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Coinbase CEO Advocates More Crypto Representation in Politics

Armstrong believes the future of crypto can best be moved forward when more pro-crypto lawmakers are at the helm of affairs. Brian Armstrong, the Chief Executive Officer of American publicly listed trading platform, Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) has advocated for more inclusive representation of pro-crypto individuals in US politics. Speaking in a Twitter Spaces event Armstrong admonished crypto proponents to “contact their congressman, donate to pro-crypto candidates, show up at town...

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Coinbase Exec Warns of SEC’s Potential Plan to End Staking

Brian Armstrong – the man in charge of Coinbase, arguably the biggest and most popular digital currency exchange in the United States – has warned that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is likely to crack down on a process called staking, which could wind up hurting tokens such as ETH. Coinbase Says No Staking Could Be Devastating In a recent statement, Armstrong said that should the SEC decide against the practice of staking for retail investors, this could...

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Forget Bitcoin, Coinbase CEO Advocates for a US-Backed Stablecoin (Op-Ed)

In a post-FTX world, it’s really hard being a crypto executive. Not only are your bags empty and revenues down, but you also have United States financial regulators breathing down your neck with subpoenas one day, and lawsuits the next. It’s understandable, then, why industry leaders like Brian Armstrong may wish to present themselves to both media and authorities with their state-worshipping foot forward.  As the CEO of Coinbase – America’s largest crypto exchange – one...

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Hong Kong’s Crypto Trading Launch Makes Coinbase CEO Question the US Position    

Hong Kong’s position as an upcoming hub of crypto businesses is being increasingly noticed and discussed in the relevant circles. In a tweet, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong referred to the city-state to stress that the United States may lose its position as the financial hub of the world for lacking crypto regulations. Armstrong Calls for Regulations “America risks losing it’s status as a financial hub long term, with no clear regs on crypto, and a hostile environment from...

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Coinbase Forced to Release 1,000 More People from Employment

It looks like Coinbase – a popular digital currency exchange in North America – just can’t catch a break. After getting sued by customers and then having to engage in a settlement with the New York Attorney General’s office, the trading platform has announced it’s having to cut another 1,000 jobs to make ends meet. Coinbase Forced to Part Ways with More Staff The crypto space has been doing very poorly. Despite showing signs of early recovery (bitcoin is on the verge of...

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