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Bitcoin is Almost Uninvestable, Says Barclays Private Bank Executive

2 days ago

Bitcoin made history these past few months. It broke its historical record, flirted with a 10x ROI in one year, its realized price also reached ATH, and it became the best performing asset of the decade.But is it a good investment overall? It all depends on the crystal you look at it with. For example, Gerald Moser, chief market strategist at Barclays Private Bank, thinks it’s not.Don’t Invest in BitcoinFor Moser, the price fluctuations associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are so extreme that investing in them is not a good idea. The investor told Financial News:While it is nigh on impossible to forecast an expected return for bitcoin, its volatility makes the asset almost ‘uninvestable’ from a portfolio perspectiveMoser’s statements show that the typical Walls Street

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Over 31% of People in Latin America Want to Invest in Bitcoin

3 days ago

Despite being an underdeveloped region, Latin America sets an example for the whole world in terms of adoption, trading, and interest in cryptocurrencies.A recent survey revealed that more than 30% of Latinos are interested in investing in crypto, either to increase their wealth or at least to maintain its value in times of economic instability.The study, commissioned by Sherlock Communications, includes a survey of more than 2,200 people in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico to understand their attitudes towards cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.Latin America Lovsn Crypto… But First People Want to Understand ThemAccording to the shared results, between 31% and 39% of respondents in the four participating countries said they were “much more interested” in investing in Bitcoin

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The Good Ol’ Fake Crypto Giveaway Scam Still Generates Over $500K a Week, Report

7 days ago

It seems that the old crypto giveaway scams are not as old and outdated as we though. People are still falling in 2021, feeding the scammers with large amounts of money.As hard as it may seem, there are still plenty of people who think Elon Musk is going to give them money if they send him Bitcoin (Spoiler Alert: He won’t, no matter how rich he is), and the gambit has been revived in the last few days, attracting unwary people non-stop.Bleeping Computer and Metamask estimated that in about one week, scammers have received at least $587,000 from unsuspecting innocents using the old “send me X amount of crypto and I’ll double it” routine.The Good Ol’ Crypto Giveaway Scam is Still ProfitableIn recent weeks, there have been bots impersonating or replying to verified Twitter accounts. These

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Vitalik Buterin Promotes Social Recovery Wallets to Help Retrieving Funds After Losing The Private Keys

10 days ago

Despite the bloodshed of this Monday, cryptocurrencies are still arousing the interest of the mainstream audience, and Vitalik Biterin, the creator of Ethereum, is aware of the great responsibility involved in developing a product that could revolutionize the world of finance… Especially if it comes with the responsibility of becoming your own bank.In a blog post dated January 11th, Vitalik spoke about the importance of developing methods that allow users to recover their wallets’ private keys in case of emergency. This is currently impossible without the help of trusted third partiesWhat do do if you lost your keys. Image: Enjin WalletBut there may be a solution.What Are Social Recovery Wallets?Social recovery wallets work like any ordinary wallet, except that they add guardians to the

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Ripple CEO Talks About the XRP Lawsuit And Other Hot Topics

15 days ago

2021 has started off well for most of the crypto ecosystem, except for Ripple. The company is on the verge of one of the riskiest lawsuits in the history of the industry, and the pessimism surrounding its XRP token has led it into a downward spiral that is causing significant losses to those who still are enrolled in the XRP Army.Ripple has tried to tackle this situation in many possible ways, from investing in lobbies and external audits, to even contemplating a relocation. And even during the legal controversy, Ripple’s CEO has tried to settle with the SEC to avoid a lawsuit. However, his efforts have not been successful.The Fight Has Just BegunIn a Twitter thread, Brad Garlinghouse said that the company has tried to resolve the problem out of court. Although their efforts have been in

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5 Possible Reasons For Bitcoin’s Price Surge Over $30,000

20 days ago

In yet another leg up, Bitcoin recorded a brand new all-time high just shy of $35,000. While this may have seemed surprising a few weeks back, at this point, most are somewhat used to it. The cryptocurrency is charting consecutive highs daily, and it shows no signs of slowing down.The spike may bring some 2017 flashbacks when Bitcoin was going up with no apparent limits, only to plummet nearly 70% the following year. And considering we’re already in a new year after a super bullish December of 2020, it’s normal for traders to be nervous.However, this rally is justified and differentiated from the boom of 2017. Here we briefly evaluate 5 possible reasons for the current rally.Big Players Are Joining InAfter the fear generated by the market collapse during the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden

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Bitcoin Arrives At NFL: Carolina Panthers’ Russell Okung to Receive Half of His Salary in BTC

25 days ago

Carolina Panthers tackle Russell Okung is doubling up his Bitcoin game. The well-known Bitcoin evangelist announced that he would receive 50% of his total salary in Bitcoin.This makes Russell Okung the first NFL player to be paid with Bitcoin —or any crypto to be fair, giving BTC a further boost as it keeps making headlines in recent weeks with news of more adoption and interest from institutional investors.A $6.5 Million Touchdown for BTCThe initiative must be approved by both the NFL and the NFL Players Association, but everything seems to point to everything being ready to move forward. Okung himself confirmed the news on his social media.Russell Okung had expressed his interest in accepting Bitcoin as payment back in 2019; however, there was nothing official during that year. Today,

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DeFi Token 1inch Spikes 1000% in Christmas After Binance Listing

28 days ago

Yield farmers and DeFi token aficionados certainly had a merry Christmas thanks to 1inch, a relatively young and unknown token that in a matter of hours surpassed many other cryptocurrencies’ performance in the top 100 of cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization.1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregator that sources liquidity from various exchanges, making it possible to use its smart contract to spread a single transaction across multiple decentralized exchanges.The protocol is governed by a DAO. 1inch has been in development since 2019 and has received funding from Binance Labs, Galaxy Digital, Greenfield One, Libertus Capital, Dragonfly Capital, FTX, IOSG, LAUNCHub Ventures, and Divergence Ventures.Still, it wasn’t until Christmas of 2020 that it started to ring the

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Stablecoins Need More Supervision and May Be Securities, Presidential Advisory Group Says

December 24, 2020

After shocking the crypto-verse with what is possibly the most ambitious lawsuit in the history of the U.S. crypto industry (accusing Ripple of issuing unregistered securities for more than $1.3 Billion), today the country’s regulators issued a major statement regarding how they foresee the future of stablecoins and, spoiler alert, the landscape looks heavily regulated.On December 23, 2020, The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets released a statement on critical regulatory issues relevant to the stablecoin industry. According to the taskforce, a clear set of rules needs to be created to ensure that a potential mass adoption of stablecoins does not undermine government interests.The document has only 4 sheets but is quite broad content-wise, touching on points that range from the

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XRP Price Crashes as SEC Prepares to Sue Ripple

December 22, 2020

The moment has come. Apparently, the SEC is ready to sue Ripple for issuing XRP as a non-registered security.After several years of uncertainty, it seems that U.S. regulators would be willing to answer once and for all the most crucial question that any member of the XRP Army has ever asked. Is XRP a security?According to Fortune, the American company received a notice on Monday that it would be sued by the SEC. Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, did not deny the news and, in fact, spoke out on his Twitter account, claiming that the move undermined American innovation.What’s Going on With Ripple, XRP and the SECThe SEC has already ruled on Bitcoin and Ethereum, assuring that neither are securities. This gives some freedom to the exchanges and users to operate with them.However, speculation

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Bitcoin Fees Spike Almost 5X in One Week as BTC Reaches ATH

December 19, 2020

Happy about the increase in the price of Bitcoin? Share some of your wealth with the miners. Bitcoin’s transaction fees are rising at a frantic pace, following the bull run and the general optimism in the crypto markets.During the last week, Bitcoin’s prices spiked significantly, breaking the previous ATH and hovering above $23100. But transaction fees rose almost in line with Bitcoin’s prices.The price of Bitcoin during 2020. Image: CoingeckoBitcoin Fees Follow The PriceIn a matter of about 5 days, the average transaction fee for Bitcoin hodlers went from $2.71 on Dec. 13, 2020, to $11.9 on Dec. 18, representing a 439% increase. In other words, each day of the week, the average Bitcoin transaction was almost 90% more expensive than the day before.Average Bitcoin fee during december of

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Pornhub Now Only Accepts Bitcoin and Crypto for its Premium Membership

December 15, 2020

If you don’t have anything better to do during the holidays, and you’ve thought about wandering around the beautiful grounds of porn sites, you might want to become a bitcoiner.Recently, Visa and Mastercard —the two leading credit card companies in the world— revoked support for payment to Pornhub, after an investigation by The New York Times revealed that the website was being used as a kind of underground repository for videos of non-consensual, violent sex and even child pornography.The magnitude of the investigation not only put the company’s financial stability in jeopardy in the short term but also changed the face of the porn industry, at least in the present: Searches for “non-mainstream” content such as incest, choking, feet, etc., are now more restricted than ever (in Pornhub and

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Grayscale Purchases More Than $74 Million for its Ethereum Trust

December 13, 2020

The world wants crypto and Grayscale knows it. After announcing a massive purchase of over $280 Million in Bitcoin last week, Grayscale is now also betting on Ethereum.According to a report issued by Grayscale to the SEC, the company revealed having purchased 11455 ETH for a total of $74,135,609. The decision follows a terrific year for Ethereum, with the rise of DeFi projects and the launch of Ethereum 2.0 as the leading reasons behind the price rally of its native token, ETH.Genesis Trading, a US-regulated OTC crypto trading desk founded in 2013, acted as an intermediary to facilitate the token purchase.Since the sales reported on the most recently filed Current Report on Form 8-K by Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETH) (the “Trust”), the Trust issued 1,416,300 Shares at varying prices … in

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Binance Smart Chain Now Supports Chainlink —With 0 Dependencies on Ethereum

December 11, 2020

Chainlink has just received another endorsement —this time on behalf of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the ecosystem: BinanceBinance announced the successful integration between the decentralized oracle platform Chainlink and its smart contract blockchain, Binance Smart Chain.The integration is on a root level; that is, the Oracles would need no support for the Ethereum network since they would be running directly on the Binance Smart Chain. This constitutes a significant advance in the development of the young Smart Chain while contributing to expanding Chainlink’s reach as a fully functioning ecosystem.Binance and Chainlink: a Good Decentralized SymbiosisThe announcement was published directly on the official Binance website. The exchange team assures that now, all the smart

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Bitcoin Plunges $900 In Hours: Global Market Cap Losses $35 Billions

December 9, 2020

December 8 was a bad day for Bitcoin. The world’s largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap broke down, losing all the profits it had gained since November 29, 2020.Over the past few days, the $19,000 line became a kind of war zone, with bitcoin going up and down that price with no clear dominance of bulls or bears.However, things changed on December 8, 2020. At 6 am UTC, BTC had a quick dip from $19,299 to $18,798 in just 3 hours, with a low of $18,680. BTC was unable to recover from the fall-out for the rest of the day, although it did manage to remain stable during the next hours.But the bears were barely resting, and at 22:00 UTC, they delivered their final blow, dumping the price from $18,771 all the way down to $18,340 in less than one hour. The next two hours brought the price

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MicroStrategy Wants to Offer $400 Million in Convertible Notes to Buy More Bitcoin

December 8, 2020

MicroStrategy is hodling A LOT of Bitcoin, and it’s coming for more. The corporation just revealed that it’s looking for financing to acquire an additional stash of Bitcoin.The company shared the information in an official announcement on its website on December 7, 2020. According to the Press Release, MicroStrategy would be contemplating a $400 million private offering in convertible senior notes, with the idea of increasing its Bitcoin reserves:MicroStrategy intends to invest the net proceeds from the sale of the notes in bitcoin in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy pending the identification of working capital needs and other general corporate purposes.MicroStrategy is Looking For Ways to Get More BitcoinConvertible notes are promissory notes that, besides representing debt,

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Coinbase Will Let You Stake and Trade Ethereum 2.0 Tokens

December 1, 2020

Just hours before the launch of Ethereum 2.0, Coinbase, America’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, decided to give a warm welcome to the evolution of the world’s largest blockchain after Bitcoin.Now, traders and hodlers waiting for the ETH2 upgrade had confirmation from Coinbase that the exchange would enable an ETH2 currency staking service. Of course, being a non-contentious upgrade, Coinbase also guarantees the trading of these new tokens.Stake —and trade— ETH2 in CoinbaseThe Coinbase team also confirmed the future interoperability between the ETH and ETH2 tokens, so users will be able to trade both at will. However, it is essential to highlight that in case they have decided to stake their coins in the Ethereum 2.0 smart contract, the funds will be blocked for a still undefined

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Pizza Hut Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

November 30, 2020

An endless number of economic sanctions imposed by the United States and an endless number of bad policies imposed by the Venezuelan government have led to an increasing love for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the latin american nation. This week, Pizza Hut, one of the oldest pizza chains in the country began to accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment.On November 27, 2020, Pizza Hut’s customers began to have the option to pay for their orders with cryptocurrency. This would be the first time ever that the well-known franchise accepts any kind of crypto, anywhere in the world.Venezuela’s First “Cryto Pizza”Pizza Hut’s move was possible thanks to a partnership with the Latin American crypto payments processor, Crypto Buyer. This startup has been one of the most active

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Dapper Labs’ Gaming-Focused Blockchain is Almost Ready: Flow Port is Now Live

November 29, 2020

Blockchain development studio Dapper Labs recently announced a major advance towards the launch of the mainnet for its Flow blockchain. As of November 27, 2020, users will be able to experience Flow Port to interact with their products.Dapper Labs is the development group responsible for Crypto Kitties – the most famous collectible application of the crypto-verse at the time – and NBA Top Shot, an NBA-licensed collectibles dApp.Flow: The Next Big Thing Since CryptoKittiesFlow is the most ambitious project developed by Dapper Labs. The team hopes to launch a blockchain focused on open worlds, with capabilities geared explicitly towards game development and operations with collectibles, unique tokens, and other digital assets.Flow Port is a portal that allows users to create accounts and

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“Trying to Predict the Price of Bitcoin is a Loser’s Game,” Renowned Finance Expert Says

November 28, 2020

What’s going on with Bitcoin? After triggering everyone’s bullish mood, Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation experienced one of the worst crashes of the year, as if some divine providence was telling traders to take it easy.Analyses are contradictory, but some experts claim that this contradiction happens because there is no real substance to study, and investing in crypto could be dangerously close to gambling territory.BTC Trader = LoserMark Mobius is one of the experts who support this thesis. The founder of Mobius Capital Partners LLP and acclaimed authority on emerging markets told the Financial News that there was no point in trying to analyze bitcoin’s prices because, in the end, it doesn’t follow any pattern. His words are clear:“Trying to predict the price of Bitcoin is a loser’s

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Bitcoin Starts Thanksgiving Losing $1000 in Three Hours

November 26, 2020

So you bought some Bitcoin this week? How about a big red candle to celebrate Thanksgiving?After showing the fastest growth of the year, Bitcoin finally corrected, losing over $1000 in about 3 hours.At 0:00 UTC, Bitcoin was trading at $18869 on Coinbase. The price represented a breath of fresh air for traders and Bitcoin enthusiasts who were expecting a new ATH but were surprised by a downward correction on the afternoon of November 25th.Bitcoin embarked on a sharp correction, losing around 12% of its value in 48 hours just after hitting exactly $19500 on Coinbase.Bitcoin is Still Respecting the Bullish TrendAlthough the asian bears seem to be in control, the truth is that charts show multiple indicators that project some peace of mind. Bitcoin bounced right off the EMA 20 line, indicating

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PayPal and Square Are Buying Every New Mined Bitcoin… And More

November 23, 2020

When Bill Harris, former CEO of PayPal, described Bitcoin as “the greatest scam in history” in an article for Vox, the last thing that would come to his mind was the role his company would play in the global adoption of this cryptocurrency.This was in 2018, just when Bitcoin was on a major bearish trend. The bubble —as Harris described it— exploded. But things changed, a new CEO replaced Harris and Bitcoin’s price slowly recovered. Well, slowly until PayPal jumped on the Bitcoin Wagon.According to a report published by Pantera Capital, PayPal’s foray with Bitcoin has been crucial to its recent bullish rally.PayPal Makes Bitcoin SimpleIt all seems to come down to how PayPal adapts its philosophy to the crypto-verse, making crypto incredibly easy to adopt. According to Pantera Capital, the

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Hacker Steals $20 Million From DeFi Protocol Pickle Finance

November 22, 2020

Another day, another DeFi hack. Pickle Finance just announced that funds deposited in one of its smart contracts were stolen by a hacker hours ago.The team is still investigating how exactly the hacker stole approximately $20 million in funds. Their wallet is still “dormant” and has not started the “money laundering” phase that tends to follow every hack.And if a hack was not enough, Pickle Finance’s token (PICKLE) crashed after the news spread, losing almost 58% in a matter of hours.Pickle Finance crashed after the hack. Image: CoingeckoThe Pickle Finance DeFi Hack Was “Well Studied, and Not Easy”Whoever attacked the protocol stole the funds from Pickle Finance’s DAI PickleJar -or pJar. This Jar contained cDAI tokens issued by Compound when Pickle Finance deposited DAI in that

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US Regulator Wants to Put an End to Unfair Practices Against Crypto Businesses

November 21, 2020

2020 was a tough year for crypto, but it seems like the last few months are trying to compensate hodlers for the bad times. And now, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is bringing more good news to the crypto space.A recent regulatory proposal issued by the OCC seeks to ensure that crypto businesses enjoy the same facilities when it comes to having a bank account as any other legitimate endeavors.No More DiscriminationIn short, the OCC wants to end with the silent discrimination against crypto businesses. Instead of using general considerations towards all crypto businesses, banks should now evaluate each company individually.“Consistent with the Dodd-Frank Act’s mandate of fair access to financial services and since at least 2014, the OCC has repeatedly stated that while banks

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DDoS Attack Against Brazil’s Electoral System Costs $1000 in Bitcoin (BTC)

November 18, 2020

If you have some Bitcoin in your wallet – and you live in Brazil – you can attack your country’s electoral infrastructure and bring the public institutions to their knees while people express their anguish as they wait for the results of a critical election to measure the leadership of the current president, deemed the Donald Trump of South America.
Last weekend, Brazil had its municipal elections. More than 57,000 new council members were elected (the exact number has not yet been revealed), and the country tried to define whether the electoral gauge was more on the side of the far-right wing led by President Bolsonaro or the left-wing led by the opposition parties.
How to Spend $1000 Worth of Bitcoin to “Break” The Trust in Your Country’s Electoral System
The turn of

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US Senator Cynthia Lummis: Bitcoin is Going to be an Important Player for a Long Time To Come

November 15, 2020

Americans have just elected Cynthia Lummis (R) as their first female pro bitcoin senator, and she seems ready to make history.
Lummis (R) became senator-elect from the state of Wyoming after beating the democrat candidate Mike Enzi. She has a long and well-known career in politics, but few know about her proud past as a Bitcoin hodler.
And Lummis’ story doesn’t seem to be stuck in the past. The new senator is willing to give a better future to the Bitcoin ecosystem by putting the debate about the benefits of Bitcoin adoption on the U.S. political agenda.
Cynthia Lummis. Source: C-SpanCynthia Lummis Wants To Put Bitcoin On Top Of The Political Debate
In an interview for the TV show “Good Morning America,” Lummis spoke about Bitcoin’s advantages and its appeal as a store of

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Crypto Twitter Bullies PayPal for its Definitions of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and BCH

November 14, 2020

When the Crypto Twitter community reacts, it does so in a big way. And when the guys from the Bitcoin neighborhood unite, there’s nothing to stop them, especially when it comes to criticizing traditional financial institutions —whether they’re crypto-friendly or not.
If this seems hard to believe, ask PayPal, who had to deal with significant criticism after publishing something about Bitcoin that was not swallowed easily by the Crypto Twitter community.
What PayPal Did
In October 2020, PayPal announced its decision to let users buy, store, and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The news was received with joy by the community, especially after Bitcoin took off in the wake of expectations that PayPal could introduce crypto to the mainstream.
Moreover, PayPal

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Two Historically Rival Tribes in Brazil Join Forces to Create a Cryptocurrency to Fight Government Exclusion

November 13, 2020

Two indigenous tribes from the northern region of Brazil  have joined forces to create a cryptocurrency to save their future and have access to a decent income after a lack of attention from that country’s government. The two tribes are known for their with ancestral rivalries.
Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is known for his derogatory —perhaps even racists— comments on the country’s indigenous peoples, repeatedly asserting that any attention towards indigenous lands and their culture is a waste of resources. On April 12, 1998, he told the Brazilian newspaper “Correio Brasiliense” that it was “too bad the Brazilian cavalry was not as efficient as the American cavalry, which exterminated all the Indians” and during his administration, he has actively worked to diminish

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Yes, Monero Was Attacked… But No, It Was Not “Broken”

November 11, 2020

A few days ago, a mysterious Twitter user claimed to have found the magic formula to crack Monero.
Fireice_UK shared a web address that “revealed” personal information of several Monero users, even including their sexual preferences.

“Anonymous” cryptocurrency #Monero broken. https://t.co/M2tDXFzpLb
You can now check how many paedophiles thought it is private today. 100 new IP addresses, transaction details and user’s porn preferences published every day.#SaveTheChildren $xmr
— Fireice UK (@fireice_uk) November 5, 2020
The website in question, Monero BADCACA, features a table with the TxID of a Monero transaction, its city of origin, the node’s IP —perhaps not the sender’s, more on this later— and the person’s favorite porn based on the torrents they downloaded.

The Dark

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The Biden Effect: Bitcoin Price Plunged $850 Immediately After The Announcement

November 7, 2020

The uncertainty seems to have come to an end: Biden is the new president of the United States after winning the decisive electoral votes of Georgia and Pennsylvania. At this moment, Biden has 290 votes out of the 270 needed to win the presidency, while Trump has only 214. And with only 34 votes in dispute, the chapter is practically closed.
Biden vs Trump 2020 electionsBitcoin’s Sell The News In Reaction to Biden Winning
The new president was quick to change his Twitter bio and send a message to the nation, thanking them for their support, and promising to unite the Not-so-United States:

America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country.
The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you

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