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Bitcoin Price Down 12% Since New Year to Date, While S&P 500 Down 28.5%

Bitcoin price is down 12.5%, S&P 500, Nasdaq indexes as well as companies like Berkhire Hathway has also lost significantly since the beginning of the year. Oil war adds fire to the financial crash party.Since the year beginning, the halving hype was striking the news. Many of the industry experts issued predictions of a sharp price increase. However, even despite the halving that will make Bitcoin more scarce, coronavirus is drowning the markets. Bitcoin has gained a lot, yet lost -12.5%...

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Uber Stock Loses Over 14% Today After Canceling Car Pools

Uber stock is falling after the firm confirmed that it was suspending carpool services as a result of COVID-19 despite a rally in the tech stocks.On March 17, the shares of Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) closed lower 6.8% to $18.91 per share. But, as the coronavirus hit the global markets, other tech stocks rebounded. In the case of Uber, the shares dropped after the firm confirmed that it was suspending carpool services as a result of COVID-19. Today the fall continues and Uber stock is...

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TSLA Stock Is Still Number One among Most Shorted Stock with $12 Billion

Tesla (TSLA) stock is the most shorted stock on the market. Over the last seven days, its short-sellers made $1.1 billion. It runs neck-and-neck with Apple.While coronavirus is devastating the market, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock is still number one among most shorted stocks. According to fintech company S3 Partners, over the last seven trading days, short-sellers made a total of $51.3 billion. $1.1 billion of the mark-to-market profit belongs to Tesla’s short-sellers. However, the gains do...

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Facebook (FB) Stock Falls 5.37%, Company Offers Free ‘Coronavirus’ Ads to WHO

Facebook will provide free advertisements to the World Health Organization as it seeks to ensure users are not misinformed about the coronavirus. FB stock was down yesterday but started to grow in the premarket.As the coronavirus spreads on a pace nobody even could imagine (94,192 infected, 3,219 dead), more and more companies are joining forces to help prevent further damage. Among them is one of the widest spread social media in the world – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB).Yesterday FB lost over...

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