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Can Millennials Help BTC to Reach New Heights?

According to some analysts, bitcoin is stuck in a dark place, but millennials can potentially pull the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap out of its present funk and help it reach new heights.Millennials Are the Answers to BTC’s Present ProblemsAs it stands, many crypto experts and analysts see millennials as the answer to many of bitcoin’s problems. One of the biggest issues for BTC at the time of writing is that it is widely considered to lack legitimacy when compared with USD,...

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Dow Jones Lost 900 Points on Thursday while Coronavirus Is Spreading in U.S.

The COVID-19 spread continues to cast a larger shadow on the global markets as volatility seeps in. Analysts say that corrective measures by the Fed are doing little to control the market fall. Dow seriously dropped on Thursday.On Thursday, March 5, Dow Jones tanked 900 points giving a close above 26,100 levels. The markets have stayed quite unpredictable for the whole week oscillating to-and-fro.Since this Monday, Dow Jones has been moving 100 points up and down every alternate day. The...

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Dow Is Set to Drop Nearly 600 Points, Cured Man Dies of Coronavirus at Home

Dow is set to drop nearly 600 points as coronavirus fears spread across Wall Street and the California state. Wuhan’s report claims a 36-year man died at home after he was cured of coronavirus at the hospital. Wuhan still has trouble with virus elimination.According to the recent report, the Chinese government is not able to hold the coronavirus in the center of Wuhan. A new spike of contaminations shows that the infection continues spreading across the city. In mainland China, the daily...

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Tesla Stock Is One of the Most Dangerous Stocks in the Market, Says Wall Street Exec

While many people are extremely bullish about Tesla (TSLA), some other analysts think that it’s a little too volatile and dangerous at the moment.Tesla stock (TSLA) is very easily one of the world’s most popular stocks, at least as far as 2020 is concerned. Prices have jumped so high recently that it has rattled a lot of the market’s most seasoned analysts and even regular traders and investors. Towards the end of last year, many people slowly became extremely bullish about Tesla’s chances....

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Technical Indicator Suggests Signs of Trouble for Bitcoin Ahead

Is it time to sell your bitcoin?Bitcoin May Hit a Snag in the Coming WeeksAccording to a technical indicator, bitcoin’s potential bull run of the last month may be coming to a sudden end, and trouble is brewing for the world’s number one cryptocurrency. The Global Strength Indicator – a tool designed to measure where bitcoin’s price will arrive in the coming weeks – is allegedly posting a “sell signal” for the first time in more than seven months.It’s odd that bitcoin would suddenly take a...

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