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GameStop to End All Crypto Wallet Support

Popular game seller GameStop has announced an end of all ties to its crypto wallet system given the space is too uncertain. GameStop Withdraws from the Crypto Space The comments make sense in that there is very little crypto regulation permeating the U.S. Traders have no clear rules to follow and neither do the companies and platforms that hold their assets, and this is setting them up for some very harsh realities through financial agencies such as the Securities...

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GameStop’s Rise and Fall of Reddit’s most favourite Meme Stock

GameStop ($GME) made headlines as a symbol of a revolution in the stock market, led by an army of retail investors who banded together through online communities, notably the Reddit subreddit r/WallStreetBets. The fervor around GameStop’s meteoric rise showcased the potential of individual investors to challenge established financial norms, embodying the spirit of the „little guy“ taking on the corporate giants. However, the landscape has shifted since then, and the saga that once roared with...

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GameStop Seeks to Establish an NFT Marketplace

GameStop is getting more involved in the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) spaces. According to many mainstream sources, the company has developed a team of approximately 20 individuals at the time of writing to establish a whole new market designed for selling virtual items, which may include in-game tokens and cosmetic skins. GameStop Is Getting More Involved in Crypto NFTs have become one of the biggest trends in the digital asset space. Now valued at...

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