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Bank of England Taps MIT to Research CBDC Pros and Cons

After bashing the cryptocurrency industry for years, the Bank of England has decided to go down the central bank digital currency path by collaborating with MIT. Thus, England’s central bank has become the second such institution to partner with the prominent university on the matter. BoE Joins Forces With MIT The announcement shared earlier this week informed that the two entities began their collaboration on whether the banking institution should develop and launch a CBDC...

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The Bank of England Is Extremely Worried About Crypto

Bitcoin hasn’t been doing all that well as of late. The world’s number one digital currency by market cap has seemingly dropped below $50,000 and has stayed there for the past two weeks or so, but while BTC has struggled in the past, the Bank of England has issued a statement explaining BTC has the potential to become “worthless” in the future. The Bank of England Expresses Crypto Concern In New Report In a recent report published by the financial institution, executives...

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El Salvador’s President Responds to Bank of England’s Bitcoin Adoption Criticism

The Bank of England is not a fan of bitcoin nor its growing adoption in countries like El Salvador. The Governor – Andrew Bailey – has repeatedly expressed his “concerns,” but this time, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele issued a response. BOE “Concerned” About El Salvador and Bitcoin Ever since the small Central American nation outlined plans to adopt bitcoin as legal tender in June 2021, numerous global financial organizations have tried to warn the country not to do it....

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B of E’s Jon Cunliffe Isn’t Crazy About Crypto Taking Over

Jon Cunliffe – the deputy governor of the Bank of England – feels the crypto space is spiraling out of control… So much so, that it’s now beginning to threaten the financial stability of both citizens and countries alike. Jon Cunliffe Thinks Crypto Presents Certain Hazards Over the past few years, the world of cryptocurrency has grown to unprecedented levels. Bitcoin, for example, is the world’s number one digital currency by market cap. At the time of writing, it is...

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Cryptocurrency Risks for the Financial Sector are Getting Closer: Bank Of England

Jon Cunliffe – Deputy Governor at the Bank of England – recently asserted that the risks cryptocurrencies pose to the financial sector are drawing closer. He urged regulators to take action before such an economic threat can manifest in traditional markets. Crypto Threatening The Financial Industry? The governor aired his thoughts in conversation with BBC’s Today Programme on Monday. He feared that the volatility of cryptocurrency markets could start to spill over into...

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