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Bitcoin NFTs: What’s the Impact of Ordinals on the BTC Network? (Research)

NFTs have come to Bitcoin – and they’re quickly taking the network by storm. On Wednesday, BitMEX blog provided reviewed the adoption of Ordinals, the NFT-enabling protocol that’s been a subject of heated debate in the Bitcoin community over the past week. Just how much steam is the new feature generating on-chain? Ordinals: The Data Going by BitMEX’s numbers, the number of Ordinals transactions per block skyrocketed in February 2023, surpassing an average of 225 on February...

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Binance und die Greenfield-Ergänzung

The goal of the BNB Greenfield is to unleash the power of decentralized blockchain and storage technology on data ownership and data economy. Das Entwicklerteam des BNB-Netzwerkes hat mit „Greenfield“ die neueste Ergänzung seines Ökosystems vorgestellt. Ein neues Protokoll soll es Entwicklern und Nutzern ermöglichen, ihre Daten über ein dezentrales Netzwerk von Speicheranbietern zu hosten. Die Binance Coin (BNB), die native Währung von Binance, soll...

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Taproot Usage Soars Amid Rising Interest in Ordinals on Bitcoin

Ordinals – a new and controversial Bitcoin-based protocol – is making its mark on-chain with a record number of Taproot-related transactions, according to the blockchain data provider Glassnode.  Nevertheless, the debate is still hot within the Bitcoin community as to whether the technology should be celebrated or cursed. The Popularization of Ordinals Ordinals were designed by Bitcoin Core contributor Casey Rodarmor as a way of identifying individual satoshis on the network....

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Logan Paul Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged CryptoZoo NFT Rug Pull

American media personality, professional wrestler, and actor Logan Paul is one of the defendants in a class action lawsuit filed against failed non-fungible token (NFT) project CryptoZoo. The class action, filed by police officer Don Holland on behalf of 20,000 other victims, alleges that Paul and other defendants executed a rug pull after manipulating the price of CryptoZoo’s native token (ZOO). Logan Paul Sued for Defrauding CryptoZoo Investors According to the document,...

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What is SOL?

ETH alternative: Why SOL is getting attention? Solana is a blockchain platform that includes proof of history (PoH) technology to improve speed without sacrificing security. Because of its PoH technology, Solana is one of the fastest blockchains available, with an average processing speed of 2’700 transactions per second. The native cryptocurrency of the Solana network is the SOL token, which is currently in the top ten of all cryptocurrencies for...

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