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Breaking Boundaries: ZTX, ZEPETO and 88rising Offer New York Festival Attendees Exclusive Digital Collectibles in Metaverse Collaboration

May 15, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerBreaking Boundaries: ZTX, ZEPETO and 88rising Offer New York Festival Attendees Exclusive Digital Collectibles in Metaverse Collaboration
The collaboration between ZTX, ZEPETO, and 88rising wasn’t confined to a single platform. It engaged diverse communities across the metaverse landscape.
Breaking Boundaries: ZTX, ZEPETO and 88rising Offer New York Festival Attendees Exclusive Digital Collectibles in Metaverse Collaboration

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Deciphering Bitcoin’s Halving Impact: Navigating New Market Realities

April 26, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerDeciphering Bitcoin’s Halving Impact: Navigating New Market Realities
The altered dynamics, as many point out, to be caused by Bitcoin halving might introduce shifts that might be difficult for new crypto adopters to grasp and understand. 
Deciphering Bitcoin’s Halving Impact: Navigating New Market Realities

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Present and Future of Oracle Market: Interview with Angus Tookey

April 4, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerPresent and Future of Oracle Market: Interview with Angus Tookey
According to Angus Tookey, Oracles remain the hidden backbone of the blockchain ecosystem, enabling the transfer of billions of dollars of value every day.
Present and Future of Oracle Market: Interview with Angus Tookey

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Bullish Surge: BNB & BGB Leading Resurgence of Centralized Exchanges in February 2024

March 13, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerBullish Surge: BNB & BGB Leading Resurgence of Centralized Exchanges in February 2024
February 2024 has been particularly dynamic for Bitget, marked not only by the growth in its user community but also by the expansion of its trading platform through the listing of 39 new tokens.
Bullish Surge: BNB & BGB Leading Resurgence of Centralized Exchanges in February 2024

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Lynex DEX to Incorporate ZK Proofs Courtesy of Salus Partnership

February 19, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerLynex DEX to Incorporate ZK Proofs Courtesy of Salus Partnership
Thanks to its dark pools, trades on Lynex will remain completely hidden right until the moment the trade is completed.
Lynex DEX to Incorporate ZK Proofs Courtesy of Salus Partnership

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Umoja Releases Beta of Its Crypto Hedging Solution

February 13, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerUmoja Releases Beta of Its Crypto Hedging Solution
At present, Umoja only supports CeFi-based hedging, but with v2 of its beta, it will turn its attention to DeFi.
Umoja Releases Beta of Its Crypto Hedging Solution

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From the Merge to the Splurge: Look at Vitalik Buterin’s 2024 Ethereum Roadmap

February 9, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerFrom the Merge to the Splurge: Look at Vitalik Buterin’s 2024 Ethereum Roadmap
Although the technical direction of Ethereum remains largely unchanged, Buterin’s commitment to reviving the cypherpunk spirit of the chain’s early days speaks to a passion for privacy.
From the Merge to the Splurge: Look at Vitalik Buterin’s 2024 Ethereum Roadmap

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Sotheby’s Metaverse Adds Kresus Wallet to Support NFT Purchases and Storage

February 8, 2024

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerSotheby’s Metaverse Adds Kresus Wallet to Support NFT Purchases and Storage
Kresus has lavished particular attention on educating new users on the sort of things they can do on-chain as well as helping them stay safe.
Sotheby’s Metaverse Adds Kresus Wallet to Support NFT Purchases and Storage

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Demand for DVT Sends SSV.Network Past $150M in Staked ETH

December 21, 2023

Anyone with the will and the technical ability is free to run their own Ethereum validator and connect to SSV.

Ethereum stakers are rapidly warming to Distributed Validator Technology, which is becoming a mainstay of the staking landscape. Following its introduction by SSV.Network, staking operators, and validators have been swift to embrace the technology for the benefits it brings in terms of performance and security.
$150M is now staked in SSV either directly or through third-party apps that use the network’s open-source technology. This constitutes over 67,000 in staked ETH with 2,000 validators and around 80 staking clients currently making use of SSV’s DVT implementation.

The Rise of DVT
DVT allows Ethereum validator operations to be assigned to numerous independent operators

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EOS Network Enhances Its Stablecoins Ecosystem via Partnership with EOS Stable Coin Chain (ESCC)

December 14, 2023

ESCC will introduce stablecoin-based gas fees and Ethereum compatibility on EOS.

EOS Labs and EOS Network Foundation (ENF), the main stewards of the EOS Network have announced a strategic collaboration with EOS Stable Coin Chain (ESCC), an Ethereum-based stablecoin solutions provider. ESCC is a novel smart contract on the EOS Network using a customized implementation of the EOS EVM architecture.
According to the partnership details reaching our desks, the three companies aim to integrate an optimized platform for high-speed compliant stablecoin transactions. Together, they aim to provide EOS users with a specialized and efficient solution to handle stablecoin transactions, making them faster, more cost-effective and regulatory compliant. According to Hiroaki Yamasaki, CEO at ESCC, the

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Namada Launches RPGF Airdrop, Releasing 65M $NAM Tokens to Community

December 7, 2023

Anoma Foundation’s Namada launches its RPGF airdrop to eligible participants on the network.

In a press release this Wednesday, Anoma Foundation, the parent developer of the Namada ecosystem, announced its Namada RPGF (Retro Public Good Funding) airdrop for communities and individuals who helped in building and funding public goods. The RPGF Drop aims to disburse 65M $NAM tokens (6.5% of total supply) to eligible participants starting on 6th December 2023 and ending on 28th December 2023 at 9 AM UTC. Eligible contributors and participants can start to claim their tokens as soon as today.
Namada is a large-scale experiment on on-chain mechanisms that can sustainably fund public goods, especially those that are often under-produced or underfunded. Additionally, the platform itself is a

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Nexo Launches Simplified Futures Trading with 50x Leverage

November 15, 2023

Nexo’s futures markets aren’t targeted at high-leverage traders of existing perps exchanges. Rather, they’re designed for Nexo’s existing customer base, as well as users of other exchanges who’ve yet to experiment with leveraged products.

Crypto exchange Nexo has expanded its core products with the introduction of futures trading. The exchange now allows its users to trade more than 70 assets with leverage. Nexo’s futures markets have been designed for users who may have no previous experience of leveraged trading. For this reason, this new product comes with multiple consumer safeguards built in.
With a focus on user-friendliness and mobile-friendliness, Nexo has positioned itself as the ideal exchange for millennials and Gen Z. It attracts the sort of users who are digital natives and

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SSV.Network Partners with to Roll Out Distributed Validator Technology for Staking

November 14, 2023

SSV.Network is on the verge of completing its mainnet launch. Once achieved, it will pave the way for a wider rollout of its DVT implementation.

Ethereum staking infrastructure protocol SSV.Network has unveiled a major partnership with, the non-custodial provider of institutional staking. The deal will see integrate the DVT Staking API, bringing Distributed Validator Technology to institutions, who will benefit from a stronger and more distributed validator set.
DVT Enters the Market
The partnership between SSV.Network and will mark one of the largest demonstrations to date of DVT’s capabilities. The technology is expected to become ubiquitous on the liquid staking market, since it allows staking protocols to extend their validator set, bringing greater

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EOS EVM v0.6.0 Goes Live Bringing USDT and More to Mainnet

October 17, 2023

The EOS Network Foundation has described v0.6.0 as a “game-changer” on account of it offering “a rejuvenated DeFi experience, robust technical upgrades, and trustless USDT bridging”.

The EOS EVM, the virtual machine that allows Solidity dapps to run on EOS, has just had its biggest upgrade yet. v0.6.0 has been deployed on mainnet, and it brings the EOS EVM closer to providing the sort of DeFi experience its developers always envisioned. There’s a lot to unpack in the release notes for v0.6.0, but trustless bridging is a flagship improvement.
The Joy of Six
In addition to the usual raft of technical improvements to the underlying codebase, v0.6.0 has a number of new features, starting with trustless bridging. This enables USDT to be bridged over to the EOS EVM without incurring any

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Five Under-the-Radar DeFi Projects You Should Be Watching

September 6, 2023

Read about five under-the-radar protocols that are expected to change the onchain game.

DeFi continues to defy expectations while refusing to be written off. In 2023 the decentralized finance sector has spawned new use cases while entering new ecosystems and chains. The sort of primitives that emerged in the early 2020s, for lending, borrowing, trading, and yield generation, have undergone a makeover.
The “swap token A for token B through a single liquidity pool” model popularized by Uniswap has evolved beyond all recognition: the forthcoming Uni v4 is scarcely recognizable from its predecessors. While the core of what DeFi does, supporting non-custodial transactions for onchain assets, hasn’t changed, the products available to consumers and enterprise users have. Today’s DeFi protocols

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Philcoin – Human-Focused Blockchain Platform Backed by World Champions

August 4, 2023

[unable to retrieve full-text content]CoinspeakerPhilcoin – Human-Focused Blockchain Platform Backed by World Champions
Philcoin is an exciting project seeking to make real, palpable, and positive changes in the world. Its philanthropic mission is multi-purpose oriented and aims to help as many people in need as possible.
Philcoin – Human-Focused Blockchain Platform Backed by World Champions

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Zachari Saltmer Decodes Startup Success and Failure: Insights for Avoiding Business Failure

June 22, 2023

“For those operating in the blockchain space, it’s crucial to focus on growth and adoption, both at the retail and institutional levels,” noted Zatoshi.

Let us introduce Zachari Saltmer, the influential co-founder of One Big Fund, affectionately known in his circles as Zatoshi. As a seasoned trader and venture capitalist, his insights have had a profound impact in the arena of crypto markets, particularly with innovations such as BRC-20 and ERC-6551. As we set foot into the next cycle of growth, let’s glean some significant business wisdom from Zatoshi on topics ranging from launching an investment fund to the root causes of startup failures.
Welcome, Zachari. We’re thrilled to have you with us today. Can you start off by sharing some details about your personal background, your

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BNB Chain L2 Boba Network Achieves Record Transaction Volume in April

May 10, 2023

Boba said its users on BNB Chain are saving around 80% on transaction fees by using its network.

Boba Network said today its Layer-2 scaling solution had achieved mass adoption on Binance’s BNB Chain, with its transaction volume more than quadrupling in April compared to the previous month.
The network’s developers revealed that Boba processed 2,863,240 transactions throughout April, averaging around 100,000 per day. The network handled 585,818 transactions in March, up from just 99,362 in February. What’s driving this transaction growth is the rate at which BobaBNB attracts new users, with more than 45,000 wallets created on the network at the end of the month.

This fact demonstrates  Boba Network’s multichain focus. Whereas a lot of Layer-2 platforms are geared towards a specific

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Meme Coins that Are to Change Your Mind on Crypto Investing

April 27, 2023

Meme coins may be fun, but it’s obviously not just that. Tokens such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are clear proof that this kind of asset can have real gain potential

Crypto investing has long been all about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but have you ever considered diversifying your portfolio? There are so many alternatives to these big-name cryptocurrencies that it’s hard to choose something, but let’s take it easy. We’ll focus on a specific type of digital coin that has managed to catch investors’ attention in a relatively short period of time – meme coins.
Meme coins entered the crypto market as mere jokes, no one being able to assess their real potential at that moment. But they have somehow managed to lure the crypto community, ballooned in value, and generate substantial returns on

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Trust Wallet to Simplify Web3 Onboarding with This New Integration

April 26, 2023

With the growing importance of Web3, adopting Two-Factor Wallets is seen as a significant step in improving security measures in the crypto industry.

Trust Wallet, one of the largest self-custodial and multi-chain wallets, has partnered with Web3Auth to simplify Web3 onboarding using social logins. This collaboration allows users to access Web3 services using their existing social login credentials and other security factors.
Trust Wallet’s newly deployed Multi-Party Computation (MPC) solution, powered by Web3Auth, eliminates the current requirement of a written-down seed phrase, safeguarding users from human error and a single point of failure, thus strengthening account safety and security. Before their recent partnership with Web3Auth, users had limited options when accessing major

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Could Metacade Be Top Crypto to Buy in 2023? Experts Predict MCADE Tokens Will Rocket This Year

April 5, 2023

At the core of the Metacade ecosystem is the MCADE utility token, which serves as the primary medium of exchange and powers the rewards system.

The meteoric rise of Web3 and decentralized technologies has opened up new horizons for investors seeking the next big opportunity in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. The $200 billion gaming industry is one target as it experiences a paradigm shift towards GameFi, with Metacade’s MCADE token standing out as a potential game-changer and attracting significant attention from both seasoned and novice investors alike.
As the bear market shows signs of receding, investors are on the hunt for the next top crypto to buy that could propel their portfolios to new heights. With Metacade’s imminent listing on renowned exchanges Uniswap and

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New Vulnerability Attacks on Multi-Sig Wallets Uncovered: Verichains Reports

March 27, 2023

New risks discovered in multi-party computation (MPC) wallets and digital asset custody, Verichains reports.

Leading blockchain security solutions provider Verichains announced the discovery of a critical attack possibility in the popular Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), the function in a blockchain that enables a group of parties to collectively issue a transaction signature without exposing the secret signing key.
TSS is a multi-party control (MPC) protocol that is common in multi-party signature wallets and digital custody solutions. In recent times, MPC has become the industry standard to secure users’ digital assets across the major players including BNY Mellon, Revolut, Binance, Coinbase, and ING among others. According to the report, MPCs could be under a hidden attack which

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5 Economic Predictions for 2023

December 30, 2022

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