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Jamie Dimon Expresses More Hate for BTC

Jamie Dimon – the head of JPMorgan Chase – has often spoken ill of bitcoin, so we already know he’s not a major cryptocurrency fan. However, in a recent interview, he offered even harsher words about the world’s number one digital currency by market cap, going so far as to say it was a Ponzi scheme and saying it was “dangerous” for investors. Jamie Dimon Shows More Anger Towards BTC The bitcoin and cryptocurrency spaces have fallen into serious problems over the past...

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JPMorgan’s Michael Cembalest Isn’t Crazy About BTC

Michael Cembalest – chairman of investment strategy for financial giant JPMorgan – said in a recent interview that he’s not crazy about bitcoin and the world of crypto, suggesting that despite how much bitcoin expands and how popular it becomes, the currency is not going to rub everyone the right way. Michael Cembalest Can’t Justify Crypto Excitement Throughout the interview, Cembalest stated that the opinions expressed were his own and not those of JPMorgan. He says...

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JPMorgan: Nobody Really Thinks BTC Will Hit $100K This Year

2022 was supposed to be the year in which bitcoin reached the six-figure mark. Many analysts believed that by the end of the year, $100,000 would be achievable for the world’s number one digital currency by market cap. However, given the recent bearish trends bitcoin has been following, a poll released by financial giant JPMorgan suggests that many people are changing their minds. JPMorgan Poll Shows Fewer and Fewer People Believing in the Power of BTC 2021 was arguably...

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JPMorgan Report Insists Ethereum May Be a Stronger Fit Than BTC

Just a few days ago, JPMorgan announced that it felt bitcoin was in line to reach a whopping price of roughly $146,000 per unit. Despite this big news, the financial giant is now claiming that its primary competitor Ethereum is still the better bet for crypto fans. JPMorgan Report Says Ethereum May Be Stronger Than BTC This statement came out in a recent report published by JPMorgan, in which analysts talk about rising interest rates and ongoing inflation. The company...

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JPMorgan Is Confident Bitcoin Will Reach a Price of $146K

In a new report, analysts at JPMorgan state that bitcoin has the potential to reach a whopping $146,000 per unit rather soon. JPMorgan Thinks BTC Is Heading to the Moon There have been several predictions as of late that bitcoin will potentially reach six figures in the coming months, but JPMorgan – which at times, has been rather bearish when it comes to bitcoin – is releasing one of the biggest predictions, though there are a couple of things that need to be taken note...

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JPMorgan: Bitcoin Is Big Only Due to Inflation

Bitcoin has risen to $66,000 per unit over the past few days. The currency is trading higher than it ever has in roughly 12 years, and everyone seems to be ogling the asset that at one point was considered a bubble and a tool for crime. Bitcoin Is Helping People Cope with the Wounds of Fiat As of late, there is plenty of speculation regarding what could have made bitcoin surge in such a way. Some believe it’s the fact that a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) is...

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