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Virgin Galactic to Conduct Final Flight Test as It Eyes Full Space Travel Launch

American spaceflight company Virgin Galactic has announced preparation for a highly anticipated milestone as it prepares to launch its first spaceflight in nearly two years. This crucial flight serves as the Virgin Galactic Holdings‘ (NYSE: SPCE) final test before the company begins flying commercial passengers, marking a significant step forward in the realization of its space tourism vision. The mission called ‘Unity 25’ represents the company’s fifth space voyage and is expected to...

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SpaceX Set to Launch Starship Rocket System but Musk Lowers Expectations

Over the years, Musk has made multiple presentations about Starship, its design, and its aim. He also emphasized the rocket system’s ability to transport humans and cargo to Mars. Elon Musk-owned spacecraft engineering corporation SpaceX is ready for the first launch of its Starship rocket system to space. Starship is the most powerful rocket ever developed, with almost 120m (400ft) height, and designed to have nearly X2 thrust of any rocket ever. The uncrewed demonstration will lift off...

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Saudi and Abu Dhabi Investors to Contribute to SpaceX New Funding

Following a signed agreement between SpaceX and NASA, the government agency is considering SpaceX as an emergency return option for the ISS crew.  Elon Musk’s SpaceX is about to receive financial backing from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi investors in a new funding round. This follows an equity funding round in May 2022, which generated about $1.7 billion and reached a $127 billion market worth. At the same time, the company was positioned to be the US most valued startup with more than $125...

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SpaceX: Spacechain transportiert im Juni zwei Bitcoin Nodes ins Weltall

Bitcoin Nodes im Weltall? Die Verlagerung von Blockchain-Technologie ins Weltall soll die Technologie weniger anfällig gegen terrestrische Einflüsse machen. Spacechain und SpaceX schiessen zwei Blockchain-Nodes ins All. Der erste Node ist bereits am 3. Juni in den Weltraum transportiert worden und der zweite Node soll am 24. Juni folgen. Die beiden Blockchain-Knoten sollen...

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Elon Musk Wants to Literally Leave Dogecoin On the Moon

Elon Musk – the South African entrepreneur behind majorly successful companies like electric car firm Tesla and SpaceX – is back in the news promoting his favorite cryptocurrency Dogecoin. While the man has consistently made a name for himself in the world of bitcoin and went as far as to purchase $1.5 billion worth of the world’s number one digital asset by market cap in recent months, Musk is again reverting his attention back to the joke cryptocurrency with a cute...

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