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Tagomi Joins Facebook’s Libra Association and Becomes Its 22nd Member

Joining the Libra Association, Tagomi will contribute at least $10 million to spend on the developing cryptocurrency. It will also support Libra, providing the necessary technical and policy assistance.Crypto prime brokerage Tagomi joins Facebook‘s Libra Association. The company will be the 22nd member of the Association and the second to join since the group’s formal foundation in October 2019. Tagomi President Marc Bhargava has already confirmed the news. But the formal announcement from...

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Vodafone Joins Companies that Quit Facebook-Run Libra Association

British multinational telecommunications conglomerate Vodafone has quit Facebook‘s Libra Association. Both Vodafone and Libra have already confirmed the information.According to Vodafone, they will use resources intended for Libra to develop its digital payment service M-Pesa. M-Pesa enables customers to send, receive and store money securely via a basic smartphone. Used mostly in Africa, the service enables all businesses to collect payments, make stock purchases and pay salaries. Moreover,...

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Visa, Mastercard and Other Major Libra Backers Want to Pull Out from the Deal

Since its launch on June 18, 2019, Facebook’s Libra project has encountered mixed reactions. Now, four payment companies that had joined the social media giant as founding members of the Libra Association are hesitant. They have developed cold foot over whether to formally sign on to the crypto project. The issue was explained by people familiar with the matter.According to a new Bloomberg report, MasterCard, Visa, Stripe, and PayPal are allegedly stalling at officially joining the...

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Mark Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Has Matured and Is Ready to Become More Socially-Responsible

Everybody is aware of the scandals that undermined trust in the social networking giant Facebook. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the company didn’t pay proper attention to protecting privacy, that’s why the company had to deal with the consequences of data leak and the spread of fake news. To fix this, Facebook’s CEO is all set to make everything, including Libra, right.Speaking in an interview with Asia-based news outlet Nikkei, Mark Zuckerberg said:“In the last few years, there are a lot of...

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Facebook Agreed to Acquire Brain Computing Startup CTRL-labs

Photo: CTRL-labsFacebook said on September 23 that it agreed to acquire New York-based CTRL-labs. The acquired startup is creating a wristband that will let people communicate with computers using brain signals. Thus, the new device will let people control digital devices using their minds.CNBC reported that the deal is estimated to be worth around $1 billion. However, a Facebook spokesperson said that it is lower than the reported $1 billion. Andrew Bosworth, the Facebook Vice President of...

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Vitalik Buterin Stays Confident about Ethereum 2.0 and Optimistic about Facebook’s Libra

Photo: Ethereal / TwitterOn Sunday, the Ethereal Summit took place in Tel Aviv. The Summit is a global series of conferences focused on connecting leading companies and influencers shaping the future of blockchain. At the event, Ethereum founders Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin were among the speakers. They commented on the development of the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 update and discussed possible collaboration with Facebook within their nascent cryptocurrency – Libra.Prospects of Ethereum...

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