224 on Monday, while traders liked to leave long orders for a little gain. It appears that the descending development was a progressively normal bearish adjustment, particularly after the colossal XRP price rally, which provoked financial specialists to benefit to around 45 percent.This situation constrained a few analysts to keep up their bullish inclination in the digital currency. GalaxyBTC tweeted that it expects XRP to retest the $0.3 level in the following day’s exchanging session. Be that as it may, another outstanding trader, CryptoBull expressed a few specialized indicators that spoke of the digital currency in green all through 2020.Although not everyone

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BTC Price Analysis: after Bull Run, Bitcoin Retreats in Tactical Maneuver

January 20, 2020

BTC/USD is as of now exchanging at $8,623. Over the most recent 24 hours, the coin was in a solid bearish disposition amid falling instability.Bitcoin drove the digital money market on Sunday with a sudden short consolidation that surpassed the desired $9,000 without precedent for 2020. The price came to $9,000, yet the highest price level came to $9,194.99. Consolidating trends between $8,500 and $8,750 level are probably going to come first for the time being.The weekend session was very noteworthy for significant digital forms of money. Every one of the three top coins, particularly Bitcoin, is changed following more significant levels contrasted with levels accomplished in the bull market a week ago. Bitcoin being bullish, defeated bearish pressure at $9,000 to fix another January top

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Ethereum 2.0: Resolving Network Problems as Investors Ride Positive Sentiment

January 17, 2020

Ethereum, the number 2-biggest crypto with a recent market value of $18 billion, gained ground after a brief retreat on Thursday. The coin gained more than 3% daily and 2.8% since early Friday. The ETH/USD attempted to surpass $175.00 but the move proved unsustainable and the currency plunged beneath the $170.00 price level while investors ride on positive sentiment.The major considerations why Ethereum could not improve to service the developing market was because it did duplicate Bitcoin‘s Proof-of-Work approach.Concerning Proof-of-Work, miners battle in solving a complex cryptographic conundrum. After that, the champion gets the chance to compose another fresh block of transactions on the blockchain and get a prize for this. This mining includes progressively quicker computers, which

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Anticipated Bounce on XRP as It Reaches Main Support Area for U-Turn

January 16, 2020

XRP fell over 4% after it was rejected around $0.2450 price level versus the US dollar, as Bitcoin traded around $8,900 price level. The XRP price has now moved toward the primary support levels at $0.2212 and $0.2200.During the present week, we recorded great development up in Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP versus the US dollar. The price of XRP rose past barrier levels of $0.2250 and $0.2320.The price has relentlessly declined after the development of a transient top in the district of $0.2450 level versus the US dollar.It has fallen by over 8% contrasted with the ongoing high, and now it is well underneath the level at $0.2340.Starting late, the XRP/USD pair broke underneath the main support of the horizontal line on the level at $0.2255.The pair must stay past the support level of$0.2200

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DeFi and General Crypto Bullish Bias Bolster Ethereum Price

January 15, 2020

In the past few days and weeks, the recent volatility observed in the combined crypto markets has mainly supported bulls.This impetus allowed the price of Ethereum (ETH) to break past the key resistance levels that previously hindered its price action, which has now opened the door for significant further growth.Ethereum, although, could not break past its main falling trend line, which suppressed its recent price movement, that is why some analysts continuously showed a bearish attitude towards cryptocurrency.The ETH/USD crypto pair is at the moment trending at $165.35 (+ 9% daily). Ethereum reversed from an intraday high of $172.18; meanwhile, it is trading inside the short-term bearish trend amid a decrease in volatility.The prevailing scenario is complex and risky. At that moment, a

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Bitcoin Price Moves above $8,500 as Traders Anticipate Inherent Significant Growth

January 14, 2020

At the hour of composing, Bitcoin is trending up 4.5 percent at its present price level of $8,520, which marks a notable increase from recent lows of just over $8,000, which were set last week when the bears attempted to wreck the recent upside.The price of Bitcoin is currently consolidating above the resistance level and the most significant volume node in the visible profile of the visible range, or VPVR. On the off-chance that Bitcoin can complete bullish consolidation above $8,000, then a balanced upward movement may lead to the price of Bitcoin reaching the top of the previous range of $9,500 and possibly reaching the next node with a large volume of $10,100.In the prior sessions, bulls have repeatedly tried to push Bitcoin’s price, breaking the barriers that existed around its

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Bitcoin’s Consolidation Past $8,000 Price Levels Strengthens Its Safe-Haven Status

January 13, 2020

BTC/USD is presently trending at $8,091 (-1.1% from the start of the day). The coin retreated from an intraday high of $8,195.81, although the trend is quite bullish.As per Arcane Research, Bitcoin volumes have more than increased in seven days. The organization found that the 7-day normal every day exchanging volume spiked 126% all through the underlying seven day stretch of 2020 and came to $1.5 billion, exchanged on January 8, contrast with a dismal $192 million as of January 1. This scenario can be seen as a bullish action since it strengthens the narrative that Bitcoin has become a safe-haven.Nevertheless, Bitcoin is hovering at $8,091, however, the digital currency began the session on Monday on price level at $8,180. The Asian trading hours are denoted by rising bearish and rising

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XRP Price Hovers as Innovation Continues to Evolve

January 10, 2020

XRP, directly the third-biggest crypto with an ongoing market capitalization of $8.8 billion, has plunged about 2% of its price, trading at $0.2000 at the hour of writing. The crypto reversed from the price level at $0.2255 arrived earlier this week, after announcing that Binance had added the token to the list of cryptos accessible for futures trading, with leverage up to x75.Also, in an ongoing discharge, Alloy Networks reported a completely independent token electrical transfer board. The gadget turns on and off contingent upon the number of tokens received and, accordingly, fills in as an indicator of the XRP token.Also, the Ripple payment innovation gives a consistent exchange of cash using a versatile payment application, as reported by the Siam Commercial Bank. SCB, which is the

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Ethereum Is Staging Symptom of Back-Pedal in Latest Advance, Kindling the Bears

January 9, 2020

At the hour of composing, Ethereum is drifting underneath about 3% at its ongoing price of $138.51, which denotes an amazing diminishing contrasted with past daily highs of $148, which were set at the highest point of prior day’s rally and latest intraday high of $141.38.It is essential to see that Ethereum is very momentous up from weekly lows of $126, anyway it’s most recent advancement is by all accounts in danger of an inversion as bearish sentiments increases.The Ethereum bulls overwhelmed the most recent advancement to bring the price up in the way of $150. Be that as it may, the advanced currency landed at its outright top of about $148. Ethereum confronted striking pressure from an enormous group of sellers at this level, which prompted a quick inversion.The refusal of $148 price

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Ethereum Upward Rally Strained due to Developers Change of Strategy

January 8, 2020

Ethereum is drifting on the price level at $143.64 in the generally positive market. At the same time, Ether’s on the spot upside is restricted to the price level at $145 notwithstanding the obstruction offered by the falling trendline.Ethereum can even now slant past the price level at $160 for the time being, however, the bulls should initially defeat the opposition by $150 price level.Ethereum has framed a higher structure from December 18. Brief times of consolidation additionally would, in general, erupt, prompting higher amendment. For instance, the rally past the price level at $140 happened in the wake of upward advance on Monday from the level at $136 to $144. On Tuesday, when Bitcoin progressed past the level at $8,000, Ethereum moved to around $147 price level yet left the level

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Bitcoin Rally Unclear while Faltering at $8000, Mining Hash Rate at All-Time High

January 7, 2020

BTC/USD is currently trading at $7,861 (+1.4% from the beginning of the day). The crypto is in motion as part of a vigorous bull trend in Asia amid growing volatility and a tested zone past the $8,000 price level.As Bitcoin halving approaches, several market analysts are trying to project how this will influence the price, while in some other forecasts, an analyst said that dominance in the Bitcoin market may not surpass 75%, and price recovery may be limited to $15,000.The Bitcoin sphere counts the months preceding a historic halving event. Mining rewards are halved every four years due to a code integrated into Satoshi Nakamoto’s blockchain. Miners’ block rewards will be halved from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. This event is anticipated to entail expansion in demand amid supply shortages and

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Bitcoin Halving: Bulls Back to Restore Momentum to $7,600 Price Level

January 6, 2020

The number one digital coin in the world, Bitcoin, is consolidating with the latest price increase past the $7,500 level as we approach the key barrier level of $7,600. Currently, Bitcoin is trading above the price level of $7,500 mark, with a further breakthrough above the last critical barrier that could be challenged near the $7,600 area. After this the coin will accelerate its bullish momentum as soon as the aforementioned resistance becomes clear. All eyes remain on the threshold of $8,000 amid the absence of corresponding resistance in the north. The path of least resistance remains up, as several strong support levels add up if the bears take control.However, if you do not follow crypto, you can say that this is just the first year of the third decade in the third millennium. But if

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Ripple and XRP: Expansion and Adoption May Usher Price Rise

January 3, 2020

As expressed in the Reuters release, Ripple is getting ready to reveal the most recent Brazilian cooperation in mid-2020. Louise Antonio, overseeing chief of Ripple, said that uncomplicated Brazilian financial guidelines assume a principal role in the organization’s expansion in the nation. Ripple talks about XRP‘s utilization of transfers with banks and controllers.Besides Brazil, Ripple intends to extend to all the South American nations, for example, Chile, Peru, and Argentina.Ripple as of now works with Santander Brasil, Bradesco, and Rendimento, who utilize Ripple’s payment alert platform. Even though to no degree the organizations use XRP.Starting in July, Ripple propelled another office in Brazil. As expressed by Saco, around 30% of the general volume of Ripple transaction is

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Scalability, Hard Fork, General Crypto Bias Lay Constraint on Ether

January 2, 2020

Ethereum, the decentralized computing platform behind the token, has been trying to extend its network for years with a series of upgrades that may eventually transform its Proof-of-work protocol into a staking network. The improvements took longer than expected, and some analysts doubt that this difficult technical achievement can be achieved. Besides, several new entrants to the sector have put pressure on Ethereum as an increasing number of developers are moving towards newer options.The Ethereum blockchain series has experienced technical scalability issues, which has prevented it from growing too much. They work hard to sort it out but until they do, we can only guess the future value.Ethereum Muir Glacier’s hard fork was completed, again delayed the “difficulty bomb” threatening to

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Ethereum Railroad Aligns with the Anticipated Hard Fork

January 1, 2020

The Ethereum team will activate Muir Glacial hard fork on January 1 or 2. An update is important to defer the purported difficulty bomb by another 4 million blocks, and this will occur in block 9,200,000.Ethereum (ETH), the second-biggest computerized asset with a continuous market estimation of $14.5 billion, totally changed its benefit toward the end of the week and added up to $130.50 at the hour of composing. ETH/USD has lost over 2.5% over the most recent 24 hours and has stayed unaltered since the beginning of the year 2020.Despite recovering past $135 earlier this week, Ethereum is presently trying to stay above that level as the bears are trying to gain complete dominance over the combined cryptocurrency markets. Ethereum may be on the threshold of remarkable growth, which could

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2019 Bitcoin Wrap: How Fundamental Factors Dictate Market Sentiment

December 31, 2019

At the time of writing, BTC/USD was changing hands for $7,230.01, down about 2% in the last 24 hours and not changing since the start of the day. The cryptocurrency of the first choice is closed in the range with a moderate bearish bias before the New Year.Brokers and financial specialists will, in general, leave the space during significant occasions. Accordingly, low, slow action prompts low volumes and low liquidity. While the generally merry season in the business sectors is exhausting, unusual occasions may dictate strong price fluctuations in the market.The third halving of the Bitcoin blockchain is slated for May 2020. However, the industry has just started to get ready for this occasion. Forecasts extend from breakdown to unanticipated occasions and new verifiable highs. The

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Bitcoin Post-Holiday Consolidation Opens Up New Opportunities for Altcoins

December 30, 2019

Bitcoin’s market capitalization has grown by 1.4% over the past 24 hours and now stands at $ 197.1 billion. Trading volume also rose to $ 17.2 billion (+ 26.6%). The weakness of the Bitcoin consolidation made it lose a bit of dominance, which now stands at 68.08%.Bitcoin (-0.16%) uninterrupted with growth over the weekend, but with fears among buyers, while Bitcoin SV, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash has grown by 3.5% over the past 24 hours. Also a solid momentum: Binance Coin (+ 5-15%), Ethereum (+ 4.7%) and XRP (+ 2.47%). In the Ethereum token section, the best performer with the most capitalization is Maker (MRK + 5.48%). Also of benefit to discuss are UTT (+ 12%) and Quant (+ 20%).Bitcoin, on the flip side, is at an analytical zone where a rise above $ 7,500 indicates a further increase in

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Ripple’s XRP Steadied as Bearish Sentiment Holds Sway

December 27, 2019

At the hour of composing, XRP/USD is changing hands at $0.1882, generally both unaltered since the start of Friday and on the last day. XRP has recouped from December 18 low of $0.1725; in any case, the further recuperation is by all accounts restricted by a mental obstruction at $0.20.It’s critical to recall that regardless of whether XRP can turn bullish temporarily, its long term trend remains quite terrible. The cryptocurrency has plunged over 60% over the most recent half-year and has proceeded with its month to month bearish trend from December 2017.XRP has become bearish gradually. Ripple‘s coin has been worn out than the remainder of the significant digital currencies, be that as it may, the advanced asset may be searching for a volatile advance to the topside.XRP’s complete market

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Uncertain Optimism about the Anticipated Ethereum Hard Fork

December 26, 2019

In general, the crypto sphere was not encouraging for most of this week, as Bitcoin merged in the low range of $7000, but Ethereum continues to weaken.After the particularly harsh end of 2019, it may seem that shortly the fate of Ethereum financial speculators will not change. The second-largest crypto asset in the world will have a bearish end in 2019. The price of Ethereum continues to crumble and now the network is getting progressively exasperated due to planning the next network update.Due to the drop in volumes during the Christmas season, it seems that an unexpected stream of pressure from sellers is likely to lower the market even more. The second-largest crypto asset is currently being exchanged at levels unprecedented since the start of the “bullish” mid-2019.Concerning the fact

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Ethereum Dips under $130.00 while the Market Is Anticipating Another Hard Fork

December 25, 2019

Ethereum (ETH), the second-biggest crypto with a present market estimation of $14 billion, has altered its recent end of the weekly earnings, exchanging at $125.53 at the hour of composing. ETH/USD has lost over 6% over the most recent 24 hours and has stayed unaltered since the start of the day.Ethereum has not been fit as a fiddle as of late. After the breakdown of the notable high in mid-2018, when the price of ETH came to $1,300, and as of late, it became clear that Ethereum expects to quit financing a portion of its improvement groups one year from now because of an absence of funds.In any case, the hotly anticipated hard fork Istanbul has occurred, and now Vitalik Buterin reported the arrangement to change the system to Ethereum 2.0 with the absence of agony.On January 2, the

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Bitcoin Boom or Burst: Fresh Wave of Rallies Appears to Be Hitting the Market

December 24, 2019

Bitcoin has spiked this week, reaching $7,600 on Monday for the first time in almost 14 days, but quickly declined at the upper price level of $7,688.99. This step increased the profit of Bitcoins before the holidays.Investors are encouraged that now Bitcoin is approaching the $8,000 level. And there is an increasing likelihood that traditional non-crypto investors, traditional financial investors, may again begin to look at crypto. This is very important because introducing this new type of interest and demand into cryptocurrency can push Bitcoin to its historical maximum.Despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin was not able to exceed its historical highs of 2017, almost $20,000. A return to these levels would mean about 150% cryptocurrency movement.The price of Bitcoins on Monday rose

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Mixed Outlook Looms even as Bitcoin Rally Attempts to Get Closer to $8000

December 23, 2019

The weekend was positive for Bitcoin with another batch mimicking up during late U.S. trading and early Monday morning in Asia.BTC/USD is currently trading at $7,521 (+ 5.4% on the daily chart). The coin has been recovering since Sunday. During the early Asian hours, the cryptocurrency attempted the area above $7,600.Sentiment among traders and analysts altered back up again as optimism for “a year-end rally” returned to cryptocurrencies.Analysts maintained their range during the sudden Bitcoin correction from $6,500 to levels close to $7,500 last week.Majority doubt that the reversal was fundamentally supported and believe that Bitcoin did not go through with exploring the downside. Moreover, some still say that BTC could plunge to $6000 or even $5,500 before a major reversal

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Ripple and Moneygram Partnership, Adoption of Crypto, Will It Boost XRP Price?

December 20, 2019

Alexander Holmes, CEO of MoneyGram, the main money transfer organization, as of late talked about his joint effort with Ripple, much the same as Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, anticipates that the world’s biggest banks should adopt digital forms of money in 2020.It is accepted that 2020 will be the year when digital forms of money proceed to wider growth, and not every person can endure.In the recent interview, Holmes said that their joint effort with Ripple could change the payment sector.As per Holmes, the ODL (On-Demand Liquidity) causes them to agree to regulatory necessities and abstain from leading XRP legitimately. He likewise said that the innovation will diminish the costs that can be moved to clients or investors.MoneyGram right now utilizes the Ripple platform, in light of

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Apprehension on Ethereum as ICO Investor Supposedly Moves 300,000 ETH

December 19, 2019

Yesterday’s article emphasized the extreme overselling of the market and, therefore, the high probability of the appearance of discount hunters. And they appeared.The news of the day is that of apprehension over Ethereum, as an ICO investor allegedly moves 300,000 ETH.The recent movement of funds from an early participant in the Ethereum ICO is causing some apprehension in the Ethereum market. Over the past few months, the account has transferred about 300,000 ETH to exchanges. A few days ago, he pulled out another 60,000 ETH from this wallet, while concerns about ETH 2.0 delays are increasing.The news came at a time when Ethereum faced some ongoing difficulties, especially when it comes to scaling. Over the past few days, the leading smart contract platform has fallen and is currently

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Ethereum Long-Term Outlook: Accumulation Territory at $100 Looks Tenable

December 18, 2019

Recently, Ethereum has been deliberately following Bitcoin‘s price activity, which generally shows a selling sentiment.Both BTC and ETH are currently exchanging at critical support levels, and any more shortcomings in the short term could lead to huge capitulation selling, which could lead to a drop in the cryptocurrency.Analyzing Ethereum, experts note that the basic level of support is $140 and that a break below this level is leading to a fall in ETH by more than 30% and focus may be on the price level of $100.At the hour of composing, Ethereum depreciates by 4% at its present value of $123, which means a slim drop from the daily top of $132 recorded as at yesterday’s trading activity.ETH has set a fantastically narrow range of exchanging in recent days and weeks, which initially

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