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AMZN Stock Gains 3% in Pre-Market, Amazon May Buy Zoom-like Company to Replace Chime App

Amazon could buy a company like Zoom or Slack and replace its Chime app. Such an acquisition may help Amazon immediately increase its user base and at the same time focus on infrastructure. AMZN stock is up in the Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) stock has been showing good performance for several days in a row since last Thursday. Then, it was trading at $1,920.20. On Friday, Amazon stock was up in pre-market and climbed further during the trading session and closed slightly down at...

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Amazon (AMZN) Stock Down 2% Now But It Still Could Be King of Market

Is Amazon (AMZN) stock still the king of the markets? Only time will tell us as the world goes topsy-turvy due to Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) stock on a normal day used to be a “must-buy” for many investors. Today, the stock could as well rule the markets. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent markets south to incredibly new lows.This has created a new paradigm. Top-performing stocks are difficult to spot and the losers are everywhere across the board. The volatility of the markets has...

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NYSE-Listed Silvergate Is the Year’s Winner in Both Traditional and Crypto Sector

As we are coming to the year’s end we somehow always tend to look in the past to reconcile what was good and what wasn’t. Speaking of the IPOs, we can surely say this year was marked by numerous IPO failures with more than half of stock market debuts now trading below their initial offering.We can just mention hail-raiding companies as are Uber and Lyft who were probably the biggest losers of the year. However, there were also plenty of unicorns that got smashed in 2019 including Peloton (the...

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