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United Airlines (UAL) Stock Jumped Over 25% Today, Will It Take Off after Coronavirus?

United Airlines (UAL) stock is said to have good chances to rise after the COVID-19 situation is over. Today it is fully in the green.United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: UAL) stock may take off after COVID-19. This is what prominent investment analyst Luke Lango thinks. Sources report that the Caltech graduate said that that UAL is the best of the lot.While some people blame cryptocurrencies for their volatility, stocks are not netter at all in this context these days. UAL stock price...

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Bitcoin Halving Has Not Yet Been Priced In, Claims Lolli CEO

The CEO of Lolli has joined a long list of people who believe that the Bitcoin halving isn’t already priced in and BTC will surge after the event.The entire crypto market is anticipating Bitcoin halving. The event will see a 50% reduction in the rewards that miners receive for block production. Because of the relative Bitcoin scarcity that will accompany the event, the price of the world’s king coin is expected to rise significantly. History also suggests that there will be a heavy pump in...

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Ripple’s XRP Has Been Officially Added by Bitpay for Thousands of Merchants

In October 2019,  blockchain payment company BitPay announced the support for XRP.  XRP now is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. At the time of writing, its market capitalization was $10,295,012,141 and the XRP price was $0.2361 growing by 0.84%.When talking about BitPay, XRP has been integrated on the company’s platform via Ripple’s open developer platform Xpring. As per the company’s explanation, Xpring is an “initiative by Ripple that will invest in,...

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