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Inovio (INO) Stock Plunges 28% in Pre-Market Results Today Following Disappointing Q4 Report

Inovio stock has been swung significantly in the last 24 hours after rising on news of a new grant and plunging on news of its poor Q4 report.The continuous spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 strain has directly placed a large spotlight on biotech companies and their stock. Because most of them are scrambling to find some treatment or vaccine for the virus, they have seen sharp spikes in value like never before experienced. For Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO) stock, several market...

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Inovio (INO) Stock Fell 42% on Tuesday after Its 30% Drop on Monday

Citron Research warned investors that Ino stock would fall back to $2 and called for the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Inovio and suspend trading of its stock.Pharma company Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO) had pretty volatile trading session yesterday. It started by growing 10.7% but in just a few minutes, the biotech quickly started to fall. INO stock finished its trading session with 42.01% in the red and with a price of $5.7.But, let’s start from the beginning....

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Inovio (INO) Stock Crashes Over 30%, Citron Research Casts Doubt on Coronavirus Vaccine

Inovio (INO) stock has now erased some of its YTD gains after Citron Research suggested the company was grandstanding. Citron’s analysts now put INO at $2.Several factors affect the volatility of financial markets all over the world. In recent times, it’s been the coronavirus outbreak. The uncertainty and fear have caused a general plunge in the markets. However, some stocks – specifically biotech companies – rode on the epidemic for a time, and increased in value. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc...

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Oil Companies Stock Down as Dow Jones Plummets 1,800 Points, Biotech Stocks Also Bleeding

Dow Jones has lost over 1,880 points due to a row of factors including Saudi’s oil price slash as well as the coronavirus that is quickly spreading. More bleeding is expected.All over the world, markets have been feeling terrible effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. In recent times, the epidemic has caused stocks to plunge considerably, with a lot of companies seriously bleeding. Projections for the coronavirus have been quite pessimistic with forecasts that things will get worse....

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Inovio (INO) Stock Rises 7.72%, 1 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Expected by Year End

Inovio(INO) stock is enjoying the rally as it put on almost 8% weight days after it announced that it will be speeding up plans for its coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.There are a few biotech companies currently working on treating the new coronavirus COVID-19 strain. For these companies right now, nothing is more important than giving the world a solution to either treat or prevent new cases of the virus, via a vaccine. While there is considerable progress being made by these firms, Inovio...

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Inovio Stock (INO) Rises 69.70% as Human Trials of Coronavirus Vaccine Will Start in April

Inovio plans to start a clinical trial of its coronavirus vaccine in the U.S. next month with the thought to expand to China and South Korea shortly thereafter.Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO) is up over 18% in the premarket. Now its price is $8.80. But on Tuesday its results were even more impressive. INO stock gained practically 70%, reaching the level of $7.45. It happened after Inovio announced it has been speeding up the timeline for the development of a vaccine to treat the...

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