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Mark Cuban: A New Form of Crypto Crime Will Emerge This Year

Throughout 2022, there were many trends surrounding crypto crime. Many romance scams popped up, clearly proving it was a popular method amongst cyberthieves of getting money that wasn’t theirs. We also saw examples of exchange fraud like with FTX. Now, billionaire investor and crypto bull Mark Cuban says a new crime trend will occur in 2023, though he freely admits he’s suggesting this based purely on his own thoughts, and he has no evidence to suggest it will truly...

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Coinbase to Pay a $6.5 Million Fine Upon Wash Trading Accusations by the CFTC

Just before its direct listing, Coinbase has agreed to a 6,5 million-dollar fine after the CFTC found that the exchange engaged in illegal wash trading practices.The CFTC found that Coinbase could be engaged in trading practices that provided misleading information to services like Coinmarketcap and the CME Bitcoin Real Time Index. This happened via the improper use of trading bots and even irregular actions by one unidentified worker.According to Acting Director of Enforcement Vincent...

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#958 Bitcoin 16k oder 9,6k & Wash-Trading-Verdacht – Razzia bei Bitcoin-Börse Coinbit

Hey Informanten, willkommen zur Bitcoin-Informant Show Nr. 958. Im heutigen Video geht’s um folgende Themen: Bitcoin auf 16k oder 9,6k & Wash-Trading-Verdacht: Razzia bei Bitcoin-Börse Coinbit 1.) Traders say Bitcoin now faces 2 main scenarios: $16K or $9.6K — Here’s why 2.) Wash-Trading-Verdacht: Razzia bei Bitcoin-Börse...

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Wash Trading Menace: 93% Of All LTC Traded In A Day According to CoinMarketCap

According to the popular cryptocurrency monitoring resource, CoinMarketCap, 93% of all Litecoin in circulation changed hands yesterday, December 2nd. As pointed out by one of the prominent analysts in the field, the issue with wash trading is getting out of hand and it’s undoubtedly something to be considered.Wash Trading Volumes On CoinMarketCapMati Greenspan, one of the more prominent and popular cryptocurrency analysts in the field, pointed out yesterday that the issue with displaying wash...

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CoinMarketCap Liquidity Trackers Evolve: a New Main Standard?

CoinMarketCap was established back in 2013, and it has seen a wild history full of glory and shame. We won’t be coming back to all the episodes of CMC rising. Let’s say it is exciting. Within this piece, let’s talk a bit about their recent improvement. Coinspeaker loves improvements, and here’s the one you should at least know about.CoinMarketCap Liquidity Matter More Than Fake VolumesCMC introduced its new service for measuring exchanges liquidity, which is a new primary metric that they are...

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