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Dank Künstlicher Intelligenz: NVIDIA wieder mehr wert als Amazon

Nun ist der Grafikkartenhersteller an der Börse wieder mehr wert als Amazon. Es hatte sich bereits angedeutet: Am Dienstag überholte Nvidia Amazon beim Börsenwert. Seit Handelsschluss sind die Aktien des Grafikkartenherstellers zusammen 1,78 Billionen US-Dollar wert, Amazon kommt auf insgesamt 1,75 Billionen US-Dollar. NVIDIA, ein Gigant in der Welt der Technologie und insbesondere bekannt für seine Grafikprozessoren (GPUs), hat sich weit über seinen ursprünglichen Fokus hinaus entwickelt....

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Intel Unveils New AI Chips to Rival Nvidia’s Dominance in AI Industry, INTC Stock Up 1%

Dubbed Gaudi3, Intel intends to attract generative AI companies like OpenAI away from Nvidia and bolster its stock market performance. Intel Corp (NASDAQ: INTC) stock closed Thursday trading at $45.18, up 1.37 percent from the day’s opening price. Although Intel has been on a winning streak since the calendar flipped in January, the company is not satisfied with the performance as its rival Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) has more than tripled its valuation year-to-date. As a result, Intel has...

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Elon Musk-backed xAI Notifies US SEC of Its Intentions to Raise $866.3M through Equity Offering

xAI, the Nevada-based tech company, has so far raised $134 million in its bid to achieve $1 billion to further improve AI tools used by GROK. In a bid to grow its market share and infrastructure, Elon Musk-backed xAI Corp. has filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise an extra $865.4 million through equity sales. The Nevada-based technology company notified the US SEC through Form D, which is yet to be revised, that it has already sold offerings worth...

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OpenAI Rival Mistral AI Set to Raise Funds from a16z and Others at $2B Valuation

With a valuation of $2 billion within its first year, Mistral’s rapid ascent reflects the tech industry’s unwavering optimism regarding the future potential and profitability of AI businesses. Mistral AI, a formidable competitor to OpenAI, is in the final stages of securing approximately €450 million ($487 million) in a funding round. Notable investors, including Nvidia Corp and Salesforce Inc, are backing the venture, valuing the artificial intelligence company at around $2 billion,...

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Meta’s AI Chief Skeptical about AGI, Quantum Computing

Meta’s AI chief, Yann LeCun said it will take decades to achieve the adoption of AGI. Meta’s AI chief, Yann LeCun, has expressed skepticism about current AI systems surpassing human intelligence anytime soon. Mr. LeCun shared this sentiment while speaking at a Meta media event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Fundamental AI Research team. LeCun: AGI Systems Not Possible for Decades Last week, Reuters reported that OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman was removed as CEO when a team of OpenAI...

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