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Binance Officially Confirms Its Acquisition of CoinMarketCap

Binance acquires CoinMarketCap ‘to make crypto more accessible worldwide’. CoinMarketCap CEO is stepping down to spend time with family. Binance CEO claims he will make sure that CMC data is following the industry standards and needs.Binance is one of the three biggest exchanges in the crypto space. CoinMarketCap (CMC) is one of the most popular crypto tracking tools on the web. They had more than 200 million visitors per last 6 months.Per the official announcement, CoinMarketCap has gone...

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Bitcoin Price Is Around $6,300 as Toilet Paper Token Price Rose by 1,123.97%

Bitcoin price has been consolidating above $6,000 and below $6,800 in the past two weeks, as the stock market continues shedding. Toilet Paper Token, which is said to be sold out, rose by a whopping 1,123.97%Bitcoin has been trading at around $6,300 for the past few days. The crypto asset is experiencing a significant resistance at that level to breakthrough and trade above $7,000 level, where it began in January. As the coronavirus crisis continues pushing the market at large in a turf...

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Bitcoin Halving Has Not Been Priced In, Claims Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao

According to Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin halving does not have a set price. But after the event, we may expect that the BTC price will react positively. In less than three months, the most anticipated event for the crypto community will take place: Bitcoin halving. Scheduled for May, Bitcoin halving happens at every 210,000 blocks and cuts down the supply of BTC, making the asset more scarce. Now the reward for each block is 12.5 Bitcoin and after halving it will be 6.25 Bitcoin.It takes four...

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Binance Set to Open Beijing Branch as China Goes Pro-Blockchain

Probably the largest digital currency exchange platform in the world Binance is reportedly going to set up post in China, with an office in the capital city of Beijing. When the Beijing office is finally launched, it will be the second Binance office in the country, after the one currently operating in Shanghai, China’s biggest city. The news came from anonymous sources in a Coindesk report and is not officially confirmed yet.Since there is no official word from the exchange, no one is...

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