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The End of January Will See Many Bitcoin Options Close Out

The end of January is likely to be a crazy time for bitcoin and its many fans. The asset will see approximately $3.7 billion worth of options expire on January 29, and many analysts are wondering what this will potentially do for the asset’s volatility. Will the currency spike like we’ve never seen, or will the price falter in some way?What Will Happen to Bitcoin When So Many Options Expire?As it stands, the many open contracts options available in the bitcoin space add up to just over $9...

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The Amount of BTC Grayscale Manages Just Got A Lot Bigger

Bitcoin’s price isn’t the only thing getting larger in the cryptocurrency space. According to reports, the institutional presence in the space is expanding as well. Grayscale Investments, a crypto management service that handles accounts primarily for institutional investors, recently announced that the digital assets it’s overseeing grew by a whopping $300 million in a single day.Grayscale Sees Its Assets ExpandThe company’s CEO Barry Silbert expressed the news in a tweet, claiming that as...

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Analysts: Bitcoin Won’t Replace Cash Anytime Soon

The news regarding PayPal’s acceptance of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is becoming the big news of the year. Many analysts claim that this will ultimately push bitcoin into mainstream territory and give it the boost it needs. Already, the currency has shoved past the $13,000 mark and many industry experts think the currency could potentially end the year at around $14,000 – a solid piece of data given how up and down the currency has been during these past 12 months.Bitcoin Won’t Be...

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