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Circle’s USDC Emerges as Top Beneficiary of EU’s Push for Compliant Stablecoins

The MiCA regulation has created an increased demand for compliant stablecoin, with Circle’s USDC emerging as a primary beneficiary of the trend. In fact, USDC is leading the demand for regulated stablecoins, according to French blockchain analytics firm Kaiko. Increased Demand For USDC After MiCA In its latest report, Kaiko revealed that non-compliant stablecoins account for 88% of the total stablecoin volume, at present. But Europe’s Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation...

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Stablecoins Could Capture 10% of Global Economy in the Next Decade: Circle CEO

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has stated that stablecoins could account for 10% of “global economic money” within the next decade or so. Allaire shared his vision in a June 19 X post, revealing the biggest reasons he’s “more optimistic” about crypto and stablecoins than ever before. Stablecoins Could Revolutionize Global Economy Allaire noted that stablecoins, a ‘killer app’ for crypto, have enhanced cross-border commerce, reduced remittance costs, and provided banking solutions...

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New Visa Metric: Over 90% of Stablecoin Transactions Not Genuine

The stablecoin sector is not a stranger to controversies, but a recent study questions whether these assets are being widely used as claimed. According to the report, a new metric developed by American multinational payment giant Visa indicates that over 90% of stablecoin transactions aren’t made by genuine users, suggesting that these cryptocurrencies are far from being widely adopted for payments. Only 10% of Stablecoin Transactions Organic Visa, along with Allium Labs, has...

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Visa’s Stablecoin Metric: Circle’s USDC Overtakes USDT in Transaction Volume

CoinspeakerVisa’s Stablecoin Metric: Circle’s USDC Overtakes USDT in Transaction Volume Over the years, Tether's USDT has dominated the industry as the preferred stablecoin among its pairs, trading as the third largest crypto after Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a market capitalization of $110.64 billion.  Visa’s Stablecoin Metric: Circle’s USDC Overtakes USDT in Transaction Volume

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Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Lands on zkSync Layer 2 Rollup

Fintech firm and stablecoin issuer Circle has announced that native USDC is now available on the leading layer 2 rollup, zkSync, thereby making it accessible to developers and users without the need for bridging. With the latest inclusion, USDC is now supported on a total of 16 blockchain networks. USDC on zkSync In its official blog post on April 9th, Circle revealed that numerous prominent ecosystem applications and DeFi protocols are anticipated to embrace native USDC on...

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USDC Issuer Circle Expands Support for Web3 Services on Solana

Fintech company Circle has announced support for Web3 services on the Layer 1 blockchain network, Solana. Circle said that the latest move highlighted the growing significance of stablecoins such as USDC in aiding a more inclusive financial landscape. The company aims to facilitate accessibility to USDC for both enterprises and developers while emphasizing the importance of providing the necessary tools to integrate the stablecoin seamlessly into various applications. With...

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