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HSBC CEO Promises Silicon Valley Bank UK Will Not Suspend Focus on Startups amid Expansion

HSBC CEO has doused fears that Silicon Valley Bank UK will suspend or not adequately focus plans on helping startups. The CEO of HSBC UK has said that Silicon Valley Bank UK will continue its regular business of serving startups regardless of new ownership. Ian Stuart noted that Silicon Valley Bank will maintain its processes and business without disruption. At the Money 20/20 fintech conference in Amsterdam, Stuart assured CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal of protecting Silicon Valley Bank. He said:...

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Libra Adds Another Banking Expert to Its List of Executives

Facebook-backed Libra has issued another “major” announcement. It is bringing former HSBC executive Ian Jenkins on board to serve as the new chief financial officer of a division in the company designed to manage the Libra payment system.Libra Brings Ian Jenkins AboardJenkins initially served as a former business finance head and general group manager for HSBC. He also has experience working with other major financial institutions such as Santander and Credit Suisse.The big question following...

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SEBA: Banque de France announced the candidates for testing the integration of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for interbank settlements

SEBA Bank, a FINMA licenced Swiss Bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets, today announces that they have been selected by Banque de France for experiments with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Banque de France announced the overview of candidates for their experiment. SEBA Bank is proud to see that Banque de France selected SEBA Bank...

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Libra Association: HSBC-Banker wird CEO

Libra Association Es geht nun doch endlich was mit der von Facebook gegründeten Libra Association. Gemäss einer Medienmitteilung von gestern Mittwoch wird ein hoher HSBC-Banker CEO der Libra Association. Und es ist wahrscheinlich auch kein Zufall, dass Stuart Levey, der neue CEO der Libra Association einen juristischen Background hat. Denn die Libra Association kämpft mit...

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Fintech Firm Monzo CEO Says Big Banks Are Set Up to ‘Kill’ Change

Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield believes that big traditional banks are killing the changes that ambitious companies are trying to bring to the fintech industry.The CEO and co-founder of Monzo Bank Ltd, a financial institution based in the United Kingdom, Tom Blomfield, has stated that big banks are set up to prevent fintech change. He also claimed that they are hunting out change and attempting to kill it.The British fintech entrepreneur does not believe big banks will ever experience a digital...

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