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Binance Rescinds Decision to Delist Privacy Coins as It Complies with EU Regulations

Binance will not delist privacy coins in Europe, opting instead to review its classification of assets in line with EU law. Binance has reviewed its decision to delist several privacy coins in Europe. The exchange will no longer delist these coins as it works to comply with regulations stipulated by European authorities. Binance will now reclassify privacy coins to satisfy regulations. In a recent comment, Binance said: “After carefully considering feedback from our community and...

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Beam’s Hard Fork Plans to Increase DeFi Privacy

The cryptocurrency industry may soon welcome a new category of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications as privacy-focus coin Beam (BEAM) plans to execute its second hard fork, which would give DeFi apps a privacy layer.According to a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the system-wide upgrade dubbed Beam Eager Electron 5.0 is expected to occur today, at exactly block 777,777.Beam Settles With BeamHash IIIThe hard fork of the Mimblewimble-based privacy coin will be the last “planned...

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Why Bitcoin Can Be Good Crypto Vaccine against Financial Crisis

From the beginning of its inception, Bitcoin was worth cents but had indestructible inner value. In the darkest days of humanity, only rare things will have value. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can become the vaccine from the financial crisis.Due to the coronavirus attack and democracy constant fail across the globe, banks now can dump your data to anyone. The corporations and governments are taking away more rights under the cover of safety measures. However, total exposure to social...

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Bitcoin Mining: Diese Coins könnt ihr auch heute noch mit Computer minen!

Als Satoshi Nakamoto, der Erfinder von Bitcoin, die digitale Währung einführte, erläuterte er, wie das Peer-to-Peer-Netzwerk für digitale Zahlungen funktionieren würde, um schnelle, sichere und unzensurierbare Transaktionen zu ermöglichen. Im ursprünglichen Whitepaper erläuterte er das Protokoll, mit dem neue Coins im Bitcoin-Netzwerk in Umlauf gebracht werden. „Die erste Transaktion in einem Block ist eine spezielle Transaktion, die neue Coins generiert, welche dem Ersteller...

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Constant’s Customized P2P Lending Terms and Rates Fuel Platform’s Impressive Growth

Decentralized finance’s (DeFi) meteoric rise has been accompanied by a slew of advances in financial technology, sparking a wave of P2P lending protocols and liquidity pools. The increasing competition of borrowing/lending, stablecoins, derivatives, and even cross-chain CDPs mark a new era in fintech innovation and have bred some intriguing externalities. Many DeFi lending protocols offer interest rates that are significantly more appealing than rates offered by banks and low-risk fixed...

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