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Banking Giant JP Morgan Releases Its Own Stablecoin

17 hours ago

About a year and a half after its announcement, JPMorgan Chase has released its stablecoin. The American multinational investment bank and financial services company has presented the digital asset, showing its beliefs in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
After A Long Hype, It’s Time For JPM Coin
As per a recent news announcement, JPM Coin is already live and reportedly used by a large technology company to send payments across the world. The new-born digital asset is considered an indication of the pro-digital currency aims of the company and an expectation that more commercial clients will use its stablecoin in the future.
As a follow-up of the new currency release, JPMorgan has decided to create Onyx – a new business arm to house and operate its blockchain and

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2020 Presidential Election Structure in Georgia Hit With a Ransomeware Attack

5 days ago

Local government networks were the target of a recent ransomware attack in a county in the state of Georgia. The key voting infrastructure assault reportedly managed to affect “critical systems” within the network.
The First Ransomware Attack For This Election Season
According to a recent CNN news report, the attack on Georgia’s Hall County was disclosed on October 7, while the aftermath of the hit is starting to emerge now. As per the release “critical systems within the Hall County Government networks” suffered the intrusion and this might be the first ransomware attack for this election season in the United States.
Katie Crumley, a Hall County spokesperson, said that among the affected systems in the county are the signature database, plus a voting precinct map hosted

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Swiss Government Starts Discussions on Local Blockchain Regulations

7 days ago

A new consultation process on blockchain laws is set to begin in Switzerland. Initiated by the country’s Federal Department of Finance, the operation is focused on initiating a blanket ordinance in the local blockchain and distributed ledger technology environment.
For Better Laws In Blockchain Industry
A number of parties, individuals, and other interested groups are set to be included in the upcoming consultations in the blockchain spectrum. The project is planned to go on for three months, ending on February 2 next year.
As per a recent report by Switzerland’s Federal Department of Finance, the blanket ordinance is set to help legislative amendments, recently voted by Parliament, turn into law at the federal ordinance level. The grand plan is that the Federal Council

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Crypto and Lambos Had a Man from New Zealand End Up With 30 Criminal Charges

13 days ago

A 40-years-old man from Auckland has been arrested because of an alleged money laundering scheme he orchestrated. He has been served with multiple charges, amongst which dubious cryptocurrency transactions and purchases of luxury goods.
Thousands Of New Zealand Dollars To Buy Cryptocurrency
According to a recent news report, the arrested man faces a pile of 30 charges for his actions, most of which connected with money laundering. After appearing in the Auckland District Court, Community Magistrate Dianne Hale granted him interim anonymity.
As per the report, the suspect had received thousands of New Zealand dollars to buy cryptocurrency in money laundering transactions.
Aside from that, some of the charges allege that he had purchased luxury vehicles to launder funds.

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Cruise Ship Named Satoshi Aims to Become a Hub for Crypto Companies

15 days ago

A former cruise ship, built by P&O Cruises Australia, is to receive its new statute. Built-in 1991, the Pacific Dawn will reportedly maintain in seas with a brand new name – Satoshi. Plans are it will be an exquisite hub for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and crypto companies.“The Crypto Cruise Ship”As per a recent report, the traveling vessel will remain floating with a new useful and exciting purpose. The company Ocean Builders, focusing on constructing floating, off-grid seapod homes, aims to create a new dwell-like place in the ocean. It will serve as a “technology incubator hub” for entrepreneurs, expats, and digital nomads. Furthermore, crypto companies will be able to test their innovations and technologies in a controlled environment, said Chad Elwartowski, COO of Ocean Builders, a

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HSBC, Standard Chartered, BNP Paribas-Led Blockchain Contour Goes Live

21 days ago

Contour, the trade finance enterprise based on blockchain, has officially launched. The digital platform is set to deliver a global network and services for trading finance over a distributed ledger, uniting buyers, suppliers, and banks on its platform.Contour Goes LiveSingapore-based Contour has officially announced its step forward, launching its trading network based on blockchain technology. Previously known as Voltron, the firm has a primary focus on Letters of Credit (LC). Few major world trade banks are shareholders in the project, including BNP Paribas, CTBC, HSBC, ING, Standard Chartered, SEB, and Citi.As per a recent announcement, the newly rebranded firm will deliver a global network for trade based on a distributed ledger, allowing parties to perform transactions and follow

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$17.6 Billion Fintech Group: Italian E-Payments Giants Team Up

23 days ago

Two of the biggest Italian digital payment companies Nexi and SIA have reportedly high-fived for a new deal to create a domestic payments group with 1.8 billion euros ($2 billion) in revenue. The new firm’s executives plan to expand in Europe and compete with other digital payments companies.Burying The HatchetViewed as the two major rivals at the Italian electronic payments market, Nexi and SIA are expected to put together one of the biggest firms, picking up 70% of the domestic market share. The new entity will supposedly possess a market cap of 15 billion euros ($17.6 billion).As per a recent report, after year-and-a-half talks on the matter of governance and evaluation differences, the merge is expected to become the largest equity deal in 2020. The agreement values SIA (controlled by

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Analysis: Almost $20 Million of KuCoin Stolen Funds Already Sold Through DEXs

27 days ago

Almost $20M of the $281M worth the tokens drained from the KuCoin exchange are already sold on decentralized exchanges (DEX). This is the standpoint of London-based blockchain analysis provider Elliptic.DEXs Were The Only Route For The Hackers   According to a recent report, KuCoin hackers have sold $17.1 million of the $281 million in cryptocurrency tokens on DEXs.The official analysis reads that the hours after the theft, the hacker attempted to sell part of the tokens at two regular exchanges. The experts remind that unlike Bitcoin, some of the tokens are not censorship-resistant as they are issued by centralized organizations such as Tether, the issuer of the USDT stablecoin. Hence, these organizations can freeze these tokens.This was the situation with KuCoin as well. After the

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People’s Bank Of China: The Country Should Be The First To Issue A Digital Currency

September 21, 2020

China needs the advantage of the first issuer of digital currency and the first nation to come up with its digital asset, PBOC’s China Finance magazine article states.A New “Battlefield Of Competition” On The RiseAccording to an article published in China Finance, a magazine run by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), cited by Reuters, the financial world will be taken ablaze by the issuance and circulation of digital currencies. The publication also reads that the right to issue and operate digital assets would be the “new battlefield” of competition between sovereign counties.China Finance states that the country has to be the first nation to issue a digital currency. Its efforts to internationalize the Yuan and to cast aside its dependence on the global dollar payment system should go on,

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Australian Dodges Prison After Using A Supercomputer At Work To Mine Crypto

September 19, 2020

A former employee of CSIRO – the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, has avoided prison after being caught using a supercomputer at work for mining cryptocurrencies. Jonathan Khoo, 34, worked as a contractor at the federal government’s scientific research agency.Generating $6,897 Worth Of Ethereum and MoneroAs per a recent news report, between January and February 2018, Khoo has managed to use two supercomputers at his workplace for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. According to the publication, he used the devices for his financial gain. He also managed to mine crypto worth A$9,420 (US$6,897), and deposit them into his Ethereum and Monero wallets. This was discovered in February 2018, after which Khoo was dismissed from CSIRO. The following month

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$1 Million in Bitcoin Offered to a Man to Illegally Plant Malware in Company’s Network

August 27, 2020

Police have reportedly arrested a Russian man for an attempt to recruit an employee in Nevada to plant malware on a Company’s network. In return, he promised him up to $1 million in cash and Bitcoin.The Offstage Attacker Was Reportedly Part Of A Larger OrganisationAs per the published court documents, Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov has allegedly offered a Nevada company’s employee the sum of $1 million, portioned in cash and Bitcoin. The plot was simple – the employee had to install malware onto a colleague’s computer. However, he did the opposite, calling the FBI and reporting the Russian man.The US Department of Justice has reportedly charged Kriuchkov with conspiracy, aimed at damaging a protected computer system. According to the complaint, the 27-year-old Russian told his potential recruit

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Police Storms Korean Crypto Exchange For Profiting $85 Million Illegally

August 26, 2020

Police in Seoul has forayed the offices of one of the biggest crypto exchanges in South Korea, Coinbit. Allegedly the firm has faked more than 99% of its trading volume.Coinbit Banks Over $85MAccording to a recent news report, authorities stormed the offices of the company early today. The suspicion is that Coinbit has manipulated users, faking a large portion of its trading volume. This has allegedly earned the exchange $85 million in illegal income during the process.The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Department reportedly confiscated and searched several locations, among which the main headquarters of the company in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Authorities have stated that Coinbit’s owner Choi Mo and the management team of the firm have artificially boosted the

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Email Scam Lures Victims Into Fraudulent Bitcoin Investment

August 26, 2020

A newly-detected scam has been luring users into a Bitcoin scam, Abnormal Security reports. The cybersecurity firm informs that cybercriminals have been impersonating the popular Bitcoin Era trading platform to attract investors, while actually infecting their online devices with malware.Emails, Mimicking BTC Era PlatformThe automated scam emails, which many users have reportedly received, were intended to deceive them through a visual similarity to the leading cryptocurrency platform BTC Era. As Abnormal Security reports, the messages address the user by name, making it easy to believe that they are approved to execute a BTC transaction that requires a minimum deposit of $250 as a starting sum.The emails reportedly included a hidden URL under the text “create an account”. Users are urged

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CFTC After $572M In Penalty From The Owner Of А Fraudulent Bitcoin Scheme

August 21, 2020

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is reportedly after the owner of a crypto scheme, which misled over a thousand of its investors and clients. It seeks $572 million in financial penalties and restitution.$270M Worth Of BTC Stolen From More Than A Thousand CustomersАs per a recent report, the alleged Bitcoin trading pyramid Control-Finance has reportedly defrauded more than a thousand clients of the firm “since at least May 1, 2017”. Its owner Benjamin Reynolds is included in the file as a director of the enterprise and the main person behind the scam.In the document filed with the New York Southern District Court on August 20, 2020, the CFTC explains that Reynolds did not appear, nor did he answer their complaint.Allegedly, Control-Finance has used more than its website to

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South Korean City To Issue Blockchain-Based Payments Aimed At The Elderly

August 15, 2020

One of the significantly technologically developed cities in South Korea is aiming to expand its payments programs through digital gift certificates based on blockchain technology. One of the goals is to educate the elderly on contactless payments.Giving The Elderly A More Simplified Payment ProcessAccording to a recent news report, the new establishment of South Korean Seongnam city would be accessible through a mobile app. The main idea is reaching out to its elderly residents and getting them to understand a genuinely simplified payment process via blockchain technology.During the last years, the city has established itself as a technological center, adopting blockchain to run its payment system.Korea’s Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO) is also involved in the project.

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Coinbase to Allow US Clients to Borrow 30% of Their Bitcoin in Cash Loans

August 13, 2020

Coinbase customers in the US will have the opportunity to receive cash loans against their Bitcoin holdings. If approved, the company’s clients might get their loans in two to three days.The Waiting ListAs per an official recent announcement, Coinbase has set a specially designated waiting list for their customers, who might like to take up on the offer and borrow a given amount of cash. The main idea is that via this new opportunity they will have some more control over their crypto investments, plus they will be able to use some of their assets in the form of fiat currency, without losing any of their bitcoins.Another fundamental reason for the loan offer is that clients could use physical money for their everyday urgent needs. Using their crypto as collateral, they will get the chance

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ESPN To Launch Online Gaming Platform With Bitcoin Payments

July 24, 2020

ESPN Global has recently developed an online gaming platform with blockchain technology. The E-Sports Programming Network’s gaming environment will allow users to compete with each other in a variety of game battles and tournaments, where they’ll be able to win money.Players Can Make Payments Via BitcoinAccording to a news report, the upcoming platform will give users the chance to get a premium membership, which will allow them to play slots, plus early access to the latest and most anticipated online games.ESPN’s new gaming environment is in a pre-launch phase. When finally active it will allow players to make deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin, plus a number of other cryptocurrencies.The report also reads that ESPN Global has been using platform CryptoPay to make the whole payment

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Professional Fighting Champion Says He Couldn’t Sell Bitcoin at ATH For This Reason

July 18, 2020

Australia-based Jiu-Jitsu champion Craig Jones said he was one of the many who missed their chance to cash in their purchased Bitcoin after the 2017 ATH. The professional fighter had bought his crypto assets in 2015 but apparently lost the advantage of the all-time high value after mislaying his coins.Losing His Bitcoin In a Trivial WayJones is a former International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation World No-Gi Champion and two-time Abu Dhabi Combat Club Trials champion.According to a recent post, the 29-year-old fighting prodigy purchased Bitcoin in 2015. Back then, the price was much lower, but Jones said he wasn’t able to cash in after BTC skyrocketed to $20K. It all comes to the time when Jones and a couple of his fellows bought some Bitcoin for the fun of it.“Back in 2015, me and a

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Bitcoin Now Racing On NASCAR: Top Driver Adopts The Logo

July 15, 2020

Darrel “Bubba” Wallace, who is the only African American to win one of NASCAR’s top three national touring series, is apparently going for victory carrying the Bitcoin logo on his car.The New Look Consists Of BTC and Cash App LogosIn a recent post, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey brought the spotlights to the NASCAR driver, sharing a prototype of his car’s new paint job. It consists of at least two Bitcoin logos and labels of Square’s Cash App on his driver’s suit.#bitcoin @BubbaWallace pic.twitter.com/tNSio3qnTz— jack (@jack) July 14, 2020Darrell “Bubba” Wallace’s name came out after becoming part of the Confederate symbols removal line of events in the US last month. In June, NASCAR officials informed that the Confederate battle flag will be banned from a number of their events. The decision

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Partner in an Alleged $722 Million Bitcoin Ponzi Pleads Guilty on Fraud Charges

July 11, 2020

One out of four men, alleged in a $722 million Ponzi scheme, has pleaded guilty on his charges before а U.S. District Judge. The Romanian programmer Silviu Catalin Balaci, 35, faces a penalty of prison and a fine for a long-running cryptomining fraud with partners.Defrauding Investors Of More Than $722MBalaci was arrested earlier in Germany in December 2019. The charges against him allege that he participated in a well-maintained conspiracy to commit wire fraud and a conspiracy to offer and sell unregistered securities to investors.According to a recent report, the Romanian programmer was involved in the BitClub Network – a Ponzi scheme, allegedly managed by Balaci and co-defendants Matthew Brent Goettsche, Russ Albert Medlin, Jobadiah Sinclair Weeks, and Joseph Frank Abel – all of them

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Crypto Firm TenX Shifts Management Following Wirecard Fiasco

July 2, 2020

The e-money payment platform has announced some core changes in its managing board. The leadership shift came up with a new CEO and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).Change of PlacesThough not so much of a significant change in the manner of adding new people to its company’s leading positions, TenX has made an important turn in its managing team. In a recent post on their official website and twitter account as well, it was announced that their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be Claude Eguienta. He will be taking the place of the co-founder of the company and now former CEO Toby Hoenisch, who has been in the leading position since the founding of the firm in 2015.Now Hoenisch is reported to take the role of a Chief Financial Officer, leading the financial operations of TenX. He will

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Japanese Giant SBI To Acquire A $30M Stake In Crypto Liquidity Provider B2C2

July 1, 2020

A strategic partnership between the two companies is to begin soon. The internet-based conglomerate SBI Financial Services (a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, “SBI”) has made an agreement with B2C2 to acquire a $30 million minority stake at the firm as a first leap into future cooperation.First Steps In A Strategic Partnership According to a recent report, the two companies are to collaborate on providing cryptocurrency assets and services to millions of clients across the globe. They also intend to invest and expanding development in the institutional market for digital assets.The Tokyo-based SBI is the owner of Japan’s first digital bank and largest online brokerage. It is among the world’s biggest financial conglomerates, providing a variety of services, among which securities, banking, and

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Police In Spain Tracks Down Alleged Child Porn Organization Using Bitcoin Transactions

June 30, 2020

The Spanish Civil Guard arrested multiple people across the country who are allegedly involved in the distribution of child pornography. It was an international investigation on a dark-web case where people used cryptocurrency to pay for illegal content.Scheme Busted Through Cryptocurrency PaymentsAccording to a recent report, police in Spain had detected the alleged criminals by following cryptocurrency payments of users who entered the child porn web platforms. In a few operations, specialists have analyzed the movements of the digital assets, which led them to some of the viewers and pilots of the illegal operation.In the so-called Kiru Operation, police caught a man from Madrid, who has allegedly abused his under 16-years old stepdaughter. This part of the case followed an alert from

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Convicted Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Pleads Guilty To a Bitcoin Fraud Case

June 26, 2020

The well-known lobbyist and ex-convict Jack Abramoff had agreed to plead guilty to a cryptocurrency scam. He was operating an alleged Bitcoin fraud case that was violating existing federal lobbying disclosure regulations.Parallel Charges Against NAC, Rowland Andrade, and AbramoffOn Thursday, the U.S. SEC announced its charges against both the chief executive of NAC Foundation, Rowland Marcus Andrade, and Abramoff. The accusations consist of operating a conspiracy scheme making false and misleading statements to possible clients and purchasers of the offered cryptocurrency AML Bitcoin. A Financial Times report states that the scheme raised $5.6m from small investors through the fraudulent sale of the tokens, promised to be converted into the AML Bitcoin.Reuters reported that The U.S.

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Federal Judge Pauses $30M SEC Case Against Alleged Crypto Scam

June 25, 2020

An SEC suit against allegedly fraudulent ICO was recently put on pause by US federal judge. Prosecutors have interfered because a parallel criminal investigation against the alleged scammers was also on the go.The Court Put On Hold A $30 Million Crypto Investment ScamA New Jersey Federal Judge has ordered the pause of SEC’s proceedings against Edith Pardo and Boaz Manor. Recently they were alleged by the Security and Exchange Commission to have raised “over $30 million” through the crypto investment scam CG Blockchain. They were allegedly offering users digital asset securities, called BCT Tokens, from August 2017 to September 2018.As per the accusation, defendants “raised the funds by engaging in a fraudulent scheme and lying to investors about such material matters as Manor’s identity,

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Infamous Alexander Vinnik Sees $90 Million Worth of Assets Restrained By New Zealand Police

June 23, 2020

Police of New Zealand froze NZD140 Million ($90 Million) worth of assets, property of Alexander Vinnik, owner of Canton Business Corporation, who was also allegedly operated the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange. The case is part of other investigations of money laundering and cybercrimes.The Largest Restrain Of Funds In New Zealand’s’s Crime HistoryIn a recent report by the police, investigators claim that the operation was among the biggest in the country and that this is the largest restrain of funds ever to come across. The announcement confirmed that BTC-e, which operated from the United States, allegedly had no anti-money laundering control or policies. According to the police, this resulted in a variety of cybercrimes, including laundering proceeds, computer hacking, ransomware attacks,

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Big Four Accounting Firm KPMG Launches Tools To Help Institutional Cryptocurrency Investors

June 23, 2020

KPMG Chain Fusion is set to help traditional financial companies and fintech startups provide well-managed crypto asset services.Aiming At Institutional ClientsIn a recent announcement, the company presented KPMG Chain Fusion. The project aims to help the management of crypto and traditional assets over public and private blockchain networks for institutional clients.The new set of capabilities will be able to assist customers in managing and addressing global regulatory considerations for strong system controls and processes for crypto and digital assets. It will also help clients in solving a variety of complex foundational problems, facing organizations, which compete in the institutional market of crypto assets.“Regulators and auditors expect fully implemented controls and processes

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FC Barcelona’s BAR ICO Completed in Two Hours, Raising $1.3 Million

June 23, 2020

The flash sale of FC Barcelona’s BAR token, which looks like a flashy wording for an Initial Coin Offering, carried out on the platforms Chilliz and Socios, sold 600,000 tokens priced at 2EUR each in less than two hours.Barça Supporters Now Own 600 000 “Barça Fan Tokens”One of the biggest football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona, has sold its first tokens in a very short time. In a Monday flash sale, supported by token platforms Chiliz.net and Socios.com, 600 000 Barça Fan Tokens at a set price of 2 euros each found their owners.In a recent tweet, Chiliz and Socios CEO Alexandre Dreyfus announced that the most intensive period of the sale sold $777,000 of tokens in less than two minutes. Despite the temporary sale delays on the Socios platform, Dreyfus specified that it all went down

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Iranian Cryptocurrency Exchange Allegedly Linked to Chinese Investors Busted, Police Investigates

June 19, 2020

Bitisis, an Iran-based crypto exchange, allegedly went bust. The organization was highly reported by Chinese media recently, and the suspicions are that the actual masterminds and control probably came from China instead.Gone With The Whole Investment CapitalAccording to a recent report from 8btc, the owners have controlled several overseas exchanges. The organizations had claimed to be able to carry arbitrage to attract additional individual investors. However, it all went off the radar, and the company busted with the investment capital collected from investors and users.Following that, the police started an investigation on the file case. It has also announced that the deceptive exchange has transferred some of the users’ assets to three addresses, and the related platform has frozen

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Ubisoft Launches Ethereum-Based Game To Support UNICEF

June 18, 2020

The French video game company Ubisoft just launched an Ethereum-based collectible game called Rabbid Tokens. All profits of the new game will be donated to causes, supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)Raving Rabbids To The RescueEveryone who has ever played 5 minutes of the game knows it’s insanely fun and captivating. At least for kids from 5 to 50. In this case, the highly popular video game characters are the main incentive for collecting financial support for a greater cause. Now, everyone can grab and collect a Rabbid token while there’s the guarantee that all proceedings will become part of different UNICEF campaigns towards children in need across the globe.Been There, Done ThatApparently, the new ETH-based platform has a lot in common with the previously popular

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