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BitTorrent Launches BitTorrent X Ecosystem Following DLive Acquisition

6 days ago

BitTorrent Inc., the firm behind the massively popular BitTorrent protocol and app, has announced its acquisition of blockchain-powered live streaming platform DLive.
DLive will now form part of the newly established BitTorrent X ecosystem, which also includes the BitTorrent File System (BTFS), a service used for distributed file storage and retrieval, as well as the BitTorrent client, which will be utilized delivering these services and more to users.
Transitioning to BitTorrent X
Since the BitTorrent protocol was first developed in 2001, it has become the most successful peer-to-peer data distribution system. It has already been used by well over 2 billion users globally — including massive enterprise users like Facebook, Twitter, and Blizzard.
The BitTorrent

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Story of a Safe Haven: Why Investors Flock to Gold During a Recession

10 days ago

In the last 50 years, gold has climbed from $410 an ounce up to around $1,900 an ounce today and has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable investment assets.
Although gold is rapidly growing in popularity among investors, during times of a recession, its popularity tends to skyrocket — and it’s not by accident either. There are several reasons why investors scoop up gold in droves during a recession; here’s a look at the main ones.
Post Recession Price Action
As we’ll cover later, gold is used as a safe bet for many investors, who are simply looking to maintain their portfolio’s value if their other investments falter.
On the other hand, many investors turn to gold due to its long-term price growth, which has followed a rather predictable pattern for the past two

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As Crypto Derivatives Run Into Challenges, Prediction Markets Offer an Alternative

16 days ago

[Featured Content]The crypto derivatives market is having a hard time of late. October began with the news of CFTC civil enforcement action against the centralized crypto derivatives platform BitMEX.BitMEX and its founders, including CEO Arthur Hayes, were charged with operating an unregistered trading platform and violating multiple CFTC regulations, including failing to implement the required anti-money laundering procedures.Less than a week later, the UK FCA announced a ban on the sale of crypto derivatives to retail customers. The final published rules ban the sale of any CFDs, options, futures, and exchange-traded notes that reference particular types of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP, considered by the FCA to be ill-suited for the retail market. The rules will apply

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How Decentralized Ratings Can Avoid a Future DeFi Crash

September 18, 2020

With DeFi’s recent brush with death, investors require an impartial and decentralized rating system to support the most desirable investment decisions and avoid future losses. Here’s why.Decentralized finance (DeFi), an ecosystem for lending and borrowing, continues to defy the odds. Despite a significant crash thanks, in part, to unaudited and scam-like clone projects, the sector is bouncing back and seemingly stronger than ever. But while the niche crypto division could be on track to greater things, investors are at more risk than ever.To protect themselves, investors need a reliable source of information. UK based pioneers Evai.io believe that a fit for purpose, unbiased, and decentralized rating system holds the key for investors to understand what they’re placing their money

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Slobloco: Innovations Project and Taxation in Blockchain Technology

September 16, 2020

[Featured Content]SLOBLOCO 2020 is the first Slovak Blockchain Congress with international participation that will run from November 16th-18th based in Samorin, Slovak Republic. The team behind the Congress has the ambition to fill the conference with 430 participants with approximately 85% exclusively from Slovakia and the Czech Republic with a large portion of attendees coming from the Kelta community as well. Despite having a physical component, the main focus of the conference will be the online streaming component, with virtual tickets starting in October.SLOBLOCO 2020 will last two full days and will focus on presenting practical applications of the Blockchain technology. The speakers will present future innovations of Blockchain and will talk about the future of the technology. The

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Why Asia is the Epicenter of Blockchain Growth

September 8, 2020

In the last few years, the blockchain industry has shifted from being a rather niche market mostly comprised of experimental technologies and fledging protocols, to a multi-billion dollar industry full of fintech unicorns and novel platforms that promise to disrupt traditional finance and practically every other industry.Although many countries have been racing to position themselves as a global hub for blockchain, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Asia is forming the epicenter of this growth.Crypto Projects Choose AsiaAs it stands, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and China are responsible for many of the blockchain developments that come out of Asia—thanks to their progressive stance on cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations, and willingness to give developing

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Walmart Adopts Crypto: Shoppers Can Now Earn Crypto-Back

August 14, 2020

StormX, the blockchain-based rewards platform that helps users earn crypto, has scored a significant coup by onboarding retailing giant Walmart.Having already sealed deals with the likes of Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, eBay, Target, Dell, and Samsung, StormX is taking things up a notch by enabling 4% ‘Cryptoback’ on all Walmart purchases. In fact, shoppers can earn as much as 14% if they reach Super-user tier on the app.Consumer Thirst for CryptobackBased in Seattle, U.S., StormX launched its crypto-cashback program for mobile shoppers back in April following the success of Honey, a deal-finding browser add-on which sold to PayPal for $4 billion last November.By tapping into Walmart’s vast customer base, the start-up becomes the only Cryptoback rewards service currently supported by the

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DeFiChain: The Story From the Co-Founders

August 10, 2020

[Featured Content]If Dr. Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua, co-founders of the DeFiChain Foundation, were to tell others their unlikely story around co-founding a company together, many would shake their heads in disbelief at the unlikeliness of the sequence of events. DeFiChain started as a fated project from the friendship of two people – U-Zyn, an early pioneer in Bitcoin and an exchange founder and Julian, a medical doctor and serial entrepreneur.U-Zyn was exposed to Bitcoin in early 2011 while tinkering on the web. When Julian and U-Zyn first met in 2016 over coffee, they clicked immediately and ended up collaborating around various cryptocurrency-related projects and became co-workers. The two lost touch in 2017, but in 2019, the two met each other in Singapore and initiated to brainstorm

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Bitcoin Could Be a Ladder for Virus-Hit Latin America, Says RSK Co-founder

August 5, 2020

The decentralized, peer-to-peer nature of digital currencies has long made them an attractive proposition for people in economically-challenged countries. This isn’t mere speculation. From Venezuela to Turkey, India, and Iran, citizens have flocked to cryptocurrencies as their national currencies have proven volatile in the face of economic turmoil.Now, the co-founder and CEO of IOV Labs, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, has penned the possibility that they could help the Latin American accelerate its recovery from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. He’s long been a champion of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the region, even before his firm built the RSK network and RIF infrastructure layer as a smart contract solution for Bitcoin.RSK’s CEO Diego Gutiérrez ZaldívarAs a native

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PrimeXBT Safe Haven Comparison: Does Gold or Bitcoin Deliver Better Performance?

July 17, 2020

[Featured Content]Take a glance at Bitcoin price charts in comparison to gold, and the two asset’s price action looks nothing at all alike.How then, did the two assets end up with nearly the same exact performance after two full years of trading? And what does the vastly different price action say about each asset?The Surprising Outcome Of The Safe Haven ShowdownInvestors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have spent the last two full years on a wild roller coaster ride, full of exhilarating highs and frightening lows.Those who hold gold, on the other hand, have enjoyed a slow, stable, and steady rise for two years now, with very few moments of panic or over-exuberance in between.The two assets are often brought up in the same conversation together for several reasons. Both gold and

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Currency.com Tokenized Exchange Is Now Licensed In Gibraltar

July 6, 2020

Cryptocurrency and tokenized commodity exchange Currency.com has obtained a license permitting it to operate in Gibraltar.News of the license being issued arrives at the perfect time for the Minsk-based trading platform, which is looking to expand into new markets.Currency.com is already licensed by Belarusian authorities, making the Gibraltar license the icing on the cake and the prelude to entering new crypto-friendly markets.Having obtained the distributed ledger technology license from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC), Currency.com is primely positioned to capitalize on the demand for alternative assets.“Our Gibraltar license is an important endorsement for the platform and further confirms our adherence to the most stringent standards, providing the highest level of

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You Can Now Withdraw TRON (TRX) From Over 13,000 ATMs In South Korea

July 4, 2020

The tentacles of the TRON ecosystem continue to extend their reach across the globe. The latest endeavor has seen TRON join forces with MeconCash, making TRX and JST exchangeable for Korean Won at cash points across the country.More than 13,000 ATMs will support the crypto-fiat swaps as TRON seeks to seal its status as versatile digital cash for the people.TRON Arrives at South Korean ATMsTRON and its native TRX currency have broad support across Asia, where Justin Sun can be found actively extolling the virtues of the blockchain ecosystem he founded and its forthcoming upgrade.TRON 4.0 will bring privacy features, greater scalability, and customizable sidechains for enterprises. In the here and now, though, TRONS users are still primarily consumers who utilize TRX to interact with dApps

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What’s the Difference Between BTFS and IPFS?

June 24, 2020

Distributed storage might not sound like the most enthralling topic, but the ongoing battle for dominance among competing protocols is likely to have far-reaching consequences for 4.5 billion active web users.At present, two entities are vying for supremacy, with BitTorrent File System (BTFS) going up against InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Though the raison d’etre of each protocol is virtually identical, with each project promising to usher in a safer, more secure internet, this is a technological arms race that is destined to be fought to the finish.And on recent evidence, BTFS is the odds-on favorite to score a knockout victory, having launched its mainnet ahead of its great rival.Why BTFS Has the EdgeLike IPFS, BTFS is challenging the hegemony of centralized data storage systems and

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Bybit Exchange Adds Customized Alerts Including Price And Trends Following

June 18, 2020

Pro traders who eat, sleep, and swap Bitcoin 24/7 now have no excuse straying out of the loop.Derivatives exchange Bybit has introduced custom alerts for users of its trading app, providing on-the-go notifications around the clock.For traders whose edge is predicated upon executing trades seconds ahead of the market, the service should prove a godsend, while for more casual traders, Bybit’s alerts provide early warning of sizable market moves that are underway.Bybit Goes Bespoke With Configurable Trading AlertsBybit is not alone in providing its users with trading alerts; in fact, trading platforms and portfolio trackers offer this service as well. For existing Bybit users, however, the ability to have price alerts that precisely match the pricing on the platform where their trades are

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Entertrading Is Officially a Thing: Exchanges Learn to Attract Users With Referrals and Contests

May 15, 2020

[Featured Content] As the ongoing crisis forces crypto exchanges to compete for each user, they are trying new approaches to customer acquisition.Combining trading and entertainment into ‘entertrading’ is one such approach, pioneered by Nominex Exchange. It focuses on the excitement of trading, the spirit of competition, and additional ways to make a profit.Exchange marketing needs a rehaulCrypto trading may be a very new industry, but the marketing techniques used by exchanges are surprisingly outdated.Such cornerstones of digital marketing as SEO, gamification, or lead magnets are still uncharted territory for most small trading platforms – and many large ones. Even tools that seem created for exchanges, like partner programs and contests, are not too common.However, the monumental

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TRON Launches New USD-Pegged Stablecoin USDJ Via TRON’s DeFi Platform JUST

May 3, 2020

TRON, a popular blockchain platform and decentralized content ecosystem have just announced its move into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), with the launch of JUST – a decentralized lending platform with its associated stablecoin, USDJ.JUST and USDJ are Now LiveTRON’s first DeFi project is JUST, a new platform that allows TRX holders to receive a new stablecoin called USDJ in return for locking up TRX in a collateralized debt position, or CDP.Like Tether (USDT), TRON’s new USDJ token is pegged to the value of the US dollar (USD). However, it differs in that it is instead collateralized with a digital asset – in this case, TRX coins. Tether, on the other hand, is collateralized by USD bank deposits.Since USDJ does not require users to make a bank deposit, USDJ can be issued

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Three Ways to Brush up on Your Cryptocurrency Trading Skills During the Lockdown

April 28, 2020

[Featured Content]In the last month, much of the world has gone into lockdown in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. For some, this has resulted in a radical change in working life, making remote work, video conferencing, and working in pajamas the norm.However, practically everybody under lockdown now finds themselves with more time on their hands—making it the perfect opportunity to brush up on those trading skills finally. Here are three platforms to help you do just that!NewsCrypto is Where Beginners Become ProsAlthough NewsCrypto is a relatively new platform, the vast array of tools and features it offers has already made it a staple in the toolbox of many professional cryptocurrency traders.The platform offers a fully-fledged crypto school feature, where users can access a

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Virtual Reality Experience In Your Palm: Special Interview WIth Rapid-Growing Sensorium Platform

April 28, 2020

[Featured content]Sensorium Corporation has recently partnered up with Ibiza’s top clubs and leading nightlife promoter Yann Pissenem.Following successful listing on KuCoin and HitBTC exchanges, we met up with Alexey Blagirev, Digital and Investor Relations Director, of Sensorium Corporation.Blagirev provided compelling insight into the new and radical Sensorium platform and how it is set to revolutionize gaming as we know it today.Alexey Blagirev, Sensorium Corporation What motivates and equips you to develop a platform like Sensorium Galaxy to provide 3D virtual venues for concerts and events?We believe that the future of social interaction is virtual reality (VR). In a relatively short time frame, social platforms have evolved rapidly from simple messaging platforms to visual-based

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Argentina’s Central Bank (BCRA) Testing Blockchain-Powered Solution For Interbank Settlement Layer

April 22, 2020

The Central Bank of Argentina, BCRA, has joined a pilot scheme that will see RSK’s blockchain technology used to create a decentralized system for overseeing account debit claims.
The project was given the go-ahead by the 2019 Financial Innovation Roundtable, of which BCRA is a member, as well as several other banks including Banco de la Provincia de Córdoba, Banco Santander, and BBVA. The latter two banks are part of the Blockchain Group, which includes Grupo Sabra and RSK parent company IOV Labs.
The group began working on the project in late 2019, to provide better traceability and oversight of account debits made by bank customers. With Argentina’s Central Bank has thrown its weight behind the project, its prospects of seeing broader adoption have received a significant boost.

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Opinion: How Matic Network Overtakes Loom in the Second-Layer Scaling War

April 8, 2020

Blockchain scaling is back in the news – although, in truth, it never went away. Instead, higher global events conspired to relegate it to the inside pages for a time. Now, as the crypto markets show signs of a resurgence, with bitcoin back in the green for the year to date, on-chain scaling is a hot topic again.Decentralized applications require fast and low-cost transactions since every activity made in-app, such as placing a bet or creating an avatar, is saved on-chain. Networks such as Ethereum simply aren’t cut out to handle this level of demand, hence the development of layer-two solutions such as Matic Network that can pick up the strain. Crypto developers will be watching closely to see how Ethereum scaling plays out, where the winning solutions are likely to expand into other

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#StayAtHome Becomes #PlayAtHome as Refereum Adds Tron (TRX) Rewards for Game Streamers

April 2, 2020

Bored gamers living under lockdown are being urged to unlock loot crates to earn TRX tokens and other prizes. Following a partnership between TRON and gaming rewards platform Refereum, TRX and BitTorrent Token (BTT) have been integrated, providing a means for avid gamers to earn token rewards for watching their favorite streamers.With more than a third of the world on lockdown, citizens have been urged to find productive ways to pass the time, and video gaming has seen a corresponding surge in popularity. Although traditionally assigned worth solely for its entertainment value, “game therapy” has begun to be recognized as a useful course of treatment in its own right, providing a social framework and boosting mental wellbeing.TRON Nails Its Gamer Credentials to the MastTRON’s partnership

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4 Ways Users Can Keep Their Data and Crypto Safe during the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 25, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has already become a pandemic and continues to spread around the world. While many users are already worried about their physical safety and health, hackers are now also exploiting the outbreak to launch a variety of attacks and scams.Recently, hackers have been reported to have weaponized coronavirus map websites and apps. Users who visit these sites or download the apps in hopes of tracking reported cases of coronavirus infections may find their devices infected with a malware like variants of AZORult. The malware can perform a variety of tasks, including stealing financial information, access credentials, and even crypto wallet files. Attackers are also launching phishing scams that use information concerning the outbreak as bait to trick unwitting users.As

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Tradelize Guide & Review: Traders’ Network Based On Real Stats

March 13, 2020

As a knowledgeable, professional trader, you can share your experience with the community, or if you are more of a beginner, you can find a teacher, mentor, or easily delegate money for management.The Tradelize traders’ network is designed to interact and scale professional traders, investors, and less experienced market participants. Tradelize was created by traders and investors with more than 50 years of combined trading experience. Traders with years of experience have navigated a thorny path that beginner traders and investors have yet to follow.  For that reason, Tradelize has adapted to the market’s needs.The Tradelize ecosystem includes three products:Tradelize Traders’ NetworkTradelize TerminalTradelize Mobile AppTradelize Traders’ NetworkThe Tradelize traders’ network is a social

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How to Manage Your Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes In 2020

February 27, 2020

Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio isn’t exactly a walk in the park. If you’re anything like the average token-holder, you’re likely to use multiple exchanges and wallets while transacting several different currencies.Bitcoin might be your favorite, but you’ve probably got some dubious altcoins to your name too, which makes reporting your crypto taxes at the end of the financial year even more of a head-scratcher.Why You Need to Take Crypto Tax SeriouslyIf you’ve failed to maintain accurate records every step of the way faithfully, you’ll have to work backward, laboriously wading through your transaction history and calculating the tax on your gains and losses. The alternative? Keeping quiet and hoping to stay off the radar.If you’ve been keeping abreast of the news of late, you’ll be

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Can The Outdated Model of Advertising Actually Change?

February 25, 2020

[Featured]According to Statista, online advertising is now so pervasive that 25% of people now use some kind of ad-blocking software. While ads cause some people concerns about privacy or security, research suggests that most people just think there are too many ads, or that they’re annoying and irrelevant.Naturally, this trend is a growing concern for those in the online advertising industry. Brands rely on adverts to get their products in front of potential consumers. The greater the prevalence of ad blockers, the bigger their wasted advertising spend.Ad publishers, which include the long tail of smaller websites and bloggers, are often dependent on advertising for at least part of their income. Even worse, if ads are seen to be annoying or irrelevant, those among their audience who

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IOTA’s Recent $2 Million Attack Leaves Open Questions To The Project’s Payment Processor MoonPay

February 23, 2020

It has been almost two weeks since the Trinity wallet attack, which has seen IOTA’s transaction coordinator halted.The fiat on-ramp was exploited by a hacker who leveraged the vulnerability to access IOTA’s Trinity wallet software, which was integrated with MoonPay. From there, funds were stolen from Trinity wallet users, with total losses believed to total around $2 million.Until the IOTA Foundation announced that it had been forced to pause the network in the wake of the hack, MoonPay was a little-known payment processor working within the crypto economy to supply fiat on-ramps.It now finds itself thrust into the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. An investigation by the IOTA Foundation traced the source of the attack back to a MoonPay vulnerability that enabled the hacker to

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The ReFork Project Fights Disposable Plastics

February 20, 2020

[Featured Content]ReFork is launching a global solution to disposable plastics. Its unique biodegradable material responds to the impending restriction of the European Union and China.ReFork Material is produced from renewable sources and is based on a unique wood mixture from waste wood. ReFork focuses on the mass production of its materials with applications for the packaging industry and gastronomy.The utility token called “EFK” is clogged with the ReFork ecosystem. Tokens will be used by partners and retail clients to purchase ReFork products.[embedded content]ReFork was selected by an expert jury from 270 projects for the national final of the prestigious E.ON Globe Awards, where it won 2nd place in the product category.ReFork already manufactures and distributes its products (knife,

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Bankera Loans Introduced One of the Highest LTVs on the Market (75%)

February 3, 2020

Featured The blockchain technology and the traditional banking system have a tense relationship, at best. However, an observant eye might’ve come across speculations regarding the possibility of seeing a central bank launching a crypto token.With each passing day, it seems that the traditional financial industry is coming to terms and becoming more receptive to the whole idea of introducing blockchain technology as a part of their apparatus.Bankera is one out of many fintech startups that are trying to fill in the gap and successfully merge the traditional fiance world along with the innovations of the blockchain. Ultimately, it aims to become a one-stop-shop for all core financial services, and it’s making impressive progress.What Is Bankera?As originally touted in its whitepaper, Bankera

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Binance Has Been on a Buying Spree in 2019: What’s Next for 2020?

December 19, 2019

Featured –The rise of Binance has been unstoppable ever since the platform first launched in 2017. It’s fair to say that much of the exchange giant’s growth has been organic, as it has expanded into new geographies and verticals, including IEO platform Launchpad and Binance Futures.Not all of the growth has been organic, though. In 2019, Binance has been on a buying spree, acquiring four companies in a bid to extend its reach even further. It started in July with Trust Wallet, followed by crypto futures and options trading platform JEX in September. Buying up the WazirX exchange provided a means of penetrating the Indian markets in November, and the latest news is that it’s acquired dapp ranking platform Dapp Review.Each of these acquisitions is strategic, providing Binance with something

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Smart Contract Platform RSK Unveils $200k Developer Incentivization Program

December 4, 2019

Bitcoin smart contracting platform RSK has announced details of a Grants Program to encourage decentralized application (dApp) development. A fund of $200,000 will be made available, with developers invited to submit their ideas for consideration.Big Ambitions, Major IncentivesThe first smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network, RSK, enables developers to import, create, and deploy EVM based dApps. The RSK team will be hoping the $200k carrot it has proffered will tempt intrepid developers to start building within its ecosystem.As well as offering a financial incentive, the Grants Program is touting mentorship opportunities with existing RSK developers. Indeed, the application process itself includes a round of feedback after ideas are reviewed.The RSK brain trust is

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