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Nexo Customers Can Now Access the Company’s Services Through Their Phones

Nexo – a regulated digital asset firm that manages more than $4 billion in assets – has launched its new Nexo Exchange application.Nexo Services Are Now Available Through Mobile DevicesNow, people can access the company’s many services through their Android or iOS phones and trade as many as 75 separate digital trading pairs between cryptocurrencies and fiat. The company guarantees the best prices on all trading pairs through its “smart routing” system to ensure customers always get the most...

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5 Bitcoin Lending-Plattformen unter der Lupe

Was ist Bitcoin Lending? Bitcoin-Lending ist ein ziemlich heisses Thema, denn durch Kryptowährung gesicherte Kredite werden für Investoren, Miner, Hedge-Fonds und Personen, die kein Bankkonto haben, immer mehr zu einer tollen Möglichkeit, ihre Finanzen zu verbessern, indem man auf die eigenen Bitcoin-Bestände Zinsen verdient und so passives Einkommen erhält. Das Konzept als Ganzes ist recht einfach:Man stellt als Kreditgeber einen Bitcoin Betrag zur Verfügung und erhält dafür...

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Brief Guide on Making Money with Crypto Lending

It is likely that non-custodial lending platforms including the likes of Lendroid, Aave and Compound will continue to rise to prominence as they are well protected against hacks, thefts and even black swan events.Although many cryptocurrency owners turn to trading in order to profit on their investment, this is far from the only way to make money with cryptocurrencies.Instead, an increasing number of people are turning to safer, less technical ways to gain a positive yield from their...

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