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Coinbase Card and Google Pay Joining Forces to Increase Cryptocurrency Liquidity

Coinbase Card, Google Pay are uniting as one to increase the liquidity of cryptocurrencies and offer a new set of convenient payment options to customers. Coinbase users will have the chance to use their cards in many more jurisdictions.Per the official Coinbase blog, users of Android devices can connect their Coinbase Card to Google service now. The Visa-based debit card receives payments from cryptocurrency origin and spends fiat. Google allows Coinbase to become the first exchange in the...

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Will XRP Price Be Able to Hit $692 in 2020?

Anyone can issue his own money – this should be the main notion in FinTech of the 21st century.According to the statistics, the daily volume of international payments equals almost 10 trillion dollars, with 5 trillion handled by the SWIFT international payment system. It was designed back in 1972, yet many banks still use the outdated, 40-years old software. Cross-border bank accounts are holding $27 trillion in cash.Let’s consider the volume of international payments stated above. If the...

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