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A Coinbase Documentary Is Available to Stream

A new documentary about Coinbase and its CEO Brian Armstrong is headed to streaming platforms everywhere including Amazon Prime and YouTube. The Coinbase Story Is Available to Viewers Everywhere Coinbase began in the year 2012. Around for only a decade, the company rose to prominence rather quickly and is now considered one of the largest and most popular digital currency companies in the world. Coinbase is the biggest exchange in the western hemisphere and is second...

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Here’s Why Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Wants to Sell 2% of His Company Stake

The CEO of the US-based crypto giant said he wants to sell 2% of his entire stake in the company throughout the next several months. His intentions are to use that capital to fund some scientific research and companies. Armstrong took it to Twitter to inform the community about his decision, which is based on his desire to help accelerate science and tech to “help solve some of the biggest challenges in the world.” As such, he will sell 2% of his Coinbase holdings over the...

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Brian Armstrong on the Future of Coinbase

Brian Armstrong – the CEO of Coinbase – has issued a statement on the current position of bitcoin and crypto in general that’s got quite a few people worried. He said that he cannot predict what’s going to happen in the coming future, and he has also warned that virtually anything could happen. So, what does that mean? Coinbase Has Been Moving Up and Down The state of the crypto market isn’t doing well as of late. Despite a recent bull run in the later weeks of August,...

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Ben Armstrong Has Guilt Over Past Crypto Promotions

Ben Armstrong is just one of a few social media influencers that regret talking about and promoting cryptocurrency projects. Ben Armstrong Feels Bad About Past Endorsements Armstrong has been engaged in the practice for years. He is one of the most-watched crypto influencers on YouTube. At the time of writing, he has garnered more than 1.5 million subscribers, and for a long time, he accepted payments from crypto companies and projects who were willing to dole out cold,...

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Coinbase Files SEC Petition Calling for Fair Crypto Regulation

Coinbase – one of the world’s largest and most powerful digital currency exchanges – is not happy with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), claiming the agency has not implemented efficient crypto regulations. The company has now filed a petition criticizing the organization and calling for fair regulation within America’s legal spectrum. Coinbase Isn’t too Happy with the SEC Faryar Shirzad – chief policy officer at Coinbase – explained in a recent statement...

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