Monday , January 30 2023
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New 6.6M Unemployment Claims in U.S., Wall Street Opened Mixed, Rose and Fell Again

The Dow Jones dropped over 100 points on Thursday shortly after the start of today’s session as the Labor Department reported that initial jobless claims in the United States doubled to 6.6 million last week.Shares on Wall Street started the session on Thursday mixed after the Department of Labor released defeating data on a record 6.6 million people in the United States filing for unemployment benefits last week amid the coronavirus pandemic.The report showed that the figures for the week...

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U.S. Congress Might Disburse $1,200 Checks to Taxpayers in Coronavirus Aid, Who Qualifies?

The United States Congress is working on a $2 trillion stimulus bill to mitigate financial hardships due to coronavirus, with Americans set to get up to $1,200 checks for that purpose.The U.S. Congress is currently pushing through a $2 trillion stimulus bill to mitigate the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some Americans can expect to receive checks from the government to assist them to cope with the hard times during this coronavirus crisis.Official reports confirm that the...

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Toilet Paper Calculator Collects Traffic from COVID-19 Hoarders

Toilet Paper Calculator websites flourish, while the supply chains barely digest increased demand. Want to calculate how much paper you need for the quarantine? You have a couple of websites for that and a ton of companies ready to provide the stock.A new tool, a toilet paper calculator, will help you to understand how good is your savings policy. Just drop in some of your data like sheets per wipe, etc., the amount of so precious toilet paper in possession, and see the data. Cryptocurrency...

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