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Social Media and YouTube Influencers Accused of Promoting FTX without Proper Disclosure

15 days ago

Defendant Ben Armstrong denied the allegations and stated that he had never been in contact with anyone at FTX.

A group of social media influencers has been named in a new lawsuit alleging they promoted collapsed crypto exchange FTX to their millions of followers without proper disclosure. According to the suit, filed on Wednesday, the influencers failed to disclose the nature of any, rewards, payments, or compensation realized from promoting the crypto exchange.
The influencers named in the lawsuit include Erika Kullberg, Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong and Kevin Paffrath, known as “Meet Kevin” on YouTube. Some YouTube creators have allegedly deleted “all video clips endorsing FTX and praising Sam Bankman-Fried ” from their channels. The lawsuit states that they have since posted apology

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