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Immutable Launches Decentralized Blockchain Payment Solution for Digital Goods

Immutable Checkout boasts a one-stop-shop payment solution for digital products like in-game items and NFTs.  Immutable has introduced a new payment solution for decentralized games and the Web3 marketplace. Reports state that the blockchain gaming firm’s new scheme promises to make payments more seamless and straightforward. The consensus is that the solution, called Immutable Checkout, will also revolutionize online transactions involving digital goods. This will happen because the...

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Swiss Non-Profit ZeroSync Association Brings zk-Proofs to Bitcoin

Popular on the Ethereum blockchain, zk-proofs are also coming to the Bitcoin network. ZeroSync Association is bringing zk-proofs (Zero Knowledge) to Bitcoin (BTC) even as cryptographic techniques become popular on the Ethereum blockchain. Reports state that ZeroSync, a Swiss non-profit association, received sponsorship from crypto investment platforms Geometry Research and StarkWare Industries. The newly-formed association already has a working prototype, allowing users to validate the...

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Polygon zkEVM Beta Launches on Mainnet, Buterin to Initiate Inaugural Transaction

According to reports, the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta offers lower gas fees and could see wider adoption of Ethereum scaling technology.  The Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta went live on Monday, March 27th, facilitating the deployment of smart contracts with increased finality and reduced costs. The release of the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine beta to the public comes days after rival Matter Labs released its own zkEVM. One of the main attractions of the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta is...

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