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TikTok Rival from Vine Creator Called Byte Successfully Debuts on App Store and Google Play

Byte, a 6-seconds video-sharing app created by the co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, has been launched on Apple‘s App Store and Google Play. Interestingly, Byte is now among the most downloaded apps in both stores despite the flaws it has. As such, the app could potentially meet its aim to rival ByteDance‘sTikTok, a video sharing platform valued at $75 billion.Byte Launches on Apple and Google StoresOn January 24, 2020, Byte was launched on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.Reportedly, the...

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Can TikTok Become Bigger than Instagram? Snap CEO Says It Is Highly Possible

TikTok is the video app popular among Generation Z ( the demographic cohort succeeding the Millennials, or Generation Y. Demographers and researchers typically use this term speaking about the mid- to late-1990s as starting birth years). The app is best known for its viral dancing and singing challenges, is obviously now a number one entertainment app on Apple‘s App Store for example.But let’s start from the beginning. There are many social media nowadays but few have the chance to get...

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Instagram’s Boomerang Gets New Features to Compete with TikTok

Instagram’s Boomerang has received an upgrade. Apart from looping, users of the social networking platform will be able to do a bit more with their videos. The platform has introduced new tools to try to compete with TikTok.The features have been expected by many users. One of the features is the trimming effect. This improves playback control for videos when editing. Other effects include “SlowMo” which reduces playback by 50%, “Echo” which produces blurry playback and “Duo” which produces...

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TikTok Owner Bytedance Launches Blockchain and AI Development Company

In a new twist of a series of events, it has emerged that Bytedance, the owner of TikTok, the popular Chinese video-sharing social video sharing network, has registered a new company.Sources indicate that Bytedance in association with Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper Co. registered a company earlier this month named Pengpai Audiovisual Technology Co. The company is said to offer several blockchain technology development services, AI public services, internet data services, AI application...

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