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3 Reasons Why Bakkt’s September Launch Is Bullish for Bitcoin

By CCN.com: Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been waiting for the launch of bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt. Recently, the crypto community rejoiced as the ICE-operated company announced the official launch date of Sept. 23. Within 48 hours after the big reveal, bitcoin surged by 10 percent.Many investors know that the entry of Bakkt in the cryptocurrency space is bullish for the long-term health of bitcoin. However, very few understand the reasons why. If you’re not one of them, don’t fret because, in this article, we explain the reasons in layman terms.1.) Bakkt’s Futures Contracts Will be Physically-Settled as Opposed to Cash-SettledCurrently, futures contracts are settled in cash. This means that upon expiry of the contracts purchased, market participants pay or receive the

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