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PrimeXBT Facilitates Passive Income With Covesting Yield Accounts

1 day ago

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The cryptocurrency market is known for its tremendous volatility. Just recently, we saw Tesla revealing that they will no longer support BTC payments, sending the entire market into a steep downturn that wiped off over $400 billion from its capitalization.
Trading, while appealing, can also be devastating for the unaware, prompting many to seek more passive approaches at generating profits.
With this in mind, one of the more popular cryptocurrency exchanges, PrimeXBT, has taken advantage of an entirely new experience for users who have been starving for returns in traditional finance with their new covesting yield accounts.
What Are Covesting Yield Accounts?
First things first, it’s worth noting that in the current economic environment, investors are

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Changehero: Swapping Crypto in a Simple Way

1 day ago

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Cryptocurrencies have taken center stage over the past months following the impressive bullish cycle. Their growth in popularity is undeniable, and this attracts hundreds of thousands of new investors looking for a way to buy, sell, and store their crypto-assets.
Nevertheless, there’s a magnitude of options out there when it comes to exchanging fiat for crypto, and it’s not always easy to get a straightforward process that’s friendly for beginners.
Changehero is an exchange that aims to tackle just that, providing a very easy and quick way for users, from advanced to beginners, to buy or sell their cryptocurrency.
What is Changehero?
Changehero brings forward a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It allows users to convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and

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TimeCoin Delivering eSports DApp with a Focus on DeFi and NFTs

4 days ago

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The team behind TimeCoin Protocol is building a brand new decentralized application that attempts to disrupt the eSports industry by enabling players and fans to compete against each other.
It goes without saying that NFTs have taken center stage in the past couple of months. Plenty of people speculate on whether the market is in a state of a bubble. Still, the truth is that non-fungible tokens are seeing serious adoption, with athletes, professionals, and celebrities across the world dropping their own pieces.
With this said, TimeCoin Protocol – a subsidiary of TimeTicket Inc., is on a mission of building its eSportStars DApp. To do this, the company is raising additional funds through a special token sale.
About TimeCoin Protocol
Developed by a

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PhoenixDAO: Overview of the Payment System

10 days ago

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The inception of blockchain-based solutions has made profound changes to the financial sector. While centralized platforms have rapidly gained ground, owing to their first-mover advantage, Satoshi’s original idea behind a peer-to-peer payment system has finally started to take off with the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi).
Today, the total value locked in DeFi has exceeded $50 billion, representing a significant shift away from centralized platforms.
PhoenixDAO is one such platform that is facilitating individualized decentralized transactions.
Overview of PhoenixDAO
PhoenixDAO is a community-led, decentralized platform that is reinventing digital identity across the world by deploying tailor-made solutions. The platform was developed to cater to

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UniMex Protocol: Improving Crypto Leveraged Trading For DeFi Aficionados

23 days ago

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The limitless developments in the cryptocurrency sector continue to emerge daily. More institutions are entering the space investing in Bitcoin, propelling the asset to hit record price levels. In this line, various cryptocurrency projects are exploring different solutions that seek to revolutionize the finance sector.
Notably, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is taking center stage to bridge the gap between digital assets and traditional finance.
In this regard, UniMex is a new protocol that has set its eyes on the decentralization of margin trading in the cryptocurrency space.
What is UniMex?
UniMex is an emerging DeFi project operating under the Uniswap protocol offering margin trading. It has to do with the availability of margin trading in the crypto

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CoinsLoot Provides Provable Fairness Through Decentralized Loot Boxes

24 days ago

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Cryptocurrency users are typically familiar with the loot box model circulating for the last few years. Commonly used in the gaming industry, loot boxes add flair to the in-game purchasing system whereby a user pays to receive items on said game or gaming platform.
A lot has changed since the inception of this concept, and we’re seeing a massive shift from centralized systems with concealed (and often unfair) selection mechanisms created to ensure that “the house always wins” into something transparent; ensuring that the user isn’t just putting his coins into a rigged slot machine.
While the provable fairness algorithm has been around for a while, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) craze takes this crypto landscape by storm. Even though NFTs do serve great

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Cannumo Bridges the Worlds of Crypto and Cannabis 

24 days ago

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Few industries are considered quite as contemporary and disruptive as crypto and cannabis. The former is changing the way consumers see and interact with money, and the latter is expanding the collective viewpoint on what is beneficial to health and what should be socially acceptable. With legislation passed on a constant basis on both industries and growing global support, it becomes interesting that collaboration between the two industries isn’t more common.
This is what Cannumo, a platform that allows for easy investing in the cannabis business, is hoping to do.
Many Bridges to Cross
With societal views on cannabis shifting, more regulators are slowly opting for laws that legalize and benefit the industry. Investors, both retail and institutional, are

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Digitex Launches Spot Exchange

25 days ago

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With the current bitcoin bull run and greater institutional support, more people than ever are entering the industry, and more products are being introduced to accommodate this growing demand.
One of the latest of these comes from Digitex, a commission-free exchange. The firm has announced on April 15, 2021, that its new spot market has formally launched. In a bid to make the trading experience easier for new members and benefit existing ones, their new spot exchange allows the buying of DGTX directly as well as other popular cryptocurrency pairs.
Details About the Digitex Spot Market
As part of the launch, six new trading pairs have been introduced: DGTX/BTC, DGTX/ETH, ETH/BTC, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, and DGTX/USDC. There are many suggested benefits to

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Enecuum Brings Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining to the Masses

27 days ago

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Cryptocurrency mining is becoming increasingly profitable as the market continues to grow in its valuation. However, investing in mining equipment, setting up mining rigs, joining a mining pool, or going forward on your own is all incredibly challenging for most users to handle.
With this in mind, Enecuum brings forward a mobile blockchain-based protocol that enables everyone to take part in decentralized finance. Users are able to pool their untapped data processing capacity and receive rewards by connecting to the global network. On the other hand, developers are capable of creating novel dApps for the expanding ecosystem of Web 3.0.
More About Enecuum
Like a range of other projects, Enecuum was built to deliver blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the

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Lever: AMM-Based Decentralized Leveraged Trading Platform

29 days ago

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Since exploding in 2020, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been garnering attention and popularity, often seen in mainstream media’s headlines.
With the exponential growth, DeFi has recorded a total value locked (TVL) of $58.5 billion, with lending and DEX products taking up almost 90%.
Lending and trading are two of the pillar businesses in the current DeFi space with the most TVL. However, they are practically isolated from each other, leading to extremely low capital efficiency. Rarely do lending protocols support spot or even margin trading, and most DEXes don’t provide loans. Also, even though users get transferable and tradable deposit certificates after putting their money in lending protocols, there are few platforms to actually facilitate their

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Swapzone: One-Stop Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator

April 13, 2021

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Cryptocurrencies are booming in popularity. The currently ongoing bull run has attracted massive interest from both institutional and retail investors.
One of the best ways to gauge retail interest is through the trends on Google – when people search for crypto-related terms frequently.
Search Volume for ‘bitcoin’ and ‘crypto.’ Source: Google TrendsAs seen in the above image, the searches for “bitcoin” and “crypto” have both increased massively in 2021, with the latter surpassing the former all-time high from back in late 2017.
What’s more important is that we are seeing large corporations trying to cater to the surging interest. PayPal, for instance – the world’s leading online payment processor, just recently launched a cryptocurrency checkout service

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Get DEFIT to be FIT: The Fitness Token

April 9, 2021

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. From improving eating habits to including exercise in daily routines, people worldwide have started giving priority to fitness.
However, wanting to stay fit and actually being fit are two very different things. While everyone wants to stay fit, only a handful of people can follow a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. Going to the gym religiously is another level of fitness that requires commitment and discipline.
Like any other traditional sector, even the fitness industry has been experiencing a radical shift with the Internet’s inclusion.
The traditional landscape
Internet-based applications, especially mobile applications, have become an integral

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XFinite: Revolutionizing Digital Media

April 8, 2021

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Digital technologies have taken over the media industry in its entirety – people consume information online, they are entertained online, they interact online – all of it happens digitally.
Yet, existing digital platforms provide an array of challenges. Lack of control over personal data, privacy breaches, irrelevant user experience, data fragmentation, inefficient rights management systems, and more – all of these are issues riddling users, brands, influencers, and content producers.
This is where Xfinite stands out. With an efficient and superior approach, they aim to successfully tackle these common challenges and provide a secure and transparent platform for its users.
What is Xfinite?
Xfinite is a blockchain-based platform that aims to bring forward

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Bazarswap: No Slippage Decentralized Trading Platform

April 7, 2021

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Decentralized exchanges and automated market makers have taken a central stage in DeFi and the entire cryptocurrency industry, in general.
Looking at DeFi Pulse data, Uniswap is currently the third-largest protocol based on total value locked in it, eyeing a whopping $6 billion.
Sushiswap is also in the top 10, and it boasts over $4 billion in TV. This says that the market is ripe for solutions of this kind as investors look for additional means of interacting with cryptocurrencies, drifting away from centralized solutions.
However, this doesn’t mean that Uniswap and Sushiswap, as well as other similar DEX solutions, don’t have their problems. Slippage is perhaps the most common challenge, and there are already players trying to tackle it. Bazarswap is

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ParallelChain and XPLL: Solving Critical Issues in Existing Blockchains to Further Adoption

April 2, 2021

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Blockchain technology is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. From downright retail applications to complex enterprise solutions and even governmental infrastructure, the power of distributed ledgers has been recognized as a revolutionary development for applications and building Web 3.0.
When discussing blockchains, it’s impossible to disregard Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are considered the most secure and widely-adopted networks for a reason. They serve as a critical stepping stone to unlocking the potential of this still nascent technology.
However, Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum, both have their setbacks. Their current inability to scale to an enterprise-grade level has halted their advent and prevented further adoption throughout various industries.

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TTM Bank Crypto Card: Advantages and Overview

March 30, 2021

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As cryptocurrencies continue to boom in popularity, many companies have focused on creating crypto cards that are used to pay for everyday goods and services.
As convenient as they may be, many of them come with the same inherent drawbacks that defy the purpose of decentralization. This is where the TTM Bank Card comes into the picture.
The TTM Bank Card – It’s Different
The procedure to start using the majority of popular cryptocurrency cards is oftentimes similar.
At first, the user needs to register on the associated platform, then set up a wallet and transfer funds. Only then they can charge up the card. This procedure forces a potential cardholder to take risks due to partial loss of control over funds. It is against the main principle of

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DexMex: The First Decentralized Exchange Based on Uniswap

March 29, 2021

[Featured Content]DexMex is a decentralized exchange based on Uniswap to offer peer-to-peer leverage trading on any ERC-20 token.While decentralized exchanges hit about 50 billion every month in trading volume, leverage and short trading are pretty underdeveloped. Similarly, leverage trading is not popular in decentralized exchanges – instead, it has its rooting in centralized exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Huobi, OKEx, and so forth.DexMex is a decentralized exchange that allows traders to go long or short of any ERC20 token just as they like. The exchange goes to greater lengths to solve the major challenges facing centralized exchanges, including compromised privacy plus subjection to various laws and external regulations.It allows users to seamlessly open long or short positions with

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TimeCoin With a Special Token Sale to Raise Funds for New Development

March 29, 2021

[Featured Content]TimeCoin protocol is being developed by a company called TimeTicket GMBH, a subsidiary of TimeTicket Inc. It has the purpose of bridging people who want to provide services by selling their own time and people who want to purchase it.TimeTicket allows the user to buy and sell personal time devised in a 30-minute unit. The protocol has grown notably since its launch, and, according to the official website, the number of users has now reached about 250,000.The protocol has its own native token ticked TMCN. At the time of this writing, it’s trading at around $220, and the biggest market is the cryptocurrency exchange Bitforex. The coin was launched through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on BitForex on November 11th, 2020, and had an initial price of $0.7, which means

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BigoMex: Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy

March 26, 2021

[Featured Content]‘Trade with Ease’ is the name of the game when it comes to cryptocurrency trading at the BigoMex exchange.Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are an integral part of the entire industry as they allow investors with access to the most popular digital assets. They deliver a simplified user experience as well as the tools necessary to invest and speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies.This is exactly where BigoMex steps into the picture. It’s a centralized derivatives cryptocurrency exchange that aims to make it as easy for the user to trade as possible. Hence the bylines “Trade with Ease.”UX is far from being the only focus of the exchange, however. As a reliable service provider, BigoMex is registered in Singapore under the ACRA and is also supervised by the MSB in the

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DIFX: Fully Insured Cross-Asset Trading Platform

March 25, 2021

[Featued Content]It goes without saying that the advent of blockchain technology has had a disruptive effect on traditional finance (among other industries), with a further impact yet to come.Its ingenuity lies within simplicity and efficiency, tackling some of the broader issues of existing solutions. However, that’s not to say that the nascent industry doesn’t have challenges of its own.Many of the existing cryptocurrency solutions also suffer from slower payment remittance, certain inefficiencies when it comes to cross-border payments, high transaction fees, and so forth. All of the above call for solutions that would enable a P2P exchange of crypto and fiat while also garnering the benefits that are left on the table.DIFX was created as a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange aimed

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Coreto: Introducing a DeFi Ecosystem for Communities

March 23, 2021

[Featured Content]The DeFi industry has become a focal point in the cryptocurrency space, and ever since last summer, it’s hard to ignore it anymore.The value locked in various protocols continues to increase as more and more people realize the merits within a trustless, decentralized financial infrastructure.Yet, it’s undeniable that DeFi is still at a very early and rather nascent stage, meaning that there’s plenty of room, even more so – plenty of necessity, for infrastructure projects and community builders, if it is to grow.This is where Coreto comes into the picture.What is Coreto?Coreto is a community-governed ecosystem, intending to bridge the interaction between various projects, pools, investors, traders, and so forth. All of it is based on a comprehensive trust system that

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PayBX: Spending Crypto with your Existing Card

March 15, 2021

[Featured content]Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular by the day. Undoubtedly, the main reason for this is the fact that the market has exploded in value throughout the past few months.Bitcoin surged to an all-time high just below $60,000 while Ethereum topped $2,000 for the first time in history.Other cryptocurrencies have also performed remarkably well, driving the total market capitalization above $1.7 trillion at the time of this writing – a considerable number for sure. It’s also worth noting that major companies, including Elon Musk’s Tesla, have already bought Bitcoin and put it on their balance sheets.However, spending crypto remains somewhat of a struggle.There are various cryptocurrency companies and businesses that offer dedicated cards that hold your coins and

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CoinLoan: A One-Stop Cryptocurrency Powerhouse

March 5, 2021

[Featured Content]Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity as the market has entered a parabolic state, attracting more investors by the day.This is true for both retail and institutional participants as the interest from both is skyrocketing. As CryptoPotato reported earlier in February, “buy crypto” searches on Google have reached a new all-time high record and it continues to grow.With the above in mind, CoinLoan is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of tools targeted at investors, providing them with various capabilities to engage with the cryptocurrency market.Enhanced Security and TrustRight off the bat, the digital assets on CoinLoan are stored at one of the most reputable and qualified market custodians – BitGo. They are protected under a $100 million insurance

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NEXT Chain: New Generation Blockchain With Eyes on the DeFi Industry

March 3, 2021

[Featured Content]The cryptocurrency industry is booming throughout the past year, and the increase in the total market capitalization is definitive proof.The market is, at the time of this writing, valued at about $1.5 trillion. The same can be said about the DeFi industry. The total value locked in various protocols exceeds $39 billion, and the direction has been up only for quite some time.However, this has also brought certain inefficiencies in different solutions, including Ethereum. Transaction fees on the network surge as it’s clogged by new participants. This is the reason we’ve seen plenty of alternative solutions being developed to tackle these issues.NEXT chain is a new-generation blockchain that allows the tokenization of various assets, making them instantly tradeable at quick

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Pionex Grid Trading Bot: Crypto Exchange With Automated Trading Tools

March 1, 2021

[Featured Content]Cryptocurrency trading is growing in popularity as the interest in digital assets, especially in Bitcoin, has skyrocketed over the past few months.This doesn’t come as a surprise, given its parabolic increase. After all, Bitcoin’s price reached almost as high as $60,000. Moreover, various institutional funds started considering the opportunity behind BTC while major public companies already jumped on the bandwagon.The latest to do so was Elon Musk’s Tesla. The company revealed a $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin this January. According to the SEC filing, it even plans to potentially begin accepting BTC for its products.With this, however, comes severe volatility, making it very challenging for regular users to benefit from the highly fluctuating price. This led to some

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Flare Finance: Expanding DeFi to Ripple, Dogecoin, and Litecoin

February 25, 2021

[Featured Content]The field of decentralized finance (DeFi) is booming over the past year. There are hundreds of decentralized apps (dApps) built on top of a multitude of networks, with the predominant currently being Ethereum.In fact, the industry has expanded so much that it’s even hard to comprehend the magnitude. Last year at around this time, there were less than $600 million locked in various DeFi protocols, where the total TVL right now is around $40 billion. There’s a clear demand for the industry and many projects are working hard to cater to the various needs of the investor.With this said, Flare Finance takes a comprehensive approach and attempts to deliver real-time practical solutions and garner real-world applications of cryptocurrencies. The protocol is set to bring DeFi to

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Crypto Visa Card and App Represent the Newest Components of Gleec’s Ecosystem

February 24, 2021

[Featured Content]The Gleec team recently announced the launch of a new top-up Visa cryptocurrency card and accompanying beta version of the Gleec card app.Both products allow users to request virtual and physical Visa crypto cards, load digital assets and transact with a cryptocurrency of choice in more than 170 countries along with over 40 million retailers.Physical Gleec Visa cards feature a modern, high-end design and stand apart from other offerings in the space by functioning completely free of charge, excluding delivery of the actual item (express shipping currently stands at €14.99).All Gleec Visa card transactions are denominated in fiat currency. Crypto to fiat exchanges take place before users can load their cards for use on the Visa payments network.The Gleec team indicates

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BestChange: Putting Crypto and Money Exchangers at One Place

February 15, 2021

[Featured Content]At this point, it’s undeniable that the cryptocurrency market is becoming a factor to be considered as digital currencies, in general, boom in value.This has also caused the interest in them to spike tremendously over the past few months, as more and more people are looking for means to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. This is clearly supported by data from Google Trends. As CryptoPotato reported earlier, retail interest is soaring as ‘buy crypto’ Google searches exploded to a new all-time high.With this, it’s perhaps worth looking into various ways of buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money. One way to find a good rate is to take a look at the lists provided by BestChange.What is BestChange?BestChange is a platform that’s free to use, and it

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Unicrypt Network: Introducing the Era of Decentralized Crowd Sales

February 10, 2021

[Featured Content]The Unicrypt network is pioneering the field of DeFi with an innovative approach to establish user trust. The platform works in tandem with liquidity pools on Uniswap to reward yield farmers while facilitating startup projects to launch swiftly and successfully.Unicrypt utilizes its UNCX token as a means for developers to pay fees and access presales in advance. Unicrypt currently has $94.57 million in liquidity locked across 2700 liquidity lockers, well-known projects such as COIN, MahaDAO, YFDAI, LGCY, DEXT having already locked millions in the protocol.The platform has quickly gained popularity among DeFi investors due to its easy-to-use interface that lets users browse through all locked liquidity pools on Uniswap. They can then access essential details required to

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TakaMaka: Solving Governance Issues of Existing Blockchains

January 27, 2021

[Featured Content]TakaMaka is a project that attempts to solve the governance issues related to distributed blockchains, as well as the execution of smart contracts, placing the emphasis on enterprise environments.The platform takes advantage of an innovative Proof of Stake (PoS) solution, which enables it to process a high number of transactions (1,000,000 TX/hour) under normal working conditions. The network algorithm, alongside the verification process, allows the realization of a self-financing blockchain and the creation of a digital currency for the organization of the blockchain-based reward system.Conceptualizing an IdeaBlockchain, also commonly referred to as a distributed ledger, is a system designed to provide a reliable and immutable record between a number of unreliable

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