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McKinsey & Company Explains How Coronavirus Affects Businesses

The past several weeks have been chaotic everywhere in the world as the coronavirus outbreak threatens economies in both the West and the East. McKinsey explained what new challenges businesses have today.We are all aware nowadays that the novel coronavirus affected the world markets. If we are talking about cryptocurrencies, Dow Jones or commodities it affected them all. Also, it affected people and their ability to invest. We already wrote that the management and consulting company McKinsey...

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McKinsey & Company Presents Three Key Scenarios for Global Market amidst Coronavirus Crisis

With the coronavirus being declared a global pandemic by the WHO, McKinsey predicts different scenarios as to how the global markets will react in the future.The unprecedented breakout of the COVID-19 virus across the globe has gripped the global markets in absolute fear. A majority of the stock market across the globe have corrected to the tune of 20-30% just over the last month during the coronavirus outbreak.Businesses across different sectors are facing a major jolt as logistics and trade...

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Winklevoss-Backed Flexa Will Participate in Demo Store at the U.S. Largest Mall

Cryptocurrency startup Flexa is part of a project that will allow for technological innovations in retailing. With a pilot project at Mall of America Minnesota Minneapolis, which is the largest mall in the United States at the moment, the demo store is to serve as a proof-of-concept that new technologies are possible in the real world.Flexa is participating in the project but serving in a technical advisory role will be on display with other non-cryptocurrency-based technologies. The store...

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