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Infura Network Partners with Microsoft and Other Top Tech Firms to Create Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure

Andrew Breslin clarified that the idea was more about the numbers than the big-name firms that it appears Infura had targetted. Infura, the Web3 infrastructure firm from Consensys, has just entered into multiple partnerships with Microsoft and Tencent. The move, which appears to be in line with its vision of achieving progressive decentralization, also saw it tap 16 other Web2 giants alongside the leading technology giants. Infura to Launch a DIN Infura announced the partnership during a...

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DeFi Oversight: Consensys Advocates for Nuanced Approach Following IOSCO’s Report

As different jurisdictions gear up for regulations on the digital asset sector, DeFi remains a tricky subject. The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) had recently weighed in on the matter and recommended that governments should identify the “Responsible Person” behind ostensibly decentralized finance applications and subject them to regulatory oversight similar to conventional financial market participants. Prominent blockchain software company –...

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ConsenSys Unveils zkEVM Rollup Network ‘Linea’

Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem is heating up with the space seeing yet another entry by ConsenSys, an already established player in the industry. ConsenSys, the firm behind MetaMask, announced the launch of its layer-2 network – Linea – to the main Ethereum blockchain this week. It will soon begin onboarding partners as well. The new layer-2 scaling solution is a zkEVM rollup network leveraging zero-knowledge proofs while making it an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalent....

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Louis Vuitton Launches Treasure Trunk Digital Collectible Priced at €39,000

Each Treasure Trunk from Louis Vuitton is a soulbound token that opens owners to exclusive experiences and designs. French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched its iconic travel trunk as a digital collectible in a collection called the VIA Treasure Trunk. The launch is part of Louis Vuitton’s affinity for digital adoption and Web3. The Treasure Trunks are part of Louis Vuitton’s broader “Via” project. Translated from Latin as “road”, Via is the fashion house’s project that...

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MetaMask Taps MoonPay to Enable Nigerians Buy Crypto via Instant Bank Transfers

MetaMask is integrating with crypto fintech platform MoonPay to expand its offering in Nigeria. According to MetaMask developer ConsenSys, Nigeria happens to be one of the major markets for the crypto wallet service globally, ranking third in active mobile users. The latest move to gain a stronger foothold in the country comes in response to the inadequacies in the local financial system, as an estimated 90% of credit/debit card attempts to purchase crypto in Nigeria are...

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Nigerians Massively Adopt CBDC as Physical Cash Becomes Scarce

While the Nigerian legislative body is optimistic about the country’s adoption of eNaira, there is still significant work to be done to enhance the digital infrastructure for financial practices in the country. Nigeria is witnessing an increasing adoption of its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as the country’s fiat money scarcity intensifies. Almost eighteen months after the introduction of its in-house digital token eNaira, Nigerians have begun the mass adoption of the CBDC as...

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