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Boeing (BA) Stock Rose 19% on Monday, Up 4.5% Today amidst Coronavirus Factories Lockdown

Boeing (BA) stock price increased by 19% on Monday despite the fact that the company will pause operations at its facilities in South Carolina starting on Wednesday.Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) stock on Monday experienced a 19.47% rise as it contributed 16 points (10%) of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 1,627 point gain. The surge has made the stock become a reference point in its history as in 2020 alone Boeing stock has surged more than it had in the past 39 years.The firm’s share is now used as...

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Boeing (BA) Stock Down 18.15% after 737 MAX Order Cancellations

Boeing seems to be fragile at the moment, a great number of 737 Max orders are canceled. BA stock is falling.Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) may face a tough year ahead, its stock is seriously down. This is because of the recent scrapped orders for its 737 Max. Sources report that the planemaker suffered a greater number of plane cancellations in February. This is also coming as the company is facing market scrutiny after two crashes of its greatest selling plane last year.Across the board, orders were...

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TSLA Stock Down 1.72%, Tesla Is Highest-Valued U.S. Industrial Company Overtaking Boeing

Despite a fall of Tesla (TSLA) stock by 1.72% on Wednesday and by 7.88% in the premarket today, the company is now ranked highest-valued U.S. industrial company after overtaking Boeing.Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) made headlines on Wednesday after its market capitalization hit $114 billion, surpassing the value of Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) which is at $110 billion. This now means Tesla is the company that is ranked the highest U.S. industrial company in terms of capitalization. However, the stock...

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Appalling Boeing Employee Messages Suggest 737 Max Was Doomed to Fail

Boeing released several internal messages with company employees expressing their unease with the 737 Max. They discussed the problems existing in the flight simulators used to train pilots on the new jetliner while attempting to avoid extensive regulatory scrutiny of the plane. One company pilot told their colleague in 2016:“This airplane is designed by clowns, who, in turn, are supervised by monkeys.”The company had already given the documents to lawmakers with the U.S. Federal Aviation...

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Boeing Fires CEO as It Tries to Repair Reputation after 737 Max Mishap

As it tries to save itself from other disappointments, Boeing has fired its CEO Dennis Muilenburg. The decision was made necessary because of problems that stemmed from two separate incidents of fatal crashes of the Boeing 737 Max.The new Boeing CEO announcement caused BA stock to rise by 3% to $337.55 shortly after it was publicized. Regardless, prices are still down about 20% ever since the March 10 crash. The general consensus from much of Wall Street is that Boeing could have done a lot...

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Boeing (BA) Stock Up Despite Falling Short of Wall Street Expectations in Q3 Earnings

The stock of Boeing (BA) rallied 3.5% on Wednesday closing at $340.50 after the company announced its Q3 2019 earnings. However, the share price movement is not in accordance with the dismal performance shown by the company as it falls short of the Wall Street expectations by a huge margin.The Chicago-based airline manufacturer saw a 51% drop in net income. Boeing reported a net income of $1.17 billion in Q3 2019 with the per-share profit shrinking to $1.45 against $2.09 expected by the...

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