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FDIC Goes After Crypto-Friendly Institution Cross River Bank

Earn Your First Bitcoin Sign up and get $12 Bonus Referral bonus up to $3,000 Sign up Cross River Bank (CRB) – a crypto-friendly financial institution stationed in New Jersey – has angered the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It’s claiming that the bank hasn’t done enough to keep traders’ and customers’ assets safe. The FDIC Targets Cross River Bank The FDIC is now taking...

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US Officials in Urgent Talks to Rescue First Republic Bank

In case of a scenario where the First Republic Bank fails, the FDIC will likely want to avoid systemic risk and offer insurance to all the bank’s depositors, even those not covered by insurance. The banking crisis unfolds further, with the US officials trying to coordinate with the private sector to reach an agreement on the future of First Republic Bank (NYSE: FRC) which is under scrutiny as a result of a loss of almost $72 billion in deposits within three months. Currently,...

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First Citizens to Acquire Silicon Valley Bank after Striking Deal with FDIC

First Citizens has acquired failed bank Silicon Valley and will open former SVB branches today as First Citizens Bank and Trust Company. According to the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation, First Citizens Bank is set to acquire the embattled state-chartered commercial bank Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). In a recent statement, the FDIC revealed that the bank holding company would acquire all deposits and loans of SVB. According to the deal, 17 former SVB branches will reopen as...

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US Officials Reportedly Studying Ways to Guarantee Bank Deposits of $17 Trillion amid Crisis

The FDIC and Fed are looking for ways the US government can guarantee all bank deposits amounting to $17 trillion should the financial turmoil worsen. The US government is considering ways to guarantee bank deposits if the current banking crisis worsens. According to reports, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Federal Reserve are exploring a potential guarantee of all US bank deposits. Officials from both parastatals embarked on this scheme on advice from a banking...

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FDIC Announces Sale of Signature Bank Assets to New York Community Bancorp

FDIC said that the deal between Signature and Flagstar would cost the Deposit Insurance Fund an estimated $2.5 billion. On Sunday, March 19, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced that Flagstar Bank, a subsidiary of the New York Community Bancorp, has entered an agreement with US regulators to secure the deposits and loans from Signature Bank, which announced shutdown a week back. The FDIC said that roughly $4 billion of Signature Bank’s deposits and $60 billion worth of...

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