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Blockchain App ‘Smashboard’ Offers Help for India’s Sexual Abuse Victims

December 8, 2019

Smashboard is a blockchain-enabled app that plans to help sexual abuse victims in India. The app plans to reduce the trauma that’s associated with reporting incidents. Smashboard plans to add more features to help victims in the future. The Me Too movement in India gained steam last year when popular figures decided to come out with their stories of sexual abuse by those in positions with power. The movement spurred a series of anonymous testimonies from victims of sexual abuse in India who were originally silenced. But then, it is not easy being a victim of sexual abuse and coming out with your story. The victims have to recount the trauma they underwent. And even then, there’s the possibility that the victims might face hostilities from their families or their stories might be treated

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Bitcoin Price Gains Prove These Critics Were Dead Wrong

November 22, 2019

Bitcoin’s price gains have put critics’ predictions to shame. Schiff, Roubini, and Kruger have all been proven wrong, and how. Growing institutional investing and other utilities could lead to more price gains in the future. Bitcoin has shaken the establishment over the years as those who couldn’t understand the cryptocurrency have outright rejected it as a pump-and-dump scheme or as a fraud. However, bitcoin’s price gains have clearly proven those critics wrong. This is exactly what Twitter user Rhytmtrader pointed out recently. Let’s take a closer look at how some of these prominent bitcoin critics have got it all wrong. Peter Schiff is one of the biggest losers in the bitcoin blame game Peter Schiff is a well-known gold bug and a big-time bitcoin hater who doesn’t let go of any

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The Pot Stock Crash Will Dent Bitcoin Price, Claims Peter Schiff

November 17, 2019

Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff believes that speculators will start dumping bitcoin after the pot stock crash. The crypto asset and pot stocks do not have a correlation. Schiff’s argument stands defeated given that the two assets have entirely different characteristics. Peter Schiff doesn’t like bitcoin. He gets really happy whenever the price of the flagship cryptocurrency takes a hit. In fact, the market bear does not let go of any opportunity to take a swipe at the crypto asset, hoping that his actions will bring more hurt to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. His latest ploy to bring down bitcoin is comparing the cryptocurrency to pot stocks. Source: TwitterSchiff justifies his hatred for bitcoin using pot stock meltdown Schiff, who is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, says that bitcoin will

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Data Model Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Multiply 7X in Just Seven Months

October 21, 2019

The price of bitcoin has been heading south over the past three months, but one quant analyst that goes by the name of PlanB on Medium predicts that the flagship cryptocurrency could surge in the coming days. Bitcoin halving will send the price soaring PlanB’s price model is based on the scarcity of the cryptocurrency. The analyst predicts that bitcoin will hit a market capitalization of $1 trillion after the next halving event occurs in May 2020, giving each token a valuation of $55,000. As things stand, 18 million tokens have already been mined. This means that there are only 3 million bitcoin tokens remaining for mining. Adding to the scarcity is the belief that somewhere between 14% and 19% of all bitcoin mined has been lost or stolen. Assuming that 15% of the 21 tokens that have

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‘Crypto Twitter Sentiment’ Algo Claims 281% Returns After Reading Bitcoin Tweets

October 16, 2019

Brokerage firm eToro has brought a new tool to the market that’s supposed to help investors crack the code of investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin – crypto Twitter. In a recent blog, eToro announced that it is partnering with cryptocurrency information service provider TIE, which uses algorithms based on crowd-driven sentiment to develop trading strategies. Twitter can help you make money in bitcoin and crypto The brokerage firm points out that TheTIE-LongOnly CopyPortfolio will open trades on the basis of positive Twitter sentiment. The machine learning-powered algorithm will analyze over 850 million tweets daily to gauge cryptocurrency and bitcoin sentiment. What’s more, eToro claims that the crypto Twitter-based trading strategies have led to returns of 281 percent after fees

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Russia’s Central Bank Savagely Dismisses ‘Obvious’ National Cryptocurrency

October 11, 2019

The Russian Central Bank has never been a fan of cryptocurrencies. Central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina has adopted a hardline stance against cryptocurrencies in Russia, so her latest statement regarding the fate of a national cryptocurrency in the country doesn’t come across as a surprise. Russian central bank head disses cryptocurrencies, again Russian news outlet Tass reports that Nabiullina doesn’t think that Russia needs a national cryptocurrency. The agency quoted the central bank’s head, who was speaking at a fintech forum, as saying: “As Russia’s Central Bank, we have been studying this topic and the need to issue a national cryptocurrency is not obvious for us. Not only for technological reasons, but also because it is (difficult) to really estimate what advantages will the

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Bitcoin Bull Anthony Pompliano Gets Brutally Roasted on Twitter – Here’s Why

October 10, 2019

Anthony Pompliano is a well-known bitcoin bull who is extremely optimistic about the future of the flagship cryptocurrency, but his bullishness has put him in the midst of a storm. As the price of bitcoin skyrocketed on Oct. 9, Pompliano started singing praises of the cryptocurrency once again. The price of bitcoin shot up remarkably yesterday, prompting Pompliano to make a bull case. | Source: TradingView But the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital got some vitriolic reactions from Twitterverse. Twitter unloads on Pompliano’s bitcoin pumping effort Pompliano had recently said that the price of bitcoin could exceed $100,000 by the end of 2021, believing that higher demand for the crypto asset and its limited supply would be tailwinds. His latest tweet from yesterday tries to add another

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Greedy Banks Are Making Bitcoin Shine Brighter than Ever

October 6, 2019

Bitcoin is better than the banking system for a ton of reasons. You go to your neighborhood ATM to take out money that belongs to you, but the bank that has kept your deposit to disperse loans charges you a fee for using the ATM. And that fee has only increased with time: In the midst of all of this greediness of the banking system, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are our only ray of hope. Banks have become greedier The establishment might shun bitcoin for being an unregulated and speculative asset, but they seem to be forgetting that the flagship cryptocurrency is originally meant for executing peer-to-peer transactions quickly, unanimously, and at low costs. Banks, on the other hand, have a different agenda of fleecing customers. According to a report by Bankrate, the average fee to

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Facebook Crypto Libra Crumbling as Visa, Mastercard Consider Quits: Report

October 2, 2019

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra has been in hot water ever since the social media giant released the whitepaper earlier this year. Central banks and governments across the globe have put together a concerted effort against Libra, putting Facebook executives in the dock time and again as they fear that the social media giant is out to create a parallel financial system. But the greatest threat that could derail Facebook’s cryptocurrency project probably lies within. The Libra Association, a collection of organizations that is supposed to oversee the Libra cryptocurrency, is already cracking. Facebook’s Libra Association is apparently falling apart The Wall Street Journal reports that payments heavyweights Mastercard and Visa, along with other financial partners, are having second

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Bitcoin Price Rapidly Headed to $4,000 or Lower, Says Hater Peter Schiff

September 25, 2019

Stockbroker, financial commentator, and gold proponent Peter Schiff’s disdain for bitcoin is well known. The gold bug hasn’t held back in his criticism of the flagship cryptocurrency, calling it a “Ponzi Scheme” earlier this year. He now seems to be taking sadistic pleasure as the price of bitcoin is crashing, and he is rubbing it into crypto bulls with a gloomy price forecast. Peter Schiff suggests that the bitcoin price rally is over According to Peter Schiff’s tweet, he believes that the price of bitcoin has hit a “major top.” With the establishment of a bearish technical pattern that saw the bitcoin price fall below the support line of the descending triangle, Schiff estimates that there is a lot of downside risk in the cards. In fact, the bitcoin bear forecasts that the price of

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Remittance Ripoff PayPal Will Die Where Facebook’s Libra Succeeds

September 16, 2019

PayPal’s days of high-commission and conversion fees won’t go on for long. | Source: BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock
Facebook set the cat among the pigeons earlier this year when it revealed its cryptocurrency project – Libra. CEO Mark Zuckerberg scared the living daylights out of governments and private corporations alike with his ambitious project that aims to make sending money “as easy as sending a photo,” so it is not surprising to see why online payments company PayPal is now shaking in its boots.

PayPal is cautious about the future of Facebook-backed cryptocurrency Libra, which is slated to debut with the pioneering digital payments firm as part of its

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Bitcoin Price Primed for 100% Surge in 2020: Josh Rager

September 6, 2019

Bitcoin could be on its way to $20,000 next year if a historical trend repeats itself once again, according to crypto trader Josh Rager. | Source: ShutterstockCrypto trader Josh Rager is a noted bitcoin bull known for his ambitious price targets. He is now predicting that the price of the flagship cryptocurrency could surge 100% in 2020 if a historical pattern repeats itself once more.Bitcoin price could set a new record above $20,000Rager cites a pattern that was last seen in 2015 and 2016. At that time, the price of bitcoin rose remarkably in the first phase of the pattern (multiplying around 2.5 times), before trading sideways for a period of around six months.Josh Rager is counting on a historical trend to repeat and send bitcoin to record highs. | Source: Josh Rager/TwitterOnce the

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