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New FTX CEO John Ray III Says Exchange Could Be Up and Running Again Soon

FTX may restart. That’s the crazy news for today, that one of the biggest crypto debacles could eventually turn itself around. The news has been greeted with positivity given that FTT – the native token of the now defunct crypto exchange – has risen by more than 35 percent at the time of writing. Could FTX Become Operational Again? Initially, the token was trading at about $1.83, though it has since risen to just over $2.50. John Ray III – the new CEO of the exchange who...

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FTX Hack Resulted in a Lot More Money Being Stolen

The panic surrounding FTX just got a lot bigger. As if the company doesn’t have enough problems to deal with, it is alleged that as much as $415 million in crypto funds were stolen from the exchange in a hack just after it began its bankruptcy proceedings. FTX Has Lost More Money Than Originally Reported The idea that FTX was attacked by cyberthieves is not new. Several sources have been talking about this for weeks, though initially, the stolen amount was believed to be...

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Anthony Scaramucci Claims SBF Is Guilty of “Betrayal” and “Fraud”

In a recent interview, bitcoin bull and former White House communications director under Donald Trump Anthony Scaramucci compared former FTX executive Sam Bankman-Fried to Bernie Madoff, the man who orchestrated an investor Ponzi scheme back in 2008 to grow his own wealth and lead a billion-dollar lifestyle. Anthony Scaramucci Says He Was Betrayed By SBF During his discussion, Scaramucci claimed that Bankman-Fried was guilty of both “betrayal” and “fraud,” though at one...

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FTX Has Uncovered Several Lost Assets

Representatives of the now fallen crypto exchange FTX say the company has uncovered about $5 billion in new assets which consist of crypto, cash, and liquid investment securities. FTX Has Found About $5 Billion in Assets The firm will put this money towards paying the many debts it now owes and to alleviating the needs of its creditors. Notice of the assets was released to the public by the exchange’s head lawyer Adam Landis. Last December, executives of FTX claimed to...

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Tom Brady Has Lost a Lot of Money Because of FTX

Tom Brady and his now ex-wife Gisele Bundchen have lost close to two million shares that were at one point, worth as much as $150 million in the now dead FTX crypto exchange. The famous pair were among the many celebrities that either served to endorse the company or engaged in advertisements and media for the firm. Tom Brady Has Lost Tons of Cash Aside from losing a crapload of money, Brady has also been named in a recent lawsuit (along with other sportsmen and celebs)...

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Caroline Ellison: What We Were Doing with FTX was Wrong

Caroline Ellison – the 28-year-old girlfriend of Sam Bankman-Fried and the former CEO of Alameda Research, a company founded by SBF – has admitted in recent testimony that she knew what was happening with FTX was wrong. Caroline Ellison on FTX: It Was Wrong The big bang for FTX comes in the shape of Alameda, which borrowed money from the crypto exchange in the form of user funds to pay off separate debts. Both companies were required to remain individual entities. In...

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