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The Pro Shares Bitcoin ETF Has Seemingly Crashed

Pro Shares became famous last summer when it announced it would be unveiling the United States’ first bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF). Pro Shares Has Gone from Hero to Zero Many analysts and traders had mixed feelings about the product. On one hand, traders in the U.S. would now be gaining access to a product they had long wished for. Many people were hoping that a bitcoin-based ETF would come along soon, though there were those who doubted the product as it was...

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Rize ETF: „Geld wurde fundamental digital“ – Wie es nach Musks Twitter-Übernahme weiter geht

Unvorstellbare 44 Milliarden Dollar war dem Space X- und Tesla-Chef Elon Musk die Übernahme des Nachrichtendienstes Twitter wert, dem nun große Veränderungen bevorstehen: Neben einer grundsätzlich neuen Policy der Meinungsfreiheit will der neue CEO auch grosse Pläne zur Monetarisierung, Ökonomisierung und Erweiterung des finanziell instabilen Unternehmens in die Tat umsetzen. So umstritten manche dieser Pläne sein mögen, stellen sie doch eines unter Beweis: Das gewaltige Wachstumspotenzial...

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The SEC Just Made It Very Hard for Banks to Get into Crypto

It looks like there are plenty of banks out there that want to thin the line between themselves and crypto. They have digital currency plans in the mix and they’re ready to act on them, but the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is allegedly getting in the way. The SEC Is Back to Its Old Tricks The SEC has recently released new accounting guidance that has made crypto development much harder on the side of traditional finance. According to the new rules, any bank...

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Perianne Boring: The SEC Must Approve a BTC ETF

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has yet to approve a single bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF), and many representatives of the crypto space are beginning to have serious issues with this. Recently, Perianne Boring – the founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce – delivered a new report claiming that the SEC is purely out to stop crypto in its tracks as part of a larger political agenda rather than through attempts to protect investors. The SEC Has...

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Charles Schwab Unveils New Crypto ETF

The battle for a crypto-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) is still occurring, and now it looks like Charles Schwab – one of the world’s largest financial institutions – is getting involved and earning a few winning marks in the process. Charles Schwab Is Getting Involved in Crypto Not long ago, Charles Schwab Asset Management announced plans for what it’s calling the Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF (STCE). The product will allow investors and clients of the institution to gain...

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BlackRock to Provide Crypto Spot Trading to Institutions

It was announced not too long ago that investment giant BlackRock had partnered with leading digital currency exchange Coinbase to give its clients the opportunity to invest in crypto assets. Now, it looks like the company is taking its digital currency agenda one step further. BlackRock Will Offer BTC Spot Trading to Institutional Clients BlackRock has announced the launch of a new private trust for institutions so they can garner spot BTC exposure. This is a big deal...

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