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Where Governmental Regulation and Bitcoin Prices Collide: How Crypto Correlates with Politics

March 2, 2021

Despite the fact that governments have been kept out of Bitcoin since its inception– they can still influence prices.
For many investors, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies signify a highly speculative asset that can not only provide exceptional ROI, but also allow the opportunity for investors of any level to hone their skills at trading. Trading opportunities continue to grow, as DeFi continues to pave the way for institutional interest, while retail and new investor friendly exchanges like Bitvavo.com allow space for nascent parties
For any investor, with any level of expertise and with any amount of investment will need to keep a keen eye on market happenings, as the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is known for wild swings in either direction, with one of the biggest

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Win a Tesla Roadster With Bitcoin Latinum

February 19, 2021

How would you like to get your hands on a custom built Tesla Roadster?
Bitcoin Latinum, a digital asset associated with award winning movie studios and globally renowned insurance brokers, is offering you that chance.
The digital asset, which has been described as the “next generation of Bitcoin fork” for its ability to “break barriers… that have prevented some virtual currencies from achieving… real-time use”, sold out of its initial public presale in November 2020.
To celebrate it coming to the market again later this year, Bitcoin Latinum is giving away eight custom Tesla Roadsters and you’re not even required to buy anything to be in with a chance of winning.
You can enter the draw over on shop.bitcoinlatinum.com.
You can enter until the end of April and the draw will be made later

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Huobi Global releases details of crypto buying campaign and RUB withdrawals/deposits

January 20, 2021

Recent news from global cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has seen the platform announce user support for the Russian Ruble (RUB). This latest development will mean that Huobi users can now withdraw and deposit in Russian Rubles. This is, of course, great news for the long-term success of the exchange itself and also users there who have been waiting for RUB support on the platform.
This is not the only new announcement made by the company though. They have also released details of users now being eligible to buy top digital currencies, such as BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH and DASH with Rubles. These new innovations will work in conjunction with AdvCash, which is one of the most respected payment solutions around in the crypto world.
RUB deposits and withdrawals in Huobi – how does it work?

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Legal? The Future of Cryptocurrency and the Law

January 5, 2021

Cryptocurrency is a relatively recent invention, especially when we compare it to a traditional currency, which has been around as long as humans have lived in organized societies. But with any new development, there is a natural hesitancy in acceptance of change, especially from those who are in control of the old ways. But does this hesitancy translate into cryptocurrency being illegal? Let’s take a closer look at the legality or otherwise of cryptocurrency today.
Property or Currency?
Since cryptocurrency is an alternative to national currencies, and they don’t comply with the same regulations that a central bank would enforce on official currencies, governments are hesitant to acknowledge them as real currencies. In many places, the legal establishment has deemed cryptocurrency to

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Typerium: the app that aims to revolutionise content creation

December 21, 2020

UK-based blockchain start-up Typerium has revealed an app that it says will change the way content creation is done for everyone.
The app, available on the Apple App Store, is designed to enable users to create fantastic visual content that can be shared instantly on every digital platform.
Typerium will expand its offering in the future, but even v1 of the app offers the opportunity for creators to access sophisticated suites of photo and text editing options, more than 400 premium fonts from some of the best type foundries around and free access to more than half a million stock images.
There are also more than 40,000 professional-quality designed assets already available on the Typerium app, with more added every day.
Simplicity is also key to the Typerium platform: with it, you can

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Huobi Futures Celebrates $2.6 Trillion in Trading Volume

December 14, 2020

Huobi Futures has just celebrated over $2.6 trillion in cumulative trading volumes since its launch just over two years ago.
Its launch date was December 10, 2018 and ever since then, the trading platform has gone from strength to strength, now being considered one of the go-to places for derivitace product options.
A constant look towards the future and a aim to expand its product options have helped its growth. For instance, USDT-margined Swaps, Coin-margined swaps and futures are among the services that are central to Huobi’s offering currently.
This is demonstrated by USDT-margined Swaps accounting for almost 23 percent of the trading volume of all units as of December 3rd. Huobi’s coin-margined futures trading, which includes 13 major crypto assets, also has had a unilateral

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How Bitcoin Gamblers can benefit from current Bitcoin price rise

November 30, 2020

It all started in the December of 2017, when the whole world acknowledged Bitcoin to be the viable tool for investment. All this was due to the price of BTC hitting a +$17K tag. Since then there has been much criticism, attempts of derailment and various regulations to slow crypto revolution down. Although today, these attempts proved to be futile, because at this point, Bitcoin is yet again around the same price tag, and it’s universally considered to go even higher. Whether you’d like to invest in crypto or you’re considering Bitcoin Gambling, the indisputable fact is that everyone is primed to make massive profits by dealing with cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Investment
Around half a year ago, the price of a single Bitcoin was around 6,000 USD. Anyone who invested in BTC during that time

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Do you have to understand blockchain to play in Bitcoin Casino

November 30, 2020

Blockchain technology is considered to be the revolution in the world of IT and with each passing day that assumption solidifies itself as a hard fact. Although, in the beginning, when the first blockchain based cryptocurrency; Bitcoin started its journey, few could predict such heavy impact. Back then, the first trailblazers to fully adopt crypto and blockchain technology were the pioneering BTC Casinos such as FortuneJack. They predicted this astronomical rise and are to this day, providing best Bitcoin Casino entertainment to their communities of players. So, what is the Blockchain technology and why has it become synonymous with the Bitcoin Casinos all around the world?
How does the Blockchain System work?
First and foremost, Blockchain is the decentralized system that doesn’t have

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ETH/USD Technical Analysis: What can we Expect Next?

October 21, 2020

Ethereum, which was launched in 2015, is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. It was trading sideways for two years, at around $ 10, until 2017. That was the year of the “Gold Rush” for cryptocurrencies, and the ETH price started to increase in March. The ETH/USD had jumped to $ 50 by the end of that month, which meant a 500% increase. That was a sign that the market was changing, and a wave of buying was coming. We saw a retrace in July and September, but that year turned out to be extraordinary for digital currencies overall.

The double top pattern points to $ 650 for Ethereum
Ethereum surged to $ 1,425 by January 2018 and closed at $ 1,120. 2018 turned out to be the opposite of the previous year, as the Gold Rush ended and the crypto

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The biggest crypto trends that shaped 2020

September 23, 2020

Crypto started off with a bang, but later in March, just like many other sectors, it started to fluctuate because of the COVID-19 crisis. Many skeptics expected Bitcoin to drop and for the pandemic to mark the beginning of the end for crypto, but things didn’t go that way. In fact. The drop of cryptocurrency and the drop of the stock market were only correlated for a short while, and Bitcoin’s drop was mainly a liquidity issue because, like gold, it was oversold. In reality, crypto made a quick recovery and even consolidated its role in the “new normal.” Experts estimate that COVID-19 will only normalize crypto payments and that, though unfortunate, it will accelerate the digital revolution. So far, 2020 was a good year for cryptocurrency, and we saw the advent of some exciting trends

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Bitcoin Could Change the Global Financial System, Right When We Need It the Most

September 15, 2020

In the face of necessary change, bitcoin and blockchain could reasonably supply the much-needed compromise between what is, and what could be.
In the wake of current events, the majority of the global population has been given a choice. A chance to reset many of the systems that have been irrefutably shown to fail. While it’s not necessary to fully condemn present systems of governance, finance, and social constructs- it is important to accept their failings and ask for something better.
Given the unprecedented glimpse into the more intimate and intricate shortcomings of existing systems, we have also been shown an idea of best practice moving forward. As countries and their individual populations have banded together in both macro and micro scales of economy and society, we have been

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The Upfiring Dapp: Full-Scale Project Launch, Upfiring 1.2.2 Dapp Release & Upcoming Events for 2020

August 26, 2020

With Upfiring 1.2.2, seamless decentralized P2P file-sharing is now possible on the Ethereum blockchain. With our product ready for user adoption, the project’s focus will be shifting towards towards community growth and marketing for the second half of 2020.

Upfiring 1.2.2 has been deployed and is available for download on upfiring.com. This update fixes an important connection issue that will improve the dapp’s ability to discover and connect to other peers/seeders on the network. Upfiring 1.2.2’s release will ensure the dapp is ready for a growing userbase of downloaders and seeders in the coming weeks. Existing Upfiring dapp users will be prompted on application launch to update their application, or they can navigate to the “Settings” tab and click “Check for updates”, as

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3 Skyrocketing Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2020

August 20, 2020

This year is proving to be quite fruitful for cryptocurrency HODLers. The king of crypto, Bitcoin, rose 3x from around $4,000 to just over $12,000 recently. Many of the altcoins have followed. 
The current question on many cryptocurrency enthusiasts mind’s is…which coin to invest in now?
2020 is proving to be a remarkable year for assets. Gold hit all time highs, so did the NASDAQ, and even Bitcoin looks poised to make a run for its all time high of $20,000. 
What are the criteria to look for when choosing the three best cryptocurrency to buy now in 2020 that could skyrocket?
Spot a Skyrocketing Crypto by Keeping Up With the News
Knowledge is always the first and best tool when it comes to spotting the next rocket ship in the crypto game. 
Find a solid crypto news source and stick to it

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PumaPay is paving the way for mass crypto adoption

August 13, 2020

PumaPay CEO, Yoav Dror, said: “By providing innovative and much-needed developments ready to be utilized in the emerging crypto space, we bring the co

PumaPay is one of the most innovative providers of a fully decentralized blockchain-based payment system. Since their establishment, the company has maintained that its vision is to be one of the frontrunners in supporting mass crypto adoption. To date, PumaPay continues to refine their technology, adding new features that are slowly helping their vision come to fruition. The latest developments are no different.
With their new hybrid solution, PumaPay differentiates itself from other payment service providers. Combining crypto with traditional finance, their service now enables payments to be made and received in any currency, with the

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Crypto Behemoth Huobi Futures to Launches Bitcoin Options Trading

July 13, 2020

Huobi Futures to launch Bitcoin Options Trading in Q3 of 2020. 
Following the successful launch of Perpetual Swaps in Q2 of this year, Huobi Futures now has its sights on a Q3 launch for its Bitcoin Options.
Bitcoin Options are a form of financial derivatives that provide traders with the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell Bitcoin at a specific price at a certain date of expiry.
Alpha testing is already in full swing as the Huobi team looks to iron out and streamline the Options trading offering. Once complete, Huobi Futures will announce the official launch on the Web and API. The options will also then be expanded to the Huobi Trading App.
The contracts will be offered in the European style meaning that buyer of the Option can only be exercised at the expiration. The

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Mining provider Xive has broadened the scope of services, rolled out a rebranding and announced the launch of a free educational platform on mining and cryptocurrencies

July 13, 2020

Kazakhstan-based mining provider Xive announced mining capacities empowerment and the launch of an updated site on the 9th of July. On xive.io website you can buy a fast mining contract starting from $4.55, pre-order mining powers or even become a partner of the company by filling out an application for the equity purchase.
Besides hashpower sharing, Xive offers its clients mining hardware accommodation starting from $0.042 per kWh.
For its clients Xive offers low upkeep costs, customer support and real-time hardware monitoring. Also, company claims to have the most transparent legal conditions on the market.
“We work legally and value our reputation. Therefore, we provide the highest level of service to our customers.” – stated Didar Bekbauov, founder of Xive.
Learning platform Xive

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Blockchain Services Provider OKGroup Leads $2 Million Pre-IPO Investment Round in Banxa

July 1, 2020

Banxa, a full-service, internationally compliant digital banking infrastructure provider, announced it has completed its USD$2 million Pre-IPO investment round. The round was led by OK Group, a world-leading blockchain technology and service provider focused on the research and development of the technology and its all-scenario applications..
The funding round will be used to support Banxa’s global expansion efforts as it enters new markets throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. Other participating investors in the raise include Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and listed Thorney Investment Group Australia, a multi-billion-dollar family office.
This Pre-IPO funding round supports further efforts of onboarding new customers as Banxa expands its global payment network all the while

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Crypto Investors are Not Profiting

June 25, 2020

On-chain data shows that crypto investors are not taking profit, however, they are still holding on even in the face of economic uncertainty and the strong performance of bitcoin.
It may come quite shocking but by the data on the 15th of June, 60.63% of all of the bitcoin has not moved an inch for over a year even though it peaked a couple of months ago and reached its highest in the last 2 years. This information comes from Glassnode, which is a blockchain data and intelligence provider which develops applications that provide new ways to gain insight into blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The data suggests that the bitcoin (BT) owners are consolidating and investors who have acquired the crypto in 2018 are not willing to sell their investments. This is the largest supply sitting

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Casinos are embracing cryptocurrency

May 21, 2020

Cryptocurrencies are the disruptors of the financial world order, making daily strides in moving towards the goal of changing the world. When Bitcoin just showed up, few believed in its concept, but as the time passed, people started to notice all the good that it brings to the table. One of the first industries to truly embrace the cryptocurrencies were the online casinos. In the beginning, there were stand-alone Bitcoin Casinos, providing no other payment options but the cryptocurrency. Later Standard Gambling Websites started to incorporate Bitcoin and others into their payment systems as an alternative to FIAT currencies. There are several major reasons behind the fast-paced adoption of cryptocurrencies into the world of gambling.
Bitcoin Casinos enjoy blistering speeds of

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May 5, 2020

10 years have passed since the birth of Bitcoin and the first use of Blockchain, a technology that has not stopped evolving, and it is no wonder. Blockchain has opened a huge world of opportunities for both large companies and individual users, not only for the development of new applications or improvements to computer systems but for the possibility of obtaining rewards through cryptocurrency mining, thus creating a market which is more competitive every day. In this sense, we see that individual users have gradually been left out of the “traditional” cryptocurrency mining market, and that is why today we want to introduce you to the Kuailian ecosystem.

What is Kuailian?
Kuailian is a decentralized ecosystem that offers us tools to access the world of cryptocurrencies in a simple way

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How some virtual coins are looking to take over the iGaming market

March 24, 2020

IGaming refers to those games that are played on the web and have something to do with community and money spending or earning. The array is vast, as you’d expect, with games ranging from RPG, FPS, Racing, Adventure, Casino and Sportsbooks, anything that happens on the web, it’s an iGaming product. The industry is vast, and is linked to the overall gaming industry which is $135 billion worth. These are no Monopoly money but real money people are spending on games, most of them on the web. Some of the money people are using to buy these games are starting to turn into crypto coins or tokens.
What are the most popular iGaming virtual coins
Crypto coins have become so popular these days, there’s not just the Bitcoin or Ethereum that are used in the industry. Some blockchain designers have

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Opinion: For Cryptocurrency to Strive It Must Be Regulated

March 9, 2020

Initially, the lack of regulation was one of the advertised benefits of cryptocurrency. However, pitfalls of this came to light really fast as the lack of regulation means that you are lacking protection as well. And while money launders or terrorist groups definitely don’t care about it and focus on how this type of system benefits them, regular law-abiding people might lose their money because of the absence of security. Owners of $534 million lost in the Coincheck hack can attest to that. However, cryptocurre4ncy still isn’t regulated and changes to this particular aspect of it will, most likely determine if it has a future.
What’s the State of Cryptocurrency Regulation Today?
At the moment cryptocurrency is not regulated by any major regulatory authority in any country. In fact, the

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How to Choose a Good Website for Cryptocurrency Betting

January 30, 2020

Over the last few years more and more online casinos and sportsbooks have started to support cryptocurrencies. The rise of crypto betting is mainly due to the benefits that it brings to the table – both to gambling websites as well as their customers.
If you want to choose a good website so that you can place bets and gamble using cryptocurrency, finding a good betting guide may help. In general however, there are several key areas you should look at.
Hybrid vs. Cryptocurrency-Only
The main choice that you need to make is whether you prefer a hybrid or pure-cryptocurrency website.
A hybrid website is typically a traditional bookmaker or online casino that has opted to support cryptocurrency transactions. In general their quality of service is higher, and they are more reputable – but

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Can Bitcoin Replace Gold As A Universal Safe-Haven Asset?

December 9, 2019

In the formative years of Bitcoin, crypto enthusiasts had the vision of a digital monetary system that would replace fiat money. Just over a decade, the world’s pioneer cryptocurrency has posted mixed results. Even though Bitcoin is now a household name globally, it will likely not replace regular money just yet. Instead, Bitcoin has taken a new dimension as a speculative investment asset rather than just facilitating digital payments.
Bitcoin transactions are only going to get slower, and mining more difficult. These factors mean that the latter option, as an investment asset, is more tenable. Gold is the most prominent store-of-value (SOV) asset. With intrinsic value and insulation from stock market shocks, many investors keep a certain amount of Gold for diversification.
Despite the

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Are you still investing in S Block? It’s time to change to AI Gain

November 21, 2019

S Block Wallet brought a new wave of arbitrage in recent years. However, is this platform irreplaceable and flawless? Can the new kid in town, AI Gain surpass the mighty S Block? Below are the comparisons between these platforms, perhaps they might provide you with more investment inspiration.

Similar but Different
Both AI Gain and S Block Wallet are one stop platforms for arbitrage, thus their fundamental models are similar. Despite not having a major platform and without grand advertisements, AI Gain offers diverse plans designed for investors who emphasise long-term investments and continuous profits.
Identity Verification Procedure
Users only need a copy of their ID card front page to complete verification procedure for S Block Wallet. On the other hand, investors are strictly

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Fair Prices for BTC Buys from Online Exchange Provider Switchere

November 13, 2019

The crypto market is oversaturated with propositions to buy crypto online, right here and right now. However, very few service providers can guarantee fair conditions and timely order delivery. But that is not the case with Switchere, a licensed and certified fiat-to-crypto exchange service provider.
Switchere offers all platform user simple and transparent user workflow and it is worth mentioning that first crypto buys can be done with no signup or verification on the website. The whole procedure of buying crypto is automated to the maximum and the buyer receives the exact amount paid for. There are no unfair pricing or extra charges, the spending limits for crypto buys are high and once fully verified, the platform user can buy crypto with no purchasing limits whatsoever.
The fastest

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PaperTale blends technology with sustainability through the blockchain

October 30, 2019

Since the environment we buy our products from has become ever more global, it has become more and more difficult to keep track of where and these products are made, and if they’ve been manufactured in a way that adheres to our principles. Now, however, a new Swedish blockchain company looks set to change all that.
PaperTale is a new venture in which you’re able to trace a product from its inception using the blockchain, and it brings with it lots of new possibilities.
Let’s say you’re looking at a table, but you’re curious as to the worker’s living standards where it was made, and wish to see if they were paid a fair wage. You can scan the product with your smartphone, and check to see if the employee’s who made the table receive salaries fit for the acceptable living standards in

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A Trading Revolution by 50x.com: Incredible Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Trading.

October 21, 2019

The world’s first and only cryptocurrency exchange with the Any2Any technology has successfully completed beta testing of the third version of the quantum trading core with a built-in liquidity flow that will completely change the notion of exchange trading.
Surprisingly, all modern exchanges, like hundreds of years ago, still use fixed trading pairs, which are in no way connected at the level of the trading core and the order matching system. Each orderbook only contains orders placed in a specific pair. Although hundreds of cryptocurrencies have emerged, you won’t be able to directly exchange one for another on an exchange, where prices are set by the users themselves – you will need to change it first into one of two or three “base currencies” supported by the exchange, and then

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Greta Thunberg, the new ECO strategy and AQUIX coin, what is in common?

October 14, 2019

Everyone has heard about the greenhouse effect. Some of them know that it is generally caused by the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) which the human activity leads to. And few people have noticed a news report made the NASA research laboratory, according to which the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth atmosphere has exceeded the mark of 400 PPM (PPM – a unit of concentration, a millionth share).  But only the scientists have been worried by this news. It is great that a simple Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg was able to speak at the UN, drawing the world attention to CO2 emission by industry.
While most people wonder why winters are warm, and there are droughts and catastrophic fires in summer, destroying the hectares of Siberian forests, day by day AQUIX uses all its resources to

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TRON Embarks On a Journey To Build The Most Ambitious Cross-Chain Platform

October 10, 2019

TRON has over time, spectacularly outperformed and even overtaken other older and bigger projects in the cryptocurrency industry. It is among the projects said to have the brightest futures for their communities and the cryptocurrency space at large.
The platform executes on a third-generation blockchain that’s purpose is to empower the decentralization of the web. Otherwise said, TRON focuses on utilizing its cutting-edge technology in collaboration with other emerging systems to ensure the creation of a global market that encompasses entertainment, content, and media. The key highlight is to develop a revolutionary 100% decentralized network.
Justin Sun introduces the latest features from TRON on September, 24th

The Rise of On-Chain Technology
Blockchain is arguably the most

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